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  1. Of course the whole film just captures the MTB scene at that time but from 5 mins 40 in, in Wales (with that Garbage - Milk remix I've never found since) 12 mins 20 in up in Newbury and shot at night, and then 27 mins 48 when the Marty(i)n's just steal the show in the States I remember sitting at home with mates being blown away. Every time I watch Chainspotting it just takes me straight back to no mortgage, no job, no worries, just summers riding trials with mates. Perfect.
  2. 6 years later and the search is still going on. Somebody somewhere must know!
  3. Thats a bummer.
  4. I built my new 24" Echo this evening and I would like to change the bolts that hold the front wheel to a quick release. I'd like to match the look of the bike with the metallic orange parts and I'm trying to find a quick release to fit the bill. Do Echo manufacture these at all, has anyone found any in the past?
  5. True but when you're on rails or doing large gaps you want confidence that your rear wheel won't slip forward sending you off the back.
  6. Mine was anti-clockwise, will it make that much difference?
  7. I'll give you the long version because I can't work out whats going on.... I bought an Inspired Element complete bike, changed a few things and was happy with the set up. The rear brake wasn't quite there so I fitted an Avid Ultimate (I prefer the feel of V's) with used coust pads from my old bike. The brakes were better but not great so I decided to grind my rear rim, first time I'd ever done it but I was pretty happy with the job. The grid was pretty harsh and deep, braking performance went through the floor! Oddly when i rolled the bike backwards it was perfect, alot of bite and it made that chirp that we all look for with a good grind. I decided to regrind the rim and fit some TNN pads, I used a stone cutting disc this time and the grind was alot lighter. I fitted the new pads and went for a ride, it was better than before but no where near as good as when the rim is rotating the other way! It makes that perfect chirp sound and has sooo much bite and hold in reverse. It makes no sense at all to me, can a grind be directional?! Help! This is costing me a fortune!
  8. Haha! Hmmm yea....To be honest there are ALOT of German cars I'd happily own. I think I just got a bit carried away with buying Honda's.
  9. In order (I think)... 1989 Honda CR-X Si 1989 Honda Accord 1990 Honda CR-X 16v 1990 Honda CR-X SiR 1991 Honda CR-X SiR 1989 Honda Prelude 1988 Honda Ballade 1990 Honda Shuttle GL 1998 Honda Integra Type R 1991 Honda Civic GL 1990 Honda CR-X Si 2005 Honda S2000... Excuse the shitty compact camera picture.
  10. I'm give up. Here's a Zonda.
  11. I'm not sure if you guys know what filler is then. It's nothing like that at all, the Queen is a person, so it would be disrespectful to say that it would be her last few years. Though if she was ill and you were watching the BBC News then it would be the top story! This is Top Gear, globally the car industry is very unwell. Motorsport has taken a huge hit, teams pulling out etc... Factories closing down and running on skeleton staff numbers, car sales on the forecourt at a massive low. Companies will not put money into rare supercars right now. There's no doubt there will still be super cars made but what about all the ones that were going to be manufactured and now are not. Honda for instance have pulled there concept super cars for the forseable future. If there hadn't been the global economic problem then they wouldn't just be designing and building these cars they'd also still be in F1! Even the car used in the finale of TG isn't safe, I was chatting to the head designer of the DBS last month he said off the that Aston have of course been experiencing problems. This is from just 6 months ago, since then I myself have been there to film on skeleton staff numbers... and also, a little more recently... Does this seem like the optimum climate to be manufacturing gas guzzling super cars?! It's not about the few that will be built, its about the many more super cars drawn up that are now being scrapped.
  12. So let me get this straight....They get a very rare car from Aston, take it and Clarkson to remote parts of the country, shut off roads, organise a helicopter with a giro cam, employ some of the best freelance camera operators to shoot it, organise a heavy CSO sequence more than once which would include renting a studio to light the car and cloth, plus rigging a remote camera inside the car, pay some of the best freelance editors to cut it and mix down the sound with music, effects, and Clarksons VO, then pay more freelance editors to treat it and grade it and touch it up in post.......for four minutes of filler. Oh yea, the producers and director would sat around with Aston exec's saying....'Yea we don't know what to do with the end of Top Gear for the last show of the season, can we borrow your car, we'll spend a massive budget and put in a massive amount of organisation just to fill out the last four minutes.' LMFAO. Whether the message didn't work for you or you didn't like the edit is one thing, but to say it was just filler is laughable.
  13. Exactly. That's not what it was about, if you wanted to see it on the track then the ending did pass you by completely.
  14. It was a chance to enjoy the sight and sound of a stunningly well built car. One that as Clarkson quite rightly says 'will soon be consigned to the history books'. Why wouldn't any motorcar enthusiast enjoy watching five minutes of an Aston being driven round some stunning scenery?! That's what Top Gear does best, they know it because they ended the series with five minutes of it, to be honest I'd have prefered an hour of just that.
  15. The end of Top Gear was a triumph! No crappy jokes or explosions, just awesome shots, a great edit, and Clarkson being serious for once. Spot on.