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  1. If you can, Go to a roofing company they will have loads of decent tar, and im sure they wouldnt mind giving away a small ammount. Ive had mine for ages and its still good!
  2. YES chris i have just seen a london video. and your x up is in it. haha

  3. Change of plan i think i might be goin of friday now mate. sorry
  4. What is wrong with my spelling?
  5. I guess you want to ride 26 inch yea?
  6. Bike Ridden: Mod

    You dont ride a mod kirkam u liar . lol


  7. Might make a journey up there for that one mate. see if anyone is interested. Dan
  8. Where abouts in ashford was them pictures taken? Dan
  9. When is this ride?
  10. just a thought . make sure when you tighten the bols up make sure the snailcams still have pressure on them otherwise they will move and then letting the wheel slip back and move. i have had this problem before.
  11. If i was you mate i would just look at other bikes on the market here is a link.. http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/product.php?pr...;category_id=47 on that bike they have 18T up front Rear Sprocket: TRY-ALL Ultra-light 15T might be a help mate Dan
  12. The only problem i have my my cams are they just don`t give me that extra little bit of tension on the chain to make it nicely rideable so i have had to put a new chain on because without the cams working roperly the wheeel moves. anyone have anyideas how to give me that little bit more adjustment? Cheers Dan
  13. yeap will be there . should try make it a massive ride.
  14. This probably sounds realy rediclous but i had a frame which the thread in the bottom bracket shell had gone one side so i superglued it on side and the otherside out the bottom bracket in and tightend it in with the other cup. worked fine for ages, just i simple bodge for if you have no money for a major repair. Dan
  15. im not sure about the white spirits because disc brakes are very unpredictive to differnt things eg. a simple thing like coke cola will effect your brake and make it work bad(from experience) i would just stick to the proper cleaners. Dan
  16. nice"
  17. yes if i was you id get it welded back togeather BUT you will have to have the mount in the exact place so i would try to build up all the brake mounts onto a booster so you can get exactly right oherwise you might make a big mistake and get it in the wrong place. hope i was helpfull
  18. i like to put water in my brakes just simply because its free and its easier to bleed them in something like a bowl or something then using a syringe and all that.
  19. These wheels are very heavy to be used for trials ..erm just a thought maybe try drilling them to get them abit lighter? but the tyres are nice and light. dan
  20. i used to ride trials a few years ago but not properly. but now i want to get into it abit more and i was just wondering, IS THERE ANY TRIALS MAGAZINES? i get MBUK but i just wonderd if thee was any specific trials magazines?? thanks guys
  21. ive just done mine and i just used water and aslong as its not to cold where u live atm it will be fine:) in the summer it will b nice as anyway:)
  22. hello.. i was thinking on buildin a 24inch trials out of my 26 which doesnt get used any more.. anyway i know i would need a new frame but i was wondering do you run a specific pair of 24 inch trials forks? or can you use a pair of 26es? obvously with a disc;) and... i have a dmr 24inch rim which i want laced up to a hope pro 2 which is built onto my 26inch wheel atm lol when building a 24inch wheel do you need 24inch spokes or do you use 26? many thanks:)
  23. wpw thankyou very much thats all i wanted to know and its answerd alrwady:))
  24. sam i thought ur bb was all sorted out now mate? wel seemed alright to me o wel atleast you konw what to do now:) new bb it is 4 u:)
  25. like i said mate offset mounts r the 1s 4 u! and i no that a new set of pads would helpALOT lol