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  1. Have the egg beaters on my xc - awesome.

    Give you a lot more control, also piss people away when accelerating and climbing. Also a lot easier to ride generally.

    Safety - found that i bail a load less downhills because my feet no longer jump off the pedals.

    As for realeasing, takes a bit of time to get used to it but fine once you do, only dangers are technical uphill or being complacent then forgetting youve got them on.

    As for trials, i did just ahve to try them out, in the safety of my garden with only a couple of pallets. Would definatly say no... actually reduced my gapping and upping ability, maybe cos i was scared, also balance is tricky, you cant stick the odd foot out for balance correction.


  2. Frame - undecided

    Forks - undecided

    Front Wheel - Chris king ISO disc (blue), sapium CX-ray spokes, VIZ rim in Ti colour

    Rear Wheel - Chris king classic (blue), HD axel, fun bolts and steel drive shell, sapium CX-ray spokes, Viz rim in Ti to match front

    Skewers - Front hope Ti in black

    Front tyre - Michelin Hot S 2.2" (black)

    Rear tyre - Michelin Comp 24.1 2.5"

    Front Tube - butly super light weight

    Rear Tube - butly super light weight

    Rear mech - New XTR rapid rise in short cage

    Shifter - XTR

    Cassette - Dura ace 16-11 6spd (top sprockets removed)

    Gear Cables - XTR

    Crankset - Middleburn RS7 with normal bashring milled (like tarts :D ) with 20t hardcote ring

    Bottom Bracket - FSA platinum pro Ti

    Chain - Shimano XTR

    Front Brake - Avid mech 180mm with XTR lever and hosing

    Rear Brake - Avid Ultimate, XTR hosing, Echo booster, CRVs XTR lever (my brake :P )

    Pedals - DMR V12 Magnesium with Ti axels (black)

    Handlebars - Echo bars in Ti colour

    Stem - Echo stem (long)

    Headset - Chris king nothreadset (blue)

    Grips - Ritchy foam

    Chainstay protector - Carbon stick on jobbie

    Bar end plugs - hope grip doctors (black)

    Well thats my dream bike and i actually have most of it already :D :D

    If someone was to say you can have the frame of your choice i really dont know what id have... :)


  3. I have a few pallets and a couple of scaffolding poles. Great for a little mess around, but not too much, i prefer to ride 15mins for my riding spots of natural!

    I did have this place once that was great...



    They destroyed it after about a week though :P oh well

    Im off now, might look into new building spots or more stuff in the garden :P


  4. Flat bars feel so much stiffer than risers, well from what ive tried. I wetn from kore Fr 2" risers to the echo flat bars, and my bike feelt completly different, the front end is so much stiffer, making it more responsive and gives a lot better control, also they were a bit wider, which helped too.

    Summing up... go for the echo flat bars.


  5. I voted totaltrials, as it was the most enjoyable to watch, Craigs got boring and quite quick, yes he has amazing moves, but it was like the same 3 moves on different backgrounds, also went on for far too long and didnt like the music.

    Nicks was very good, editing was brill and I really like the street style he has. But again went on a bit too long and I got a bit bored, also not too keen on the music changing thing...

    Totaltrials, music was good riding was great and moves varied quite a bit, made it more interesting...


  6. That was a really good vid, very well edited and just ran really smooth and well. Liking the little silly none riding bits too (Y)

    looks like that was a hell of a day, I wish I could have gone to experience it, looks like you all had a good laugh by the end (Y) shame was a bit too far away for me to get to.

    I very sure DJ would be proud!


    RIP DJ (Y)