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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm hoping someone can help...

    Yesterday I was using my pc, went to the toilet came back and the system had locked up. So i hit reset and now it justs gets to the windows loading screen then reboots over and over :(

    After a few times i caught a glimps of the blue screen of death. Only pops up for a millisecond, but was enough time for me to get a photo of it and read what usuless message it has to say.

    It says, windows descovered an error so will reboot to prevent damage to my files... or something like that.

    Great! Windows is protecting itself to the point where i cant actually help it.

    Ive had no luck getting into safe mode or anything, so i have popped my hdd into another computer.

    My question is can i fix windows while its a slave in the other pc?

    I have windows and all my programmes on a smaller partition on the drive, so i know i can just reinstall windows but you all know how long that takes by the time i reinstall everything. Which i would normally just do but in 2 weeks time im getting a nice shiny new pc (when my student loan comes in) so i'm going to have to do all that then anyway, so just for now can i repair it?

    One problem I dont have a bootable win xp cd.

    Quick Spec:

    Win XP Pro

    160GB hdd with windows on a 40GB partition.

    Thanks for any help.


  2. Dual dvi looks quite expensive, I presume im running VGA as its not a brill gfx card.

    If a gfx card has VGA and DVI out is that enough to run two screens?

    Edit: My monitor says it has one analogue input i presum that means only VGA?



  3. Just wait for the punch to come in, drop you head slightly and bam Mr Chav has a broken fist. Works with and without a helmet.

    Usually just go look its a shit bike it has no seat, squeaky brakes, one gear, no suspension etc etc.


  4. Hi guys,

    I'm getting another TFT to match my current one, but my graphics card doesn't support two monitors so I'm going to need a new card.

    - I never play games, but maybe nice to have a card capable of doing so but not a neccesity.

    - I needs to be able to run extended desktop easily, i dont just want a clone monitor.

    - preferable around £50 but I'm open to suggestions.

    - I'm using a sumsung 19" TFT at 1280x1024 and i'd like to keep it at that so needs to be able to support two screens running at this spec.

    - I have also heard you can just buy a cheap PCI card and run it with my existing AGP card is this true?

    Thanks for any help,


  5. please don't say you trace the edges manually... must take ages.

    I knocked this up in 30secs...

    IPB Image

    Tracing it will probably be better, but this is a far quicker option.


  6. For the price, you should go for the 350D over the D50. I know its £100 more but the D50 has a poorer build quality and image quality in comparison also a lot slow at processing images etc so not great for sport.

    Problems with point and shoot cameras like the S7000, although they do have manaul settings they never work any where near as well as a DSLR.

    Manual focus is generally impossible to use due to picture viewing on an LCD and using buttons which take a while to move the focus range.

    Apperture - even though they go down to F4.5 i can never get them to give a nice depth of field.

    Adavantages of the DSLR over point and shoot:

    -Near instant boot time - great for catching those unexpected moments

    -Far superior image quality

    -Brillant and quick auto focus with 7 points of focus (350D)

    -Far superior for sport (trials) photography with instant shutter and what you see in the view finder is waht -you get. With point and shoot using the LCDs you get a delay and you cant see the image as well. So getting a perfectly timed gap shot first time is difficult.

    -A lot faster image processing so you can take and take and take.

    -Compact flash cards more robust so more reliable and easier to handle when using multiple cards.

    -Massive choice of lens

    -Choice of flash guns rather than using poor inbuilt flashes

    - and loads more....


    They look a lot better becasuse they are a "proper" camera

    They feel so much nicer to use as they are a bit heavier and bigger making they more steady

    To sum up:

    If you want a decent camera that will get you some nice shots then a S7000 will be fine

    If you want to be creative with your photography and get stunning shots you will have to take the leap to DSLR cameras

    Hope that helps.


  7. Too much fancy shit in the video

    screw birds water and traffic lights we wanna see riding

    riding was decent though.

    Brilliant video, very nicely edited and great choice of music. Angles were good too and nice variation of moves.

    Refreshing to see after loads of the norm of heavy rock music and side hop that gap that repeated for 5mins.

    If it didn't have that "fancy crap" in it the video would get repetitive loose its quality.



  8. Hi Jez

    I live in south Birmingham (Selly Oak) about 10km from you.

    Been riding 3 years now, although only ridden about 5 times in the past 5 months due to large amounts of work.

    Going to start riding more again though. Also getting my house mate into too.

    If you want to go for a ride, drop me a PM.

    Those pallets sound good... (Y)



  9. mint pictures.............

    i must take a trip down to birmingham at some point...........that 14.5ft gap looks huge but i think 14.5ft is exagerrated just think what is the highest someone has dropped(if you think back to bentios 14/15ft drop into the fountain at koxx days 2005 it took him ages to land but think hoqw tall that stood and lay it flat.............if someone measured it with a tape measure top bannana....iv looked at big stuff and thought that look huge but when measured its not all that big.....but you cant take it away that gap is forking massive!!!!!i rode with backgren and jansen on tuesday and wednesday both sorted lads and always having a laff was mint to catch up with them.................


    Well the gap measured at 13 and a bit pigion steps by me and my shoe is 13" long ~ 14.5ft

    Thanks for the comments guys, its a new camera and it been great fun to play with, i look forward to other rides soon.



  10. Damn you and your fancy camera and awesome riding skillzorzz . Sorry , great pictures well timed and focused , too . Did this rider :


    ... actually get up that out of the hook ? (Y)



    :lol: :lol:

    Was the most stupid hook to switch ever. But yeh he did do it in the end.


  11. Hi guys,

    Sorry its taken me a few days, just was away and been so busy. But here they are, these are the best ones I think. If anyone wants to see more or these is full drop me a PM or somethings.










    14.5ft gap :lol: (Y)
















  12. I never said they were amazing, was the first time i'd used my new camera for trials. I know the fish eye ones arent great, it was just fatmike had a fisheye on his camera that fitted mine, and id never used one before and fancied a play!

    I'll be out on the hallowen ride with my camera hopefully will get some good shots then.



  13. Hi guys,

    Just a few shots I got on last weeks brum ride, only just managed to upload them.


    Give me a shout if you want the full size ones.



    Edit: not sure why it won't display them, but just right click on the "IPB image" text and select "view image".

  14. i'd go with dmr front and rear

    dewhore front hubs seem to have a habit of their axels snapping (ive killed 2 riding street and dirt), the rears arent too bad but i would prefer the dmr.

    in terms of whether to go for gears or not, i have a dirt/street/get to uni bike thats built out of old bits i had lying around and have found that the simplicity of a single gear (nowt to go rong or not shift properly) is a godsend, it took me a chouple of attempts to get the right ratio, but its worth the fiddling.

    Thats exactly what i'm doing really just popping bits together from my garage. But im missing a rear wheel and got a shitty front one.

    Ive looked at the hubs a bit closer, and i think ill go for the dmr ones, as i have a deore and they come loose as they are not sealed.

    What is the freehub like on the DMRs? as i would prefer to run 9 gears, but if theyre a bit shoddy might just go single speed, after ive been using a bmx for the past year with no problem.



  15. Hello,

    building myself a get around bike, also to mess around in park, street and dirt.

    I want some cheap wheels so i was gonna go for a crc wheelset. Ive decided on X721 rims, as they will be the best but as for hubs im not sure. The deore, dmr revolvers and gt hadley hubs are all around the same price, but what is the best option?

    Thanks for any help/advice.


  16. What pads? :)  :)


    I ride the plazmatic v fly pads. Running on a worn grind with an avid ultimate and xtr lever.

    Thanks for the feedback guys, watch out for more amcasproductions or brighton trials videos in the future, they can only get better :)


  17. Thanks for the feedback guys, it was filmed by Lucas Tucknott, (Lux, forum name) my brother, who has his own film/video company and we thought it was about time we made a half decent video. We also tried to film it in good weather to bring a happy feeling to the video.

    It was filmed at: (in order of appearance)

    Shoreham Fort

    Shoreham Locks

    Hove Lagoon

    Brighton Seafront

    Brighton Marina

    Marina to Rottingdean Undercliff walk,

    Preston Park

    and the Steine.

    Also music by:

    Dido - Stoned

    Republica - Ready To Go

    Cheers (Y)