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  1. I had to trim virtually every tyre I had on my Zeros except the IRC Kujo 2.25. That was also on a D521. It's just got really sh1t tyre clearance.
  2. Brilliant. I wanna see a full photoshoot.
  3. *Granny God
  4. Look up the Blackspire Ring God, they're not easy to find these days but they're good.
  5. I hate the corporate cheese factor to his videos, but I can't deny how good he's gotten at the trials stuff.
  6. That's still a lot of money to pay, mine does all the same things but comes to me at my convenience, looks at my receipts etc, comes back a week or so later, gets my signature then I've got my money within about ten days. I don't do any of it online. I always ring him on the 5th of April and I've never been paid later than about the 20th, that's also from multiple jobs. It's definitely worth asking other self employed people who's best and cheapest. Yeah I'm pretty lucky and their prices/service all vary but you should easily be able to knock £400 off that.
  7. £60 a month? Mine charges £150 a year and he's the best one I've had in over 10 years. You can definitely do better than £700 a year.
  8. Frames back then had forks more around the 390-395 range so it's gonna feel horrendous on the back wheel.
  9. Weigh a ton, offset/rake is probably big, they'll slacken your head angle and 440 is too long for trials, I used some Pace 420mm forks back in the day and they were too long on anything but the Pace frame with integrated headset they were designed for. Depends what they're going on too, if it's anything modern stick to 400-410.
  10. That was the first actual trials bike I ever saw with my own eyes in a shop, either 1997 or 1998.
  11. WTF? That last clip! No one goes this big anymore.
  12. Never seen that somehow, that is effing horrendous. I think part of it is that generation is in their 30s now and those kind of risks are just not worth it, but the next generation is just not up to it, street riding looks more like concrete comp riding these days and people don't take risks anymore.
  13. These Boohoo .com adverts are getting really long.
  14. I feel like 5ft 8 is about the limit for this.