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  1. At the momenet im running a hope mono lightweight on a X618 ceramic with an xtr v brake and std pads.

    Braking is a little over grabby and in the wet just doesnt happen.

    Also id quite like a silver rim upfront to match my rear one...


    Get a silver mavic rim and just use that maybe then with a grind and some better v pads

    Get a silver koxx or viz rim and do the same.

    Or same options but go for a front disc.

    Fears with the disc, hitting the rotor, and breaking forks...

    Also more expensive.

    What shall i choose... (Y)



  2. That was a cool video! Unlucky about the glandular fever too (Y)

    What did you use to create that start sequence thing though? It looks a bit funky!

    Top, top video!

    Dave :(

    Thank you, yeh i know the glandular fever is very annoying!

    My brother designed that logo for his design company, its not a such a proper company being my brother and his friend, both 15 but i reckon it will go places, already they been commisioned for websites, also filming one of his friends bands who are now doing very well, winning youth band of britain this year :(

    He used a digital animation program called maya to do the logo, he insisted i put it on as he filmed the footage.

    Not bad, the editing at the beginning was quite annoying though.

    That guy at the end surely liked what you were doing! was he american?

    The editing at the begining was a camera effect he was trying out which i cant remove unfortunatly. I used the footage though as i was limited to what i had from that day and i also thought it went well with the music at the beginning.

    I never said it was an amazing video, like i said i was ill and fatiguied, but being bored at home now thought id make it into a video anyway.

    Yeh the guy was american just the way he acted made me laugh so i popped it in at the end :D

    Does anyone think it looks like im holding back and im capable of going a lot bigger, after watching the footage for the first time i noticed i made things look rather easy, yet i am trying my hardest and i cant go any bigger, like the gaps for example...

    Thanks for the comments


  3. 183cm, 69kg, 30-32" waist = 20.6bmi

    :blink: im underweight

    did weight about 79kg a few weeks ago, sodding glandular fever...


    ps still think it all rubbish, did it a couple of year back when i wad the same height but like 60kg making me anorexic but... i ate loads, it would be hard to eat anymore than i do...

  4. Came home for uni last weekend, feeling a bit ill, but when i saw my trials bike and my brothers new camera couldnt resist going for a ride.

    Video - quite chilled, as i was feeling a bit fatigued, didn't try anything huge but the footage is real good, this new camera is immense!!



    PS illness tured out to be glandular fever, now stuck at home bored for another 2 weeks, and been told no exercise for 2 months :blink:

  5. you've obviously never seen a start, they have thighs the size of my waist, they have stupid amounts of power.

    In Track they have a couple of laps to get up to full speed, then they line up while cycling and go through the start. So the actual acceleration and forces would be quite low.

    Another thing, you'd probably use that being a professional racer and replace it every couple of races maybe.


  6. Went back to uni 3 weeks ago and didnt take my trials bike again, came home this weekend, cos i was feeling quite ill. Had to go out on my bike though yesterday, also my brother is getting into animation and video production and has just perchased some awesome new £900 video camera :D

    Anyway went out and well my riding was still fine was just chilling out riding stuff i could do etc only my ups had suffered a bit after the three week break which was nice to see :D

    Then got home and watch back all the footage my brother got and well just looks like i put absolutly no effort into anything which certainly isnt a bad thing. But i just cant put any more effort in. I know that if i somehow could i would progress loads.

    Might try and get a couple of vids up later to show it...

    My weight doesnt shift atall as much as it could, like i do no preload and not really much "push" during the move. Notcied this for wheel switches, gaps and pedal up.

    Any tips on how to get me moving my weight around more will hopefully get me pulling off that 8ft gap or that 4ft up as opposed to the 7ft gap and 3ft up...



  7. Have the egg beaters on my xc - awesome.

    Give you a lot more control, also piss people away when accelerating and climbing. Also a lot easier to ride generally.

    Safety - found that i bail a load less downhills because my feet no longer jump off the pedals.

    As for realeasing, takes a bit of time to get used to it but fine once you do, only dangers are technical uphill or being complacent then forgetting youve got them on.

    As for trials, i did just ahve to try them out, in the safety of my garden with only a couple of pallets. Would definatly say no... actually reduced my gapping and upping ability, maybe cos i was scared, also balance is tricky, you cant stick the odd foot out for balance correction.


  8. Frame - undecided

    Forks - undecided

    Front Wheel - Chris king ISO disc (blue), sapium CX-ray spokes, VIZ rim in Ti colour

    Rear Wheel - Chris king classic (blue), HD axel, fun bolts and steel drive shell, sapium CX-ray spokes, Viz rim in Ti to match front

    Skewers - Front hope Ti in black

    Front tyre - Michelin Hot S 2.2" (black)

    Rear tyre - Michelin Comp 24.1 2.5"

    Front Tube - butly super light weight

    Rear Tube - butly super light weight

    Rear mech - New XTR rapid rise in short cage

    Shifter - XTR

    Cassette - Dura ace 16-11 6spd (top sprockets removed)

    Gear Cables - XTR

    Crankset - Middleburn RS7 with normal bashring milled (like tarts :D ) with 20t hardcote ring

    Bottom Bracket - FSA platinum pro Ti

    Chain - Shimano XTR

    Front Brake - Avid mech 180mm with XTR lever and hosing

    Rear Brake - Avid Ultimate, XTR hosing, Echo booster, CRVs XTR lever (my brake :P )

    Pedals - DMR V12 Magnesium with Ti axels (black)

    Handlebars - Echo bars in Ti colour

    Stem - Echo stem (long)

    Headset - Chris king nothreadset (blue)

    Grips - Ritchy foam

    Chainstay protector - Carbon stick on jobbie

    Bar end plugs - hope grip doctors (black)

    Well thats my dream bike and i actually have most of it already :D :D

    If someone was to say you can have the frame of your choice i really dont know what id have... :)


  9. I have a few pallets and a couple of scaffolding poles. Great for a little mess around, but not too much, i prefer to ride 15mins for my riding spots of natural!

    I did have this place once that was great...



    They destroyed it after about a week though :P oh well

    Im off now, might look into new building spots or more stuff in the garden :P


  10. Flat bars feel so much stiffer than risers, well from what ive tried. I wetn from kore Fr 2" risers to the echo flat bars, and my bike feelt completly different, the front end is so much stiffer, making it more responsive and gives a lot better control, also they were a bit wider, which helped too.

    Summing up... go for the echo flat bars.


  11. I voted totaltrials, as it was the most enjoyable to watch, Craigs got boring and quite quick, yes he has amazing moves, but it was like the same 3 moves on different backgrounds, also went on for far too long and didnt like the music.

    Nicks was very good, editing was brill and I really like the street style he has. But again went on a bit too long and I got a bit bored, also not too keen on the music changing thing...

    Totaltrials, music was good riding was great and moves varied quite a bit, made it more interesting...


  12. That was a really good vid, very well edited and just ran really smooth and well. Liking the little silly none riding bits too (Y)

    looks like that was a hell of a day, I wish I could have gone to experience it, looks like you all had a good laugh by the end (Y) shame was a bit too far away for me to get to.

    I very sure DJ would be proud!


    RIP DJ (Y)