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  1. Hey guys! Extremely long time no see, but it appears Rainbird has provided you with a couple of clips of my face more recently than I realised! So, as I'm sure a few of you have gathered, with the help of the aforementioned R'bird, I'm having a go at a few vlogs of my adventures with the wrong wheel drive shopping car! Most recently Dad and I went to Bedford and broke it! So, as its Saturday morning and it's raining everywhere, stick the kettle on, grab a cup of tea, and find out what happened when Big Bad Dad and I went to Bedford and broke the A3! If that was even remotely interesting then I'd love if it people checked out the channel and subscribed if you'd like to see more!
  2. Top work R'Bird! It's a shame Lewis's seats came up a week too late, but it seems you've got this one covered anyway! Picking up an engine for the A3 on sunday. It's been TOOOOOOOO long.
  3. I'd say I'm interested but I'd only upset you talking about cage feet and safety xxx
  4. Perhaps not abuse in a personal way, but as someone with ~5x more experience than yourself on these things, I don't particularly appreciate being accused of "classic internet scaremongering" when you're clearly in the wrong. I was only trying to help. Safety is somethings to take seriously. Anyway, I've said my bit. I'll probably log in again in about 3 months.
  5. Meh. Gives safety advise. Gets abuse. Not impressed.
  6. When you roll and end up on the roof, the cage doesn't try to pull out of the floor, it tries to push through. Those tiny little feet arn't going to stop it punching through the floorpan, especially not with holes drilled under them which can only aid the ripping process. That's why you fully weld large spreader plates into the shell. Bolt in cages are usually anything but 'bolt in', they all require welding and spreader plates adding to be worth while. This is of course just my opinion
  7. Why no spreader plates under the cage legs Dan? needs sorting mate!
  8. The haldex 2 in the 8P S3 seems pretty damn solid. Even the early haldex 1 in the 8L seems to be happy at 600bhp Drove the barge in again this morning, loving it so far Parked in the road last night behind a 'note'. It's amazing how proportions of cars have changed over the years, even a huge barge like the 5 appears slender behind a modern eurobox! I also discovered it's not impossible to get it sideways this morning, so a little more investigation required there next time it rains
  9. 420 from a 2.0, whilst it sounds huge, isn't actually a huge amount these days! it's the same ~210bhp / litre that my 1.8 was making, before it blew up hahaha. So, yea. This happened: Because of this: So I pushed it into the garage and forgot about it for a while. In other news, after a year with a van and a track car, I decided I needed a proper daily. I've always had fairly small cars, so decided to go for something totally different. A big comfy Luxobarge! 3.0D, auto, cruise etc. It's a lovely comfy place to be.193bhp and 300lbft, and did 48mpg on the cruise home yesterday at 80mph. Hoping it continues to be a success!
  10. plus I've been too busy searching MX5 forum classifieds
  11. haha, didn't know you read it Danny I keep meaning to, but I struggle to find the enthusiasm when nobody really replies any more.
  12. oooooooooooh, a forum about bikes, with a car thread. I'm sure I used to spend a lot of time somewhere similar Hey folks. Long time no see. Hope all is well with everyone. As you've seen above, I went munting on Saturday with Tarty Adam and AP. Many funs were had! Then later on we got a bit bored, so went to the beach
  13. That's pretty unreal! Of all the things you've had, I'm most curious / jealous of this one. There's something about it I find fascinating!
  14. Cheers Mark Oh, I almost forgot, one of my favourite pics of the day. 4 1/2 years ago, on I believe April 9th 2011, this pic was taken at the first Spring Action day I did in the car as a track car: On Saturday, 1617 days later, Sam took this pic which really reminded me how far it's come from those early days: Cheers Mark Oh, I almost forgot, one of my favourite pics of the day. 4 1/2 years ago, on I believe April 9th 2011, this pic was taken at the first Spring Action day I did in the car as a track car: On Saturday, 1617 days later, Sam took this pic which really reminded me how far it's come from those early days:
  15. I guess with the pictures done, it's time to wrap it up for this evening so I can go to bed. The more observant of you will have noticed in a few pics there has also been considerable garage progress too in the last week, but that will have to wait until another day! A thoroughly enjoyable day was had, lapping most of the day with loads of different passengers. It was quite cool to share the car with new people, and an amazing feeling knowing that it was all for such a great cause and raising money whilst having fun. At the end of the day, we swapped wheels back: I took the chance to check brake pad wear. It's looking very promising with considerably less wear than I'd expect after this mileage: Outside: Inside: Huge thanks must to go everyone involved on the day: Sam - exceptional organiser of people, checker of tyre pressures, and adjuster of harnesses. Shelley - arranging things, getting us all together, manning the Stand and incomming public. Dave - For being a top laugh, and a bloody inspiration to all of us showing what can be done when you want it enough. Phil - THE technology man, seemed to have everything on the day, from cameras, to laptops, to chargers and jump packs for just about everything, as well as a knowing eye helping check over all the cars between runs too. Gurds and Ram + family - awesome fun lapping together as always, and thanks for feeding me Thomas - driving over from the Island for the day, coming out of your way to take those wheels for me, even though I never used them! Right. Enough rambling. I'm off to Wales for work tomorrow, and it's past my bed time :racer: