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  1. Yeh ok true, but id be hoping magura made their a brake seals out of something that isnt destroyed by a substance that falls out of the sky (Y)

    Considering that water does get everywhere on a bike, especially xc etc


  2. The easiest way is just to bleed it with water with a bleed kit under water...

    1.Fill bath

    2.Submerge brake

    3.Undo bleed bolts

    4.Attach bleed tube, but dont bother with vent tube, no need!!

    5.Fill syringe with water and put on bleed tube.

    6.Bleed the brake as normal, **all underwater**

    7.Do it a few times to really get rid of air.

    8.Remove bleed tube and do back up bleed bolts.

    9.Brake works smooooth and awesome :)

    10.Remove tools and crap from bath and empty water before mummy has a go at you :P"

    Also if people walk in looks like youre working on a nuclear reactor or sometime (Y)

    Quiry about water destroying seals:

    Water is rather inert and wont "attack" rubber or plastic so shouldnt damage the brake at all. I would say the seals are more likely to die with WD40 or something...

    Only thing to watch with water is your brakes freezing in the winter (mark :)" )

    And may cause rusting to some bolts/tools that have been in the bath, remember to give them a good dry maybe a squirt of DW40 too :P


  3. I was gonna post and say that it might be that... but seemed to be a load of other explainations so i didnt bother...

    Rsi (repetitive strain injury), to my knowledge will give you no long term effects, it is only a matter of dealing with the pain.if you wanted to carry on doing the things you want to...

    Pushing trolleys? Work? I did that for a year at sainsburys, best part time job ever :) (Y) got £5ph to be outside exercising. Dont think that this would cause rsi as it is a more varied movement.

    Riding... Only the braking i could think would be a repetitive movement, which wrist is it in? But as your moving your whole arm doing moves i shouldnt think its a problem.

    Typing... 99% sure that you have it from that. Do you spend a large amount of time at your computer? Using a keyboard and mouse is very repetitive and if you dont sit with particularly good posture can cause rsi and will be painful to type/write. Try to sit properly, i know its hard! Also have breaks or even do some arm stretches/exercises every now and then.

    I mildly started to develop it a while ago, from typing and sitting badly with my keyboard on my lap... I only ever had the pain bad when i tried to play squash... was odd. Ended up joining the gym at the same time and as soon as i started doing upperbody work this pain has gone ever since. Stronger muscles prevent injury so much more than stretching or anything else.

    The reason RSI hurts (these are assumptions im making, dont know for fact...)

    Is eithter that because of the repetitive movement it will cause that one muscle group to become fatigued causing the pain.

    Or more likely i think... this muscle group becomes stronger than its antagonistic pair, this puts strain on the antagonistic pair as there is an imbalance this is why i think going to the gym helped a lot.

    When i was younger i used to run cross county for my town and county. Ended up stopping because of a very painful shoulder which was cause by a muscle imbalance, my chest was stronger than my shoulder muscles. I was told to do these shoulder exercises to strengthen the muscles, helped loads!! This pain though was very similar to the rsi pain i had so i think its a muscle imbalance.

    Hope that helps a bit and gives you some stuff to try.

    **None of this is fact just what i think of it so might be best to consult a doctor before trying stuff :)" **

    Take care

    Seb :P

  4. My brother killed his chainring and cranks the other day. And one of his trials friends sorted out some cranks for him, as im at uni.

    But stupid kiddy friend has sold him some old muscleman cranks and bought a echo fixed sproket to go with it. But no bash.

    So... its either pay the kid and buy a echo bash or soemthing costing £35 + a bash. Or give the kid back the sproket and say you dont need it as he got the wrong thing and buy a acs front freewheel and then fix the rear hub, which is a knackered mission hub anyway.

    So how would i go about doing this? Can it be done without a welder?



  5. Not bad atall.

    Ill give you some stuff to improve on... not saying its all bad though.

    I prefer it when you can hear the trials too, so dont mute the sound...

    Seemed to be a very large file size yet not brill quality, am i right in thinking this was filmed on a digi cam that doesnt have large resolution and sound...?

    Fade out the song at the end, better than it just cutting out...

    What program did you use?


  6. M951s are the old ones <03 maybe

    M960s are the new ones >04

    I got the M960s at the beginning of 04 i think my mate has the M951 on his xc bike and well the only difference we can see is the colour finish, the M960 is a shiny grey finish like all the new XTR stuff the M951 is the same matt grey finish like the levers still are.

    Perfomance wise i dont think there is that much difference maybe a couple of design tweaks.

    Great price though, awesome brakes


  7. Michelin comp 24.1 a very nice tyre had mine for almost a year, very grippy and never got a puncture...

    Replaced it with a maxxis high roller this morning, will see what theyre like properly on sunday, first impressions real good though, had a quick ride out around campus in the wet didnt slip once (Y)


  8. Which model? havent heard of that one...

    Do you mean a platinum pro?

    Ive have the ultimax extreme (worst fsa isis bb) and well thats has lasted fine for coming to 2years. No trouble with play or noise, feels a little stiff now but oh well i dont notice once cranks are on.

    Where did you get it from, really sounds like you have a faulty one i would look into having it warrentied... just dont say you did trials (Y)

    The FSA platinum pro is meant to be the best isis bb available.

    And for square taper, the shimano UN72...


  9. Here it is with a red front rim, wasnt sure if you wanted the hub red too, rim still a bit dark at the top to do it well and to be honest i aint great at doing this stuff anyway.


    and here with red stickers, looks sweet :ermm:


    Ill try and do gold now.

    Anyother colours...?

    Also a nice side on pic would be good, in the light with maybe the front wheel a bit turned. Could do it a lot better then.


  10. Ordered a maxxis high roller 2.5" along with a 2.35" single ply for the front from tarty bikes. Ive done some meausing and it looks like it should fit. I hope so anyway.

    ill let you know what i think of them when i get them!


  11. used to use one, rather nice, but really dont like the orangy sidewalls, also pinched it quite a few times...


    Ps, just done some measuring, if the maxxis has the same depth as a michelin, then itll just fit a 2.5" might just go for a 2.35" to be safe.

  12. Ok sounds good

    Im not sure now whether to go for a 2.5 or a 2.35, my 2.2 michlin fits nicly now but there isnt loads of room, also got a cheapo high roller, 2.5" from bikedock ages ago and had some trouble with that rubbing.

    Running a koxx levelboss with echo 38mm rim...

    Wayne: whats the difference to a high roller, compared to a minion, the minion looks like it has more tread, but is it more weighty?


  13. I know there's so many topics about what part shall i get??? (Y)

    But... at the moment im running a michilen comp 24 2.2" and well its great, never pinched it and grips has been pretty damn good. Only thing now, ive been running it for 9 months and well it's seen better tread :)

    Could just get another one, but was thinking of trying out a high roller (2.35" 2ply 40a) as everyone seems to rave about them.

    One question though, how long do they last? I know theyre a very soft compound, but cant really afford to buy a new tyre every few months...

    Also do they pinch? because i really like not having to ride with tools or a bag and trust my bike is going to be fine.



  14. Temped to bring both, only thing with my video camera, my brother nicked the firewire cable so i cant upload the footage till i get one! and pc world...£10 or ebuyer 99p, but £3 postage (Y)

    Also video camera involes not riding so much although can get other people to film i supose.

    Meh, gonna be a good ride though!


  15. Looks like a good ride is brewing (Y)

    One question though, shall i bring my digital camera or my video camera? Dont really want to bring both... too much expensive stuff with me otherwise!

    So would people want a video of the days events or some sweet photos?