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  1. If anyone is still after a MK4 ARB that goes under the driveshafts I will have my spare one for sale soon. 21mm ID bushes needed. It's not just the TT they come on.
  2. Doubt it's that hard.
  3. To you mk4 platform boys. do you know anyone after 312mm/256mm brakes? Brakes are from a 4 motion golf. So rears need a 6mm washerto fit 2wd platform.
  4. I know it's a bit late but; I run them up hot, spray with penetrating fluid then have a go at them. Haven't snapped one yet. I had that for so long. Awesome picture. Not really one for posting pictures but I'm bored. This is what I have been upto/in the middle of; US markers into a UK rubstrip One side is now finished. Still need to do the other. Smoothing wings, which will then be rolled.
  5. What sort of sizes?
  6. Yup, I hate finishing other people's work. Especially when they have shoddy workmanship.
  7. What a turd burger. Have you asked about what would happen? For your sake I hope they have some leeway or you get it done before.
  8. Possibly the worst insult ever you harsh mo' fuggah.
  9. Some taxi driver who used to go to the garage I work at had a mondeo on 500k. Ford gave him a people carrier to test for a year. I don't know what happened to it after that though. Also, that 106, without trying to offend you it don't look that good condition wise anyway. Just take the door card etc off and kick the dent out and pocket the cash or just get a door from a breakers yard for like £40...
  10. + hotel for x amount of nights? Out of interest Boumsong, what sort of time frames would it take for a full front end respray/possibly a full respray? I fancy a colour change before my car is even finished. At a reduced rate is a bonus.
  11. Why couldn't you live closer. I need my whole front end sprayed.
  12. I'm on the subject of his sister saying he doesn't last long.
  13. Is it only me texting him? hahahahah Ash, I'd like to sniff your shit. 2 girls 1 cup was me and my brother.
  14. Pm'd. I also text it...