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  1. Legend, good to see he's still going, he must be nearly 50 now.
  2. I was there for a bit, good job! Pretty impressive average view time. I'm useless with streaming and I don't even know what Twitch is, does it only work live?
  3. I did a few in 1999 too but I don't think it's been around for a long time.
  4. It's actually been re done in satin black, but I think it was one of those horrible burgundy ones before. I can't see any numbers, paint must have covered it.
  5. Cheers, they weren't cheap and I think they came around when short bikes were on the way out and long seatless ones had been taking over for a while, they can't have made many either, they hardly ever come up.
  6. This was too nice not to make a topic for. Got it off Ben Davies. I had one 8 years ago and loved it but I never liked the Pashley forks, too short and too much offset but I just rode it as it was as I didn't have any better forks at the time. With modern 410mm forks it's... 1013 +8 383 About 73, I don't have a protractor. Only had a little manual about but it feels so right already, I think it was the most underrated mid-school frame there was, the other big old school ones were all too dated and there hasn't been much since apart from a Hex which I don't like the bb height.
  7. Yeah, the chainstays around a metre shorter. You can't get your head stuck between the tyre and the seat tube.
  8. Painted this a while ago.
  9. I'm shit at acoustic, but I like dark coloured ones, stealthy, looks clean.
  10. I'm pretty Sure Flipp had or has one.
  11. My Saints used to do that, if I was really quick to pull it was firm, but if I pulled it in slowly I got way more travel. Probably air in there.
  12. I'm not entirely sure these replies are all for the right reasons...
  13. I saw one a while ago up for even more! I'm sure it was £500 ish.