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  1. It really doesn't matter if it's plastic or not. The point is their products have gone massively downhill since they started using it, I've felt them/seen them flex, I've seen lever blades snap from a little knock, I've seen lever blades come loose and fall out of the body, Matty Turner uses and elastic band to stop his £200 brake falling apart, I've seen several others pick up stones and smash theirs back in after they've fallen out. I never said they weren't powerful, but I don't think anyone can deny the levers are built like crap. I've never heard a single caliper complaint, funnily enough they don't feature this revolutionary new material.
  2. Those stats, even if true mean nothing in the real world when they're using it to make brake levers that get knocked about and hit the floor, I've seen more breakages and accidents caused by Magura's plastic levers than just about every other brake combined in the last 20 years, who even buys modern HS33s? They're shit, all their products went downhill since they replaced aluminium with plastic (it's plastic with a fancy name) like their turbo pad wear adjuster (a screw).
  3. I just bought a used SLX brake for £25... Shimano are unbeatable for the money, I'd prefer full length lever blades but otherwise I can't fault it, especially for the money. Shimano brakes seem to age better than Hope too, but Hope will always have the customer service and every part is available to replace.
  4. Were the tabs filed down? Chainring seems very close to the spider.
  5. How did the Saints break? SLX are VERY light, I had them briefly but then a few people snapped theirs and I saw how literal the "Hollowtech" thing is.
  6. I've never used aftermarket braided hoses, I don't think many people consider them essential. I think I put Trialtech or Jitsie pads in mine but the standard ones are good too. I've never used a V2, but the Tech 3 lever is miles better than the Trialzone, makes it feel cheap and has much more adjustment, well worth the extra £20 odd. They are, Shimano are by far the best value for money, the short blades just aren't for me, but a lot of people like them, I just think the M810 blade was better.
  7. I think Saint M810 gave the best power/feel etc, but the seals weren't very good so they're almost extinct. I'm not into the newer Shimanos because the levers are too stubby, I hear the seals are much better but the calipers are weaker. I've got a Hope tech trial and it's surprisingly good, not as firm as a Shimano and you can't line the pads up to perfection like a Shimano because one piston is always more keen than the other. I went off Avid years ago, ugly levers, weird unnecessairly complicated bleeding prodedures and lever blades rattling loose, so I gave up. The MT7 is definitely powerful but you couldn't pay me to use a brake with an entirely plastic lever, so that goes for all Magura's modern disc brakes. Calipers seem good, but that's only half the brake, for what they cost they're not good enough and I've seen too many fail in front of me. Tarty write this warning on their own website.... "Please note: We have consistently found these brakes (MT7) to not be as durable as we would like when used for trials. This includes worn out lever travel adjusters and pivot pins, especially if the lever is hit or crashed on. If you would like a durable and reliable brake for trials use, we do not recommend this product."
  8. It was 4 years ago, but that was just a plain Godzilla film, although it was great it was just Godzilla and one new monster. But King of the Monsters came out in 1956 and this will feature a load of others that were in the original too so it's long overdue. I'm a Godzilla nerd and nothing like this has been done in a long time. I've really tried to watch modern Marvel and DC stuff but it's basically all the same, over the top cgi, I can guess what's going to happen and I'm usually right, generic big Hollywood names in costumes almost being killed by the baddie then surviving and the world is safe, rinse, repeat. Couple of the Wolverines were ok, Deadpool was alright, Ryan Reynolds is cool. The Captain America actor has less charisma than my balls though, I find him unwatchable.
  9. I agree, the worst of all is anything Marvel/DC, they're just not even trying anymore, as long as it makes money. BUT.....I will make an exception for Godzilla, but every time America gets hold of him they make him extremely fat.
  10. Do more of this.
  11. Ah, you accidentally bought the Race 33 instead of the Spike 35 or the Stiffy.
  12. It stopped being a c#'t long enough for me to do a track day, it was good.
  13. Man on Fire is top of every list, ever.
  14. Did you polish the rim yourself? I've got a black Spank Stiffy on my bike and it's the worst baking surface I've ever had.
  15. Yeah that'd be useful thanks, I've looked for complete beginner's guides but even those assume a reasonable amount of background knowledge, I think I need a basic sheet of essential bullet points to get me going. Yes I was told Reaper is a good way to go, I'm on the free trial, I got as far as pressing record and I could see the graphic display bit going up and down but I couldn't hear anything. I'm starting to think my sound card might be the problem, as I get that weird thing where every other time I switch on it won't connect to the net, Google tells me that's a Windows/sound card fault. Sound familiar? Ok cheers, I was lost on even what forums to look for as no one really wants to give advice bit by bit to a complete novice, I can't blame them. I've looked for courses locally but every single one is online and I know I'll need someone there to give me pointers. I only know a couple of basics like record in 24bit, 44.1khz for electric guitar.