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  1. WTF? That last clip! No one goes this big anymore.
  2. Never seen that somehow, that is effing horrendous. I think part of it is that generation is in their 30s now and those kind of risks are just not worth it, but the next generation is just not up to it, street riding looks more like concrete comp riding these days and people don't take risks anymore.
  3. These Boohoo .com adverts are getting really long.
  4. I feel like 5ft 8 is about the limit for this.
  5. You want something as short and straight as possible. Ideally about 395 x 25 ish, not sure anything today really covers that.
  6. On the back wheel your hands are by your knees. Yeah it was my bunnyhop monster, but in hindsight for everything else it felt horrible, even compared to a MK5 Zebdi, imagine it 15 years later.
  7. Those forks are way too long for a Zero's head angle, it was about 71 deg with Fattys!
  8. I look forward to his cameraman screaming "YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" into the mic several times.
  9. It's only 2mm narrower than a front Trialtech Carthy rim, any old school fork will be fine, I'd probably check Echo etc though.
  10. These days trials asks a lot more of a disc mount than it did 20 years ago, but from what I remember it never looked terrible, not "Giant" level anyway. It's pretty low profile, but it's also 20 year old Alloy.
  11. I reckon that could be a 24" wheel, weird either way.
  12. Is that the one that was on Facebook marketplace for £20? But yeah, it's gonna make a 2009 Fourplay feel like a Skye!
  13. Got this a while ago, it's excellent.
  14. I think it's way too light for a rear rim. I've badly bent and dented the rear one, which is huge. The front is a tiny bit wider than a D521 but quite a lot lighter, I wouldn't. The rear still only weighs as much as a D521, you might as well just use that, at least you get the nice big tyre profile. I know we all used 30mm rear rims 20 years ago but upon briefly revisiting that, I came straight back.
  15. Spank Stiffys have a brake surface, they're stronger than life, but good luck finding one.