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  1. Thank you both for the replies! Aener, I was mistaken with my sizes - it is an m6 rear hub not a 10mm. Sandbugg, I usually tighten the drive side tug first when tensioning the chain but find that the wheel doesn't stay straight that way. I checked the serrated washers and they didn't not have paint on them. It sounds like my best bet might be to switch to a hope hub with the bigger axle bolts
  2. Hello, I've got a relatively new arcade fuse, running stock trialtech m6 rear axle and arcade chain tugs. While admittedly I'm not the smoothest rider, I've been having a problem where on some moves which place a lot of force on the rear wheel (drop gaps, bunnyhops with speed, etc) the wheel will slip in the dropouts - not like crazy, but enough to cause the wheel to rub the chainstay. I'm tightening the axle bolts very tight, I don't have exact torque numbers but any tighter and I'm worried about thread stripping. I'm wondering if anybody else has had this problem with the arcades, and what, if anything, you were able to do to fix the problem. I'm thinking about trying some new axle nuts with a bigger head/ more surface area. The through axles on the fourplay are starting to look like a pretty slick idea... Thanks for the help! Brad
  3. .
  4. great, thanks man! :)

  5. Hey dude - your e-mail will most likely get spotted tomorrow. We usually have a quick scan through in the morning to check for e-mails like this. I'll keep an eye out though and I'll try and make sure they go together (and refund you the extra shipping too).

  6. hey man I know this is probablly really annoying, but Im just not sure when my email to tarty will be read.

    If I make 2 seperate orders, can they be grouped together in 1 box for shipping? I ordered last night but my freewheel just seized. Is there any way if I ordered an SL freewheel you could put it in the same box? thanks brad.

  7. Well, the pictures shown had no threaded hole for the chain tensioner to connect to. Stan informed me though that that was a temporary hangar, and there are also other ways to mount tensioners. anyways, thanks guys.
  8. Hey, I was just looking around on tarty bikes and saw the new because street bike. anyways, after looking at the pictures, it has vertical dropout, and what appears to be a useless derailleur hangar. I cannot imagine why they would do this. Anyone know more on the subject than I do?
  9. That's one hot bike. I like the look of the new ozonys... Nice ride man.
  10. Wants the new meta..

  11. Thats massive...but I'm not sure if it counts because he kind of failed at the end, going over the bars and all, haha
  12. Mike Steadlys bike looks really sick. The documentary was pretty cool, but they should have shown some bigger stuff..
  13. Anyone use the Monty? I've never ridden one, but their light and cheap, but how strong?
  14. The design is sweet, and the overall bike is pretty cool....for a comp bike..
  15. Geo and some other useful information