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  1. Trials is highly taxing on the nervous system. If you’re tired or stressed (or both) it will significantly effect your performance. Taking some time to warm up your nervous system can help, little basic moves, build your confidence up. Deep breathing and clearing you mind will also help you focus.
  2. You can buy a taping kit and some bolts to DIY it’s pretty easy and will cost ~£20
  3. Hey all! Thinking about touring Europe in the summer for a couple of weeks with my bikes: Hex, Stumpjumper and CAADX. Any trials spots I should consider? Also any skateparks, pump tracks etc. Thinking of getting the ferry then heading to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, French alps, possibly Italy then back up France on the way home. Probably a mix of camping/air bnb. Any suggestions would be great! Seb
  4. Probably got tight forearms. With most people spending a lot of time at a computer forearms can get tight causing pain in the hands. I got this really bad riding trails/dh in the alps in the summer. Generally muscle tightness gets worse over time unless you do something about it. So if you haven't ridden for a while, your forearms have probably got tighter since then. Try these exercises - also look into magnesium spray or even magnesium supplementation. Ive just ordered one of these, hoping it will help a lot -
  5. I was at Birmingham university for 3 years (11 years ago!) Birmingham city centre was very good loads of different places. Matlock Bath had a really good quarry for natural/rocks if it's still there. Town was reasonable for urban too. There was a really good indoor skate park in Moseley too. Just explore, I used to just ride everywhere and found lots of places. Riding with other people really helps too.
  6. Looks like this - Clarks S2
  7. Hi everyone! I'm thinking of buying a Hex so that I can effectively combine my Koxx Levelboxx and Specialized P1 into one "do it all" fun bike. I've been out of the trials scene for about 10 years and getting back into doing a bit of riding. I've always preferred natural/pure trials but I picked up the P1 for £75 on Gumtree after a new skate park opened locally and it been fun riding a bit of park and street. Been thinking of upgrading my Koxx as I can see things have moved on, initially was looking at a new "pure" frame but actually become quite attracted to the idea of a bike I can have fun and throw at anything. Couple of questions - 1. Will the Hex be able to ride more pure trials stuff like I've been used to on my Koxx? And how will it fair in a skatepark for example? 2. I've seen a Hex frame for sale (in the sale section) I think it's 2012ish. How does the geometery/ride compare to the newer models? I can't actually find any new for sale anywhere anyway but is it worth waiting for the 2018 model? Cheers! Seb
  8. Ah yes I remember! Looking forward to riding a bit more again!
  9. Sure, when/where do you ride?
  10. Thanks for the comments guys. I've decided to take the plunge and go for the Hex. Will let you know how I get on! Little bit excited! Long time ago! What were you riding back then?
  11. Hi all, I've lost touch with the trials scene for a couple of years and really want to get back into it. I'm currently riding; Old Koox Levelboss (04?) 26" Echo Pure Forks Hope Trial Rear hub with CK 16t cog Hope xc front hub Echo (old) rims Middleburns with 20t Front Avid BB Rear Avid Ultimate with some trials pads can't remember what they are I will mainly be riding natural and would like to build a new bike as mine is a bit out of date now! Had a look around Tarty bikes and have no idea what is good anymore! Basically I would like to build a whole new bike to suite natural, I'm 6'1" so would like a longer bike. Strength and price is NOT a factor, just want something that rides super nice. What do people recommend? Thanks Seb
  12. Hi Guys, I'm trying to make a content managed ticket and members system for one of my clients' websites. I know XHTML and css quite well now and have all the designs ready to "plug together" I had a guy working on it, but he's too busy and I would like to get it finished quicker. Ideally I need someone that knows what they are doing in PHP/mysql. I am willing to pay for any work completed too. If anyone can help or knows someone that can please let me know. Thanks, Seb
  13. Here's my best shots. Over all the show wasn't brilliant, I was bored and I even had a pres pass! Lighting was absolutely terrible, for those of you that know cameras I was using ISO3200, f2.8, 200th/sec and flash and was still struggling! Trials ones were pretty crap, bmx ones are nice though.
  14. Just realised the trials photos don't seem to be up there. Here they are... Joe: Yeh that was me! Also the guy that though you were Jon Mac sorry
  15. My Shots
  16. Hi Guys! As some of you may be aware I have a multimedia company, and this summer we are looking to film a trials DVD. What I would like to find out first was what kind of things people would want. Riders? - who would you like to see riding Locations? - where would you like to see ridden (UK) Length? - how long do you think would be good? I was thinking around 1 hour. Price? - if it went on sale how much would people be willing to pay? We're not intending to make a profit from it, but would be nice to cover expenses. and anything else you think should be added. To give you an idea what it might be like, we have currently have to play with: 2 x HD100s a jib a stedicam Thanks in advance for your ideas. Seb
  17. While we won't limit your surfing choices, we do offer three levels of TiSP service: Trickle, The #2, Royal Flush Google actually do broadcast free wireless internet across their HQ home town of Mountain View, CA.
  18. Hi guys, just finished a clients website, though it would be good to get your feedback and ideas. Thanks, Seb
  19. To give you a few of my ideas: - I want to avoid any other riders in each shot, I hate videos where there are other people ruining a shot - All attractive locations - All riders must wear a helmet, to promote safety in the sport - No one move wonders - all flowing camera angles, avoiding static camera unless effective - nice music that suits the riding, no silly heavy rock just cos the editor likes that shot... - ... other things we come up with I want this to be THE best trials video ever!! It's going to be exciting Seb
  20. Cheers for the comments Tomm! I fully agree with what you have said, only problem is it's not my website and the end of the day it's my client's so he gets what he wants! I personnally can't stand flash websites but that is what they wanted. I'll look into modifying the menu so that you don't have to wait. As for the logo, that is there logo. I did modify it to make it fit better but they told me to change it back This guy has been the most demanding and difficult client i have ever dealt with! That's life I supose. Seb
  21. Removed... Forgot about that!
  22. Haven't been on TF for ages and thought I'd post this up to see what people think. Seb
  23. Hi guys, My company is making a website for a new strip club that is opening in Brighton next week. What I would like it to have is this animated so she dances a little bit. Even if it is a 5 sec loop or something. Most basic option i think would be to make variations of that vector in illustrator then I can put them together in flash. I am willing to pay for a good finished product. Thanks, Seb
  24. Made changes to the menu, and also made "the Birmingham photographer" bit link back to the home page. Also decided to remove the front page pictures so that i could ad some google food What do you think? Thanks, Seb
  25. Thanks for the comments guys. Yeh amcas is my company. That website wasn't doing very well in terms of enquiries, so decided to experiment with a more specific url and more image based site. Now getting two enquiries a day!! I did all the web design and photography, Nick let me know if you want a hand with your website add me to msn or something. Thanks, Seb