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  1. Will do tomorrow don't have bike with me or pics on the phone
  2. Hi guys got a omen 24 full build. I am wanting to sell it but I have no idea what it's worth. Anybody able to give me a idea? It's a ok spec but only build for a beginner so nothing great. Thanks Simon
  3. what a legend!!!!!! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
  4. sorry to be a ass, but is any one near Salisbury that could pick me up on the way through?? my has has just failed the mot so i have no car!!! (i hate cars) can only make it sunday if that helps.
  5. dk2 I hear what your saying but I am only just starting out, SLX will be fine for now, if I feel I have to upgrade in the future I can!
  6. Yeah as I said found some SLX crank! 175 long with the correct bb size to
  7. all sorted now found some SLX cranks at a great price now!!
  8. hi guys, looking to get some 2nd saints for my 24 build. i was wondering if arm lengths would make any difference?? As it is the only ones i can find with the right size bb is a 165 arm!! Any help would be help fully thanks Simon. can you also confirm i need a 73mm bb for a omen 24?
  9. looking at a set off dmr 24" wheelset for my street bike. any used these hubs, are they any good for trials?
  10. Thought i would remind you you guys off one off my favourite trials video's!
  11. my mad team pro has the same problem and i have never had any issues!!
  12. every time i see toni bou he gets better and better!!
  13. what the hell is this person thinking?
  14. Thank you, its a stem I will try
  15. it was only a experiment Ross