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  1. SebJT: Are the adapters still working well?

    Vee brakes > Maguras.

    Yeh working fine :unsure: the steel spring holder thing under the canti mount is displaying a bit of surface rust, other than that all grand!!

    Cheers for them, served me well! You made any new ones? If you want to make more id be happy to give you some feed back on how i would improve my ones.

    Ch!P - i find with maguras you cant always get the pad to sit perfectly parallel to the rim, because of the whole sleeve thing, it gives like graduated adjustment while with a v pad the adjustment is infinite. With a v you can just undo the pads a bit, align them a bit then pull the lever then do them up, this makes the pads perfectly parallel.


  2. Hey Tom,

    Cant remember if you had a go on my bike or not but my rear brake is awesome.

    Avid Ultimate arms

    XTR lever

    XTR hosing

    Jasons custom v adapters

    Adamant Booster

    Heatsink pads

    This brake feels ultra smooth and more solid than most maggies ive tried, no flex at all to get the brake locked. Also works very very well easily as good as a magura. I have tired all kinds of magura set ups, pads levers etc and my brake beats them all in my opinion.

    Other than performance another huge plus side is adjustability and low mantainance. Ive had this set up for about a year, and rarly mess around with it the all i do is adjust the barrel adjuster now and then to get the lever right. Other than that i just leave it and its been great.

    If you can get some good adapters then using a v on a 4 bolt frame is fine, like i said, my brake feels stiffer than most maggies.


  3. Me, Oli, Dave and my brother are coming along not sure what time we're getting there i think ill aim for 10, oli and dave wil be along later.

    My brother isnt gonna ride he's coming on my BMX and taking his awesome video camera.

    See you there


  4. Well Oli is an awesome rider and he was riding real well today!!

    No mod riders im afriad we're big boys now and ride proper bikes >_<

    Gonna go ride worthing tomorrow, hopefully that will be a good ride aswell. I think ill bring my digi cam and get some more pictures!


  5. Few pics i got today from a little ride with me, Oli (cant ride), Dave (plainlazy84) and my brother (lux)


    Oli doing a front hook


    Me gapping


    Oli bunny hopping wall >_<" (wheel switching)


    Oli doing a huge pedal gap

    I know there isnt many and isnt very exciting but Dave wanted to see them and i though might as well post them up.


  6. yeh but i think he'll twig... person finds out he has no insurance, suddnly car being taken away

    He's go an L reg 2.0li honda accord, can see why he doesnt want to pay fro insurance :lol:"

    as for my bike gonna ride her to the ground after all shesnearly 2 years old


  7. I've decided to ride it hard till she goes :o" first snapped levelboss???

    As with the accident, i know it was my mum's fault, how the hell do you reverse into a car, theyre quite big :lol:

    Only reason i called him a dick is cos he is, he lives below me and always parks there on double yellow even though theres a big car park about 100m away, lazy little bugger. The best bit, he didnt even have insurance so he was sweating a bit (Y)

    Will be getting a new front rim and bottom bracket at the bikeshow though, theyre a bit buggered.


  8. Came back from uni yesterday, and my mum picked me up and we ut all the stuff inthe car then the bike on a rack onthe back.

    Then some dick had parked on double yellow behind my mums car in her blind spot and she reversed straight into it...

    Both cars were damaged but my bike seemed fine. Today though went for a ride and my front ceramic rim had a rather big dent in one side wall, also my bottom bracket was loose. On further inspection:



    :S :S

    its a koxx levelboss by the way... how long do you think it will last?

    We can claim it on the insurance but my parents dont want to loose their no claims bonus and have said could i just ride it till it dies then theyll just get me a new frame which in the long run will be cheaper than loosing the no claims bonus. As for the car damage we arent bothered about just leaving our car as it is and the other guys, will cost £200 to repair and we'd have to pay £150 excess anyway.

    Seb :o

  9. With my old set up;

    Avid ultimate calipers,

    XTR lever,

    XTR hosing,

    Echo booster

    and V-fly pads.

    Originally on a grind which i then left to become a very worn grind. Ran this set up for 9months, and in all that time didnt touch my brake once and im not even exagerating and my brake was awesome and never slipped, felt great etc. :D

    It was best when the grind was very worn, but come rain and wet my brake started to slip, so never really rode in the wet.

    My pads by now where well very worn (Y)" so i thought id give the heatsink pads a go. When receiving them imediatly noticed how much harder the compound was and resembled the koxx bloxx. Tried it on my "smooth" rim and lock wasnt great. So i whacked a grind on and well now my brake works really well. On wednesday rode with Andy (killbobuk) and was raining :P but my rear break still worked amazing, was real happy about that, never had a brake to work well in the wet, only problem my front v on a ceramic goes uber poo in the wet.

    Imo heatsink pads are too hard to run on a smooth rim on the rear, i think they would be prefect on the front with a light grind which i will do once i get a new rim.

    In summary, rear grind on "std" pads NO... pads will go in <a couple of rides. rear grind using any of the decent v pads YES :-


  10. Ok, since starting trials ive run an XT and now two XTR chains, my first XTR lasted 9months, then my next snapped sunday after having it 10months.

    I run 9spd, so i cant really use a kmc cool or something, but does this sound like a good enough chain life and after all i hear people saying you're meant to change you chain every 3-6months anyway.

    So should i just keep using the XTR chains or can i expect more from over chains?

    Might just go XTR again and replace it after 6months like i was going to with this one just havent realised how long ive had it till i checked my receipts :)


  11. Music:

    The verve - bitter sweet syphony

    Del Funkey Homosapian - Catch a bad one

    The Cardigans - Explode

    Lankeman: You asked for the station, thought you were going :unsure: i was so knackered anyway, killed myself at the gym yesterday and been riding for about 4hrs solid (on my own (Y) )


  12. Looks good Si, cant wait for easter, looking forward to riding brighton and worthing again. Will have to get some rides going :P

    Me and lucas are looking to film a new brighton trials video, getting footage throughout the 4 weeks im back, will be the best video we've ever done... watch this space!!!

    Looks like youve improved loads since getting the woodstock!!

    Also Lee looks at home on the ZOO!

    And what is it the the worthing youth crew anti helmet policy (Y)" :unsure:


  13. Hey all,

    heres my vid from the brum group ride that happened a couple of weeks ago, as there were so many people didnt get much footage.

    After is footage for a ride me and todge had this wednesday.

    This my first time using premiere, so taken me a while please let me know what you think :P

    comments good and bad welcome (Y)


    Video now rerendered and the aspect ratio sorted, still having problems doing it in premiere but managed to do it using moviemaker :unsure:

    Apologies to those who downloaded the video with wrong aspect ratio, here is corrected one...


    Seb :P

  14. Hello,

    Trying to use premiere for the first time, just spent ages making me nice new video of the brum group ride + other footage and well come to render it and im not sure what to do (Y)

    Tried doing it using the divx compressor, but that gave me a 2.05gb file that when played, i get annoying specks of random colour all over my video, through out also the audio isnt synced to the video to how i edited it ;)

    Please help


  15. Im running a pair of them on my bike and id say they are the best lever i have tried, and i think are a lot better than the XT lever i have on my xc. They are very comfy and very smooth.

    Benifits over the XT lever...

    The leverage adjustment is a lot better and robust compared to the XT also you have continuos adjustment between the limits.

    Barrel adjuster is very deep, giving a lot better adjustment.

    Lever bar attatchment bolt is imposible to thread, has a very deep 4mm allen whole, like a very large grub screw.

    Also look better imo.


  16. Got my heatsink v pads yesterday and well are bit too hard to run on a smooth rim, so i popped to my local homebase and picked up a 850W angle grinder for £8.49 :) bargin :-

    Came with a metal grinding and two stone cutting discs too :turned:

    I used the stone cutting one, as i thought id want more like cuts in my rim as opposed to a "smooth grind" which grinding discs are designed for.

    Anywho, the grind is really good brake is brill.


  17. Would it be possible to make this bit of the forum "unbumpable" so it is just ordered in most recent topic as opposed to most resent post...

    Just an idea :blink:


    Edit: just found you can do that at the bottom of the page :">

    not sure if itll stay when the browser is closed or a new page is opened...

  18. I have something at home that would fix that perfectly...

    like exactly as you have drawn.

    I had a pair of the mission v brake adapters, but they were far too long, so i cut them in half. Making them about the size you want. Youd have to drill a deeper hole in one of the spring holes, so you can put a post in it to hold it in place.

    Im at uni now, so cant really get them to you.. Although if you are interested in them i might be able to get my brother to find them, if not im home in 2 weeks...


    Theyre also available from bikedock, so you could just buy some from there and modify them.