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  1. i was wondering which of these forks will last longer. ive got a 24 inch and im looking to replace my echo urban forks. i have been using try-all carbon bars for over 2 years now and im pretty pleased with them. whats the best option? and why?
  2. riding and edit where both great!!
  3. looks awesome!!
  4. might be the best idea. is it slightly worn where the crank attaches to the bb?
  5. agree with williams rimbrakes have more locking power!
  6. i'm sorry mate im only willing to swap this for a duel rim brake 26 inch
  7. well ive bought a whole bike of sam oliver at the koxx days 3-4 years ago and when i cracked the frame i repaired it and held it as a spare. but then i got an echo 24 inch so i had no need for spare frames then i sold it.
  8. hey thats my old frame... good to see it still hasnt died yet. welded it myself about 2 years ago i think
  9. ive just painted my frame and forks so i thought i would be time to show you my bike. if there's any intrest in the spec i would upload that aswel
  10. some great lines in there and superb filming and editing!
  11. great vid ali keep it up!
  12. i had the same thing going on 4 months ago so i went for the 24" trialsy bike. i still dont regret that!
  13. it is a good deal but i think the best option is to buy a high spec second hand bike for that price!
  14. yeah you can keep the water in but it wont be good for your pistons as they are not lubricated and will rust.
  15. this is the nicest 24" ive ever seen!!!