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  1. I have always run gears and dont seem the problem with them. Spots are quite far away and with my highest gear i can go almost twice as fast than with my trials gear. As for chain tension and chain slippage, i have NEVER in my 2.5years of riding trials had my chain slip off. Also people say about getting rid of stupid thin chains, i run XTR chains and last me 9-10months before breaking so i dont see thats a problem either. My gears set up is probably lighter than a SS set up anyway, by the time you take into account the steel sprokets and bmx chains. not that it really matters anyway.

    Also i very rarly hit my mech. Only once have i needed to change my mech hanger.

    Meh gears for me...

    Seb :(

  2. Might be worth a try, but i dont think itll be worth having, will add a lot of weight and wont look very good. I think the motoX ones are just plastic to shield off water, mud and stones.

    I also think that it would be difficult to make the fixing strong enough to hold it in place in an impact even if it is, it would probably cause damage to the mount/forks.

    I do think it is actually really hard to hit a disc rotor anyway i never have done.


  3. He is trying to say what part of trials is most harsh on your bike, for example like he said, big drops.

    I would say they would be the harshed thing. Next would be front taps i think. Everything else is fine if you do it smoothly. Another problem could be bails though, like a nice gap to down tube is going to be more damaging than a 8ft drop...

    Hope that clarifies things (Y)


    Ps, juicy fruit, try using the spell checker before you post >_<

  4. Haha, yeah :)

    Are you really enough of a pimp to spend well over £100 on having a front wheel that matches your rear one?  That's insane, especially as you have a Hope already, plus there's really do difference in performance at all.

    Yes i have an XC already, but its my xc wheel which i would like back, as my xc bike is lacking a front wheel right now.

    In the end i went for a Hope XC, decided i could use the extra £50 else where! Also the fact that ive never broken a front hub even really cheap ones and ive been very happy with my hope mono lightweight on my trials bike and my hope XC on my XC bike.

    Also considering getting the hope Trials hub when it comes out rather than getting a king. With the whole fact of great service from hope and readily available spares if i need them. Also im quite happy with my mono at the moment never when riding not been able to do something and though "if i had a chris king right now i could do this..."

    Thanks for your comments, wheel being built as i speak should have it at the weekend :) cant wait!


  5. I much prefer silent brakes, mine is and everyone thinks i'm uber smooth, although it is probably to do with my brake being silent. I think you'll find that your brakes will squeak because its a better brake, resulting in the pads griping the rim and vibrating, causing the squeak. If you set up your brakes perfectly square and you use a fairly hard compound pad, this will reduce vibrations, hence reducing squeak yet still being a good brake.

    As i am running a v brake on the rear, there is no (very little) movement so this is why it wont squeak. With a magura it has clip in pads which dont sit 100% because itll be impossible to make it like that, you will notice a bit of play in the pad, this causes the vibrations and squeak. I found that running a stiff booster with my old magura seems to reduce the squeak by reduceing vibrations.


  6. Was all set planning to come, but :- I have a 3hr fluid flow, thermodynamics and heat transfer exam :- so annoyed would say i could come after my exam but would take another 4hrs to get there so its out of the question. So very disapointed. Is the one in abbingdon, i will go on that to pay tribute definatly as its closer if its the same day. Or another day then ill be definatly there.

    Seb (Y)

  7. Got my echo rim waiting to be built up only thing i cant decide what hub to get.

    Has to be anadised blue and disc.

    Im running a hope xc at the moment, my xc bike wheel, which is fine. But do i say what the hell and go for a king will match my rear one when i get it come summer.

    Meh help!!


  8. My mate gave me his bike to service also to polish his calipers, as he wanted them silver not red. Did all that cleaned out all the oil from the system, bled it really nicely in the bath, no air. Put it back on the bike, pull the lever and water leaks out of every thread :)

    Took it off took it all apart, cleaned the threads and checked them and all seems fine but it still leaks :o

    Any ideas, or will an oil bleed work as oil is more viscous?



  9. SebJT: Are the adapters still working well?

    Vee brakes > Maguras.

    Yeh working fine :unsure: the steel spring holder thing under the canti mount is displaying a bit of surface rust, other than that all grand!!

    Cheers for them, served me well! You made any new ones? If you want to make more id be happy to give you some feed back on how i would improve my ones.

    Ch!P - i find with maguras you cant always get the pad to sit perfectly parallel to the rim, because of the whole sleeve thing, it gives like graduated adjustment while with a v pad the adjustment is infinite. With a v you can just undo the pads a bit, align them a bit then pull the lever then do them up, this makes the pads perfectly parallel.


  10. Hey Tom,

    Cant remember if you had a go on my bike or not but my rear brake is awesome.

    Avid Ultimate arms

    XTR lever

    XTR hosing

    Jasons custom v adapters

    Adamant Booster

    Heatsink pads

    This brake feels ultra smooth and more solid than most maggies ive tried, no flex at all to get the brake locked. Also works very very well easily as good as a magura. I have tired all kinds of magura set ups, pads levers etc and my brake beats them all in my opinion.

    Other than performance another huge plus side is adjustability and low mantainance. Ive had this set up for about a year, and rarly mess around with it the all i do is adjust the barrel adjuster now and then to get the lever right. Other than that i just leave it and its been great.

    If you can get some good adapters then using a v on a 4 bolt frame is fine, like i said, my brake feels stiffer than most maggies.


  11. Me, Oli, Dave and my brother are coming along not sure what time we're getting there i think ill aim for 10, oli and dave wil be along later.

    My brother isnt gonna ride he's coming on my BMX and taking his awesome video camera.

    See you there


  12. Well Oli is an awesome rider and he was riding real well today!!

    No mod riders im afriad we're big boys now and ride proper bikes >_<

    Gonna go ride worthing tomorrow, hopefully that will be a good ride aswell. I think ill bring my digi cam and get some more pictures!


  13. Few pics i got today from a little ride with me, Oli (cant ride), Dave (plainlazy84) and my brother (lux)


    Oli doing a front hook


    Me gapping


    Oli bunny hopping wall >_<" (wheel switching)


    Oli doing a huge pedal gap

    I know there isnt many and isnt very exciting but Dave wanted to see them and i though might as well post them up.


  14. yeh but i think he'll twig... person finds out he has no insurance, suddnly car being taken away

    He's go an L reg 2.0li honda accord, can see why he doesnt want to pay fro insurance :lol:"

    as for my bike gonna ride her to the ground after all shesnearly 2 years old


  15. I've decided to ride it hard till she goes :o" first snapped levelboss???

    As with the accident, i know it was my mum's fault, how the hell do you reverse into a car, theyre quite big :lol:

    Only reason i called him a dick is cos he is, he lives below me and always parks there on double yellow even though theres a big car park about 100m away, lazy little bugger. The best bit, he didnt even have insurance so he was sweating a bit (Y)

    Will be getting a new front rim and bottom bracket at the bikeshow though, theyre a bit buggered.