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  1. Ben Walsh has Plazmatics................................................................................................................................................................................................. That's what I use, and that's on a bubbly Trialtech rim surface, they'll be even grippier on a proper smooth rim. Never used Heatsink but Tarty recommends them for a medium grind.
  2. Is it really worth it? They don't look bad at all. The boosters all look like crap but it's not like you can use them on modern frames anyway.
  3. I bought these, they're excellent. Feels better than a Larsen to me.
  4. Disc levers won't work. Your lever needs no mod, that's for the 05> version.
  5. Fattys are iconic and all that, but in hindsight, 20 years on they have a big offset, which is not what you want when you're trying to make a trials bike ride well, the offset didn't seem entirely consistent, I had one white pair that seemed really straight, but maybe they were actually bent backwards? Who knows, but just look at pics of Pashleys from that era as a guide, as long as you don't try and give it a Hex front end you'll be be ok.
  6. Short, but also a small offset, good luck!
  7. Yeah it's a shame how fragile the adjusters are, you can only try and find used ones. Whenever I get one I wire wool the threads and grease them up, if it has any excuse to snap it will. Surely someone out there can make a small batch of aftermarket ones?
  8. The '98>'04 you have is the best lever, needed no mods, you could have the lever a good distance from the bar unlike the '05, which also snapped if you didn't cut part of it off, the levers since then are almost good enough to be used as toilet paper.
  9. My steerer cutting is very novice and half arsed, I cut down my threaded steel Marino steerer with a hacksaw, expecting to lose the thread, somehow it worked, so it can be done.
  10. Yeah I did see that ta, I had a really nice build a couple of years ago but bikes have moved on so much I just couldn't get into it. The long stays were the main thing. They're one of the best frames from back in the day though.
  11. I've seen a Pashley 26MHZ with essentially an Arcade front end, I can't imagine how badly that rides. A Hex bb is virtually 30mm higher, the standard back then was Fattys, 90 x 10 stem and 2" double walls, that's basically what gets the best out of a 20 year old frame, give or take a small amount.
  12. Probably my two best bikes ever, can't decide.
  13. Nice! My best Zebdi ever had short forks like that. Most people who are building up old retro frames are treating the front end like a Hex, it's not a Hex, it'll never ride like one, bikes like this need the short forks they were built for, usually low/short stems but that can depend on height etc. My most recent one rode like crap with Inspired forks on.
  14. Very nice, sold one very similar a couple.of yeats ago, same colour. What's the bb height and chainstay length? I remember those being about 393mm.
  15. Yea I thought that, sounds like absolute shit on anything but full lock. Google says Hope and Shimano rotors are both 1.80mm new so I should be ok. Cheers.