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  1. Guildford wasn’t great for what I could find. Only little bit was in Stoke park, quite a few rocks around the paddling pool/pond. Took my street bike the second day, skate park was alright. Probably better stuff around Alton though!
  2. I use Ritchey WCS foam. Nice firm foam with a much bigger diameter. The thin things are far too small for my hands!
  3. Heard good things about that way. Will have to venture that way when I get a day off!
  4. Really getting back into trials after about 12 years out. Ive never had a car and ridden trials so have lots more options now! Based near Brighton so can easily travel around the South East. Where should checkout?
  5. I’m at a course for work in Guildford this Thu/Fri and next Monday. Going to go for a ride once I’m finished about 6pm. Anywhere good to ride? Anyone fancy joining?
  6. I'm in Shoreham-by-Sea if you're still around here!
  7. Ah that's awesome thank you! Yeah I know about the car, I was really struggling to find pics on Google image search. Some of those places are massive! Look loads of fun!
  8. I'm in talks with my local council about redeveloping an old BMX track (now flattened). It's a pretty big site, 50x100m (football pitch) I'm hoping to make it a multi use bike "park" with Tarmac pumptrack, MTB skills area and a trials section. Any ideas for the trials section? I'm thinking concrete pipes, big rocks etc. I want to make sure it's hard wearing.,-0.2855623,154m/data=!3m1!1e3
  9. Trials is highly taxing on the nervous system. If you’re tired or stressed (or both) it will significantly effect your performance. Taking some time to warm up your nervous system can help, little basic moves, build your confidence up. Deep breathing and clearing you mind will also help you focus.
  10. You can buy a taping kit and some bolts to DIY it’s pretty easy and will cost ~£20
  11. Hey all! Thinking about touring Europe in the summer for a couple of weeks with my bikes: Hex, Stumpjumper and CAADX. Any trials spots I should consider? Also any skateparks, pump tracks etc. Thinking of getting the ferry then heading to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, French alps, possibly Italy then back up France on the way home. Probably a mix of camping/air bnb. Any suggestions would be great! Seb
  12. Probably got tight forearms. With most people spending a lot of time at a computer forearms can get tight causing pain in the hands. I got this really bad riding trails/dh in the alps in the summer. Generally muscle tightness gets worse over time unless you do something about it. So if you haven't ridden for a while, your forearms have probably got tighter since then. Try these exercises - also look into magnesium spray or even magnesium supplementation. Ive just ordered one of these, hoping it will help a lot -
  13. I was at Birmingham university for 3 years (11 years ago!) Birmingham city centre was very good loads of different places. Matlock Bath had a really good quarry for natural/rocks if it's still there. Town was reasonable for urban too. There was a really good indoor skate park in Moseley too. Just explore, I used to just ride everywhere and found lots of places. Riding with other people really helps too.
  14. Looks like this - Clarks S2
  15. Ah yes I remember! Looking forward to riding a bit more again!