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  1. Here's my best shots.

    Over all the show wasn't brilliant, I was bored and I even had a pres pass! Lighting was absolutely terrible, for those of you that know cameras I was using ISO3200, f2.8, 200th/sec and flash and was still struggling!

    Trials ones were pretty crap, bmx ones are nice though.






























  2. While we won't limit your surfing choices, we do offer three levels of TiSP service: Trickle, The #2, Royal Flush :lol:

    Google actually do broadcast free wireless internet across their HQ home town of Mountain View, CA.

  3. To give you a few of my ideas:

    - I want to avoid any other riders in each shot, I hate videos where there are other people ruining a shot

    - All attractive locations

    - All riders must wear a helmet, to promote safety in the sport

    - No one move wonders

    - all flowing camera angles, avoiding static camera unless effective

    - nice music that suits the riding, no silly heavy rock just cos the editor likes that shot...

    - ... other things we come up with

    I want this to be THE best trials video ever!!

    It's going to be exciting


  4. Cheers for the comments Tomm!

    I fully agree with what you have said, only problem is it's not my website and the end of the day it's my client's so he gets what he wants! I personnally can't stand flash websites but that is what they wanted.

    I'll look into modifying the menu so that you don't have to wait.

    As for the logo, that is there logo. I did modify it to make it fit better but they told me to change it back :rolleyes:

    This guy has been the most demanding and difficult client i have ever dealt with! That's life I supose.


  5. Hi Guys!

    As some of you may be aware I have a multimedia company, and this summer we are looking to film a trials DVD.

    What I would like to find out first was what kind of things people would want.

    Riders? - who would you like to see riding

    Locations? - where would you like to see ridden (UK)

    Length? - how long do you think would be good? I was thinking around 1 hour.

    Price? - if it went on sale how much would people be willing to pay? We're not intending to make a profit from it, but would be nice to cover expenses.

    and anything else you think should be added.

    To give you an idea what it might be like, we have currently have to play with:

    2 x HD100s


    a jib


    a stedicam


    Thanks in advance for your ideas.


  6. Hi guys,

    My company is making a website for a new strip club that is opening in Brighton next week.

    What I would like it to have is this animated so she dances a little bit. Even if it is a 5 sec loop or something.

    Most basic option i think would be to make variations of that vector in illustrator then I can put them together in flash.

    I am willing to pay for a good finished product.



  7. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Yeh amcas is my company. That website wasn't doing very well in terms of enquiries, so decided to experiment with a more specific url and more image based site. Now getting two enquiries a day!!

    I did all the web design and photography, Nick let me know if you want a hand with your website add me to msn or something.



  8. Hi guys,

    I am doing a photo shoot at my uni's freshers ball this friday and i am going to be selling prints on site.

    What i would like is an access form where i can enter the customer details, choose the product and quantity they want and it works out the order total.

    I have made a form which works with entering customer details and choosing products from a drop down and then entering the quantity.

    What i dont know how to do is for access to work out the total cost by accociating the product name and with its price and then times it by the quantity.

    Can anyone help.



  9. The best way to learn the kicking and brake coordination is to do it on two wheels.

    Ride along stop with the back brake, then let go of the brake and kick/pedal forard a bit and then reapply the brake.

    Keep trying this until you shunt forward repeatedly. Then try it on the back wheel.


  10. Had my jump/street bike stolen last week from outside Hove Station (near Brighton, East Sussex)


    Frame: Black Azonic Steelhead 2005 frame no stickers except two tartybikes stickers on the top tube near the seat tube

    Forks: Black MX Comp Airs no stickers

    Front Wheel: Black DMR revolver disc hub on D721 with Maxxis Holy Roller 2.3"

    Rear Wheel: Silver DMR revolver single speed with cheap freewheel on D721 with maxxis holy roller 2.3"

    Seat post: Ritchey Comp Black

    Saddle: Black DMR Jump seat

    Handle bars: Scott Pilot WO

    Stem: Tioga Cube

    Rear Brake: XT V brake with XTR cabling and cheapy tektro v lever

    Cranks: Black Gusset Pigmys 3 piece with 42t (?) black gusset chain ring

    If any one sees it around or on ebay or something please let me know

    or PM me




  11. Hi guys,

    I'm making a new website in flash for my company, i've downloaded a template off a template site and it has a gallery which changes pages by changing the x coord of the thumbnail layer if the layer is in certain places. I want to add a menu at the top which changes this x coord of this layer to a certain page, but i dont know how to get the action script to change values in a movie clip that is not _root.

    Any help would be great.



  12. I did use fill in flash (if thats what you mean by burst flash) but as it was a rather bright day (ISO 50 1/250 F6.3) didn't really 'fill in' as much as wanted, using it on TTL. Maybe could try it on manual, any tips?

    I know you always say photos from behind aren't as good which is true in most cases, but i do like the one of the down gap from behind, gives a sense of what the rider sees.

    I really can't wait to get out more with my camera taking more photos of trials as that was the third time ive been out with a decent camera and taken photos of trials.

    I was using a Canon 15mm Fisheye (180 view but reduced slightly due to the 1.3x mag on the body)

    on a Canon 1D Mark II N with a Canon 430EX Speedlite.

    On my next trials photo outing I'm going to try using a 28mm lens as i feel a good shot looks better without the distortion.

    As to the funky website gallery... Photoshop CS2 users File>Automate>Web Gallery... have fun :)

    Thanks for all the comments.

    F-Stop Junkie - if you could give some constructive critism that would be much appreciated either here or add me to msn.


  13. IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    Theres a few more. Quality seems to have died a lot during upload :(

    As to the last pic, it looks a lot better on my screen, for some reason again during the upload it have got a lot darker. The original is more sepia and clearer.