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  1. Spank Stiffys have a brake surface, they're stronger than life, but good luck finding one.
  2. How big are your feet and how big are your pedals? Is it in the middle of the foot or somewhere else?
  3. This is why I have a 2002 Kona Blast with square taper cranks and qr wheels.
  4. It's not gonna tgs and it's not gonna spin. I built a Zebdi mk5 last year with nothing but the best parts, it still felt pretty crap compared to my Marino which is not exactly cutting edge geo itself, and at the same time not that different, 5mm here and there makes a big difference.
  5. The back end? I think you'd wanna go as short as poss as the limit is about 380 anyway and that feels noticeably different to 385. It's not gonna feel streety at all, especially if you're used to 24" wheels, it's gonna feel like a 15 year old trials bike. The Brisa seat tube makes it look shorter than it really is. Imagine it with thin steel tubes and a straight seat tube, you probably wouldn't be so up for it. I'm not getting streety flicky fun vibes.
  6. It's not in 26MHZ territory but it won't be much if any better than a late Zebdi, my mk5 was 393mm. BB will probably be your average 0 to -10 for that era.
  7. I'd expect it to ride like a slightly longer Onza T Raptor. Back end looks long ish, I wouldn't get too excited about it.
  8. Well you'll have to make do with #Bangenergy for now
  9. That was indeed a terrible video. Isn't he a top level comp rider?
  10. That's fairly shit. Yeah they're both horrible for your body in different ways. How much did they smoke? It's amazing this far in, with so much knowledge and data about smoking that people still choose to breathe in smoke. I think once energy drinks have a long history like tobacco then people will know more, but for now it's just a fizzy drink with a cool looking can.
  11. I will never defend smoking, but that is a bit of a stretch to say the least lol. Brain damage? Depression? I've never heard of a 35 year old dropping dead from smoking. Do you work for Red Bull?
  12. I think it is a bit addictive to some people, Monster plays a huge part too, and Monster doesn't come in the smaller sized cans. Have you ever been on a building site? I've seen people have two cans of Monster, for BREAKFAST. There really are people that drink four or five cans a day, that's 2 litres of pure chemical shit every day, if you're doing that Monday to Friday I would bet those 20-25 cans are doing far more damage than full time smoking, and I f**king hate smoking. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2741591/My-heart-just-hit-floor-A-mother-s-pain-son-died-drinking-FOUR-energy-drinks-daily-doctor-warns-no-caffeinated-beverages-day.html 'The body is just not made to take that sheer capacity of toxic levels of chemicals' he told Daily Mail Australia. Rare case I know, but there's something in it. Plus, it hasn't been that long since all these drinks were associated with action sports and every kid was downing them, it's quite a new thing, so give it a few decades and I'm sure there'll be plenty of 40 and 50 year olds with brown teeth and shitty hearts. Liquid just isn't as threatening as smoke so people aren't gonna make as big of a fuss about it, and it's much easier to be around if you're not into it. I know which I'd rather be around.
  13. Probably, then again I don't blame them for taking the kind of money they pay out. A lot of proper athletes will be at press conferences drinking water from a Monster Energy can, they just want the logo out there, people who really wanna get the most out of their body aren't gonna drink that shit. If someone's stupid enough to think energy drinks are good for them, especially with all the info available out there, then they probably need some heart problems. These companies aren't stupid! Take the money, give away all the free drinks!
  14. Close ups of the forks? They look like lower end trials forks. Dirt jump rigid forks will be much longer and heavier, they'll feel horrible as that frame is not meant for suspension length forks. There is no trials specific suspension fork as suspension is not what you want for trials. What do you find easier with front sus?
  15. Fattys are 20 years old lol, they have a huge offset and are about 20mm shorter than modern forks, they'll feel like shit on anything remotely modern, get Inspired forks.