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  1. Thank you for all the comments and advice
  2. Worth a blast.. Haha
  3. I bought the frame of AL_FEL of here according to my message history back in 2008 (that's scary!) Thank you, would love to see some other '04 shape Echo Pure's
  4. Haha thank you
  5. Hi there, yeah it is 18-15 and thank you for the advice I have noticed some skipping from the chain, so may well look into the sprung tensioners
  6. I did look at new pedals when building up, but I had these "lying" around... Kinda made sense haha... Thanks for the comments though guys
  7. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure on the fixed tensioner... I did some reading into fixed and sprung tensioners, ... but as mentioned it rides great so no current intentions of upgrading
  8. Hello all! It's being a while since I posted on here, despite being a member for some time... I actually owned a Saracan Mad 6 many many years ago, before the frame decided to "give way" ... I purchased this Echo frame and the wheels of two guys on here (I believe they are still around haha) but unfortunately due to work movements at the time I never carried through with my build. Dug the frame out probably this time last year and decided it was about time I did something with it.... Some of the parts I feel could do with "upgrading", some are just spur of the moment purchases, but she rides beautifully and will do for now Enjoy,
  9. I have an '04 Pure that I'm building at the moment cant wait to ride it! Mind you I did buy the frame about 3 years ago haha...
  10. bit of a late reply but thanks for the advice guys I shall be looking into it, and will get somethink sorted cheers
  11. hi there mate i've got middleburn rs7 cranks if that helps? square tapered. im gunna try get some pics up........
  12. cool, cheers im on stock as well soo should be good
  13. thanks mate, i shall have a lookey
  14. hi there, im looking at getting a chain ring for my crankset but i dont know how many teeth it should have? or what is ideal? iv got 15teeth on the rear sprocket, any suggestions please? thanks
  15. cheers mate ill look into i t