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  1. Just replace them 2 or 3 times a year, it's a £10 part. You shouldn't expect it to last forever under the stress of trials. Same as a chain. Don't just wait for it to break.
  2. The issues of others.
  3. There's so little difference between those sizes you'll be fine with any of them. Just keep the difference between L and R as close as possible, I've gotten away with far worse.
  4. I think I might want this bike.
  5. Hope you get them to change something. I never bought a Pro 4 mainly because of all the issues you've had, plus others. Only takes one issue on a big wall and that's it. They did a good job of correcting the original cracky hub shells, hopefully they do the same for this.
  6. Godzilla vs Kong was excellent, I watched The Boy 2 straight after, which was total shit.
  7. They're decent rims, just crappy paint and a bit heavy.
  8. Are the Pro4s that bad? Not heard great things.
  9. Yeah he said he basically has back ends off the shelf then makes a front end to fit. But yeah, 20 years on geometry is very different! No one is touching 380 stays on a 24in.
  10. I genuinely winced when you hit the floor, that was rough.
  11. Yeah, although 26in clearance is usually tighter, so 24in shouldn't be a problem. Others manage it no problem. He suggested an 83mm bb, 142mm axle etc, I was like.....na.
  12. Yeah I wasn't expecting that price... He just couldn't believe 380mm stays on a 26/tyre clearance. What kind of frame are you getting?
  13. So did I, he did absolutely not wanna make a trials frame lol.
  14. That was excellent, try "Bad day for the cut" too if you liked Calibre. Edit, just realised I'm about 20 months late.