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  1. Hello all,

    Sorry about the boring topic, but might be getting a GU, I know its a 68mm shell but what width for middleburn isis cranks?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Well I don't run ISIS but I've heard a few good reports about the FSA platinum pro downhill, think its around £28 from most shops.

    But he's running tapered cranks...

    Really dont go for the koxx one, its just a rebranded cheaper bb and sold for more...

    get a UN52/72 both great bb and will last you fine.


  3. Yeh i did like it, could deffinatly do with some music though, i supose it gives us the option of playing our own in the background, and then no one can go on about it being a bad tune...

    Looks like you have so good moves going down there too!


  4. As I feel I'm improving a lot in the natural department and that i was gonna be very bored today (being picked up from uni tomorrow, but everyone went home yesterday) I though I'd film my ride at Matlock yesterday.

    Here is the video, so of you may find it a little boring as well natural isn't all about "going huge" but i feel its quite nicly chilled and also shows you want Matlock quarry is like to ride if you havent seen/been there before. I love it there. May cost me £6.45 on the train and take 1.5hrs to get there but I'd prefer to do that any day then ride street (even brum (Y))

    Please comment if you download, want to see what people think.



    PS: If trials-shack goes down and i dont notice, post up and ill upload it elsewhere.

  5. Woo i came 6th!! not as good as last time, although there was more people at this one and i did dab less.

    I get a mention on the homepage too lol!! Was a hell of a mission to get there!! Thanks for the lift andy and beau :blink:"

    Really enjoyed this comp, yeh it was windy, but i really prefered the sections. They were a lot more technical and i actually needed to use my trials skills. I found the last comp (knabb quarry) "too easy" like was just like xc courses. I know i dabbed more but that was not being used to riding on loose stuff at slow speeds, also my first comp and having 2 hrs sleep.

    Really looking forward to the next comp, gonna be riding natty all over the summer.

    Big thanks to Steve and co for organising it and with there help for me and my lateness...


  6. Generally if a girl keeps eye contact with you she's interested.

    Just kinda glace at her every now and then, if you make eye contact give her a smile. If she smiles back she'll be interested.

    From there, as you are in like a club im sure you could make conversation easier than say a randomer. I would leave getting her number till a bit later. Talk a few times first. And generally its better to give your number than get hers.

    That way she feels more in control to approach you.

    Be confindent i know its a hell of a lot easier said than done though, I'm the worst at approaching girls. I know that once i say something to them ill be fine, i can talk for ages its just the going up bit.

    Hope that helps a bit,


  7. Ill be there again, gonna try my best to get in the top three in inter...

    With some sleep this time, might be able to do it... placed 5th last time with 2hours sleep and lack of natty riding.

    See you all there (Y)

    As andy said, loads of places to ride just up the road if this place really is crap...

    I think Aust is lying, so that noone turns up and he wins :- :wub:


    Edit: just popped carsington pasture into google...




    Looks quite good to me...

  8. Was a great day, thanks Sue and Charlie and anyone else who helped organise it!!

    Unfortunatly the rain started when we got there, must have been our fault :) But all was still good, rode loads in the rain was good.

    Nice to meet loads of people, kinda recognised a lot of people from videos and stuff but just couldnt think of their TF names. Nice to meet Prawn, Bigman and a few others.

    Top day :-


  9. Just bought a bmx chain for my brother's bike (im home from uni for the weekend) and well forgot to bring my cassette tool and chain whip with me :)

    Any ideas of getting the lock ring off? I can clamp the cassette in a workbench, so i dont need a chain whip. Ive tried using a chisel and hammer, but thats not working (Y)

    Thanks for any help


  10. Should have watched him slowy cycle away on it then bolt after him and fly kick his ass off the bike and watch him go down hard (Y)

    It is my biggest fear, some people try to take my bike from them. Id go proper psyco though i dont think they'd bother with the hassle.

    As it was outside a supermarket (fairly public place) couldnt you have started screaming for help, a security guard or someone would have helped, or it would have at least put the guy off trying to take it.


  11. Its all filmed in Worthing, me and my brother live in Brighton, but worthing is one of the next towns along the seafront and is good to ride there so we went. Also Baz and Dez are awesome riders (from worthing)!!


  12. Ai, we sat there and watched aust go up section 2 i think, and we were just like, wtf, how does he get up there, lol

    and i let u go infront of me in the que, and the obsever got in a muddle, lol was great fun :P :S

    Yeh i gathered it was you with your nice joe maher stickers!

    Hehe he did get very confused. Yeh and aust getting all annoyed at himself saying he was riding crap, yet he floated up that rock :mellow:

    The woman on section 3 couldnt say your name too :D


    Ps: when are the results expected?

  13. ooooh i remember seeing you. i kept thinking you looked like TRA :P

    Hahahha, i thought that too :mellow:

    Lol, i know andy quite well and have never thought that but now you say it i can see it :S

    Really enjoyed yesterday, was my first ever comp and had no idea what to expect. Thanks a lot to all of those who helped me get an idea of what to do etc!!

    Was really nice seeing and meeting people i only knew by what they're like on here or msn.

    As for the comp, was great fun but completely different to what i had expected. I entered myself in intermediate, and the sections were very different to how i imagined them to be.

    When i go and ride natural i'll quite happily hop around on rock all day and attempt so bigger ups etc. But these sections didn't really contain any really difficult objects (rocks) except the beginning of section 7 just couldn't get over that damn rock should have used a dab but i was too suborn and tried it on all three goes, fiving it twice :D

    I found that riding xc a lot really helped me on quite a few sections, like the steep drops or dodgy roll downs. I had the confidence that i could just roll over the stuff.

    Over all scored 41 which i was impressed with as my first go at a comp, also feel i could have got that down to 20 quite easily if i had used a dab in section 7 rather than fiving all three times. Also stupidly fived a couple of other sections.

    In preparation for the next round, i'm taking my bike off to my local hills and riding some xc stuff as i feel that'll help me improve loads. I found that i rarely dabbed trying to go over an obstical, it was more dabbing due to trying to ride up and down the slopes and loose rocks slowly.


    PS: i was on the 26" levelboss with the rear vee and avid disc and nice bluey bits :P

  14. Hello,

    My ears are burning! Something to clear up about my pads if that's not being cheeky.

    George S is running some of the yellow Heatsink pad material that I made up as a to fit his CRV backings. You've had them quite a while now George - good to hear they're still going!

    SebJT was running the Heatsink Vee backings with white pads. And it's true I haven't been able to supply any refills for these backings in recent weeks. But worry not, all that's sorted out now, I have moulded refills ready, and I'll be in contact with the 2 riders (that includes Seb) who are waiting for these.

    Sounds good, will these refills be of the new konig material or the same white or something else.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.


  15. Was thinking exactly that first line when I read down the thread... and then Jon's post appeared, haha.

    The only good test of a brake is to ride some natural. George, I do believe your brake was utter turd when we went to Bracken? It just didnt hold at all  :lol:

    So, in short, I agree with exactly what Jon said B)

    Well all i can say is every time ive done natural ive had no problems with my brake. Especially yesterday (YMSA comp), didnt let me down once. Yet talking to people throughout the day there were a few with problems with theyre maguras.

    Id say my vee is as good as a magura and yes i have used a magura for 2 years and tried many set ups. But been so happy with my vee just over the sheer reliablitly of it. Very rearly have to play around with it and have been running the same XTR cables for over a year now. Gave my whole brake a good service a few weeks back and its now smoother than ever.

    My set up:


    XTR lever

    XTR hosing

    Echo/ademant booster

    Janson's Vee adapters

    Heatsink backings with my own made pads from rimjam red material.

    Pads are the only problem right now, cant seem to get hold of decent pads, plasmatics all out of stock right now. And steve doesnt seem to be making any more vee pad material :P

    Gonna go to the plastic shop sometime and see if i can get some decent compound.


  16. I use "Velo" foam grips from halfords, they very nice. My first pair lasted me around 10months, and theyre still going but at £5 for the pair i thought id change mine cos they were becoming a bit hard. Theyre on my xc bike now though.

    In the packet they look bad, because they have this strange neoprene style sleeve on them, but take that off and theyre fine :lol:

    Might be a bit thick, if so try some of the roadie bar foam. My mate got some of that from halfords you get like 2 foot long bits, are very soft and a lot thinner, also like £5 might be worht a try.


  17. Even though so much has happened to me this year, my like has changed so much with going to uni, moving away from home etc. Yet it seems like yesterday finding about this horrible tragedy.

    I remember going onto T-F and seeing it closed with a picture of you and saying what had happened. I honestly at first didnt believe it, thought that it was some sick joke or a mistake. Only coming to terms with it some hours later.

    Still think of you a lot, always seeing people's RIP DJ messages in their signatures. Also every time a bail and somehow manage to not get hurt, i think that you are watching down on us all making sure we're all ok.

    Regretably cant be on the ride today, wo wish i could be. Instead i had to do the hardest exam ive ever done :P i think ive done enough to pass though. Gonna be off for a ride in a minute, will have to pay tribue with a minutes silence.

    RIP DJ you are sorely missed by all of us (Y)


  18. If your not bothered about the other sprokets, take a hammer and a chisel, just hit the chisel into the rivits a few times and they'll break and the whole cassette falls to sprokets and a spacers