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  1. Cheers mate, Will pick some up tomorrow. Forgot how annoying it is to have a bike that spends more time in parts than built.
  2. Thanks dude, I got the tension issue sorted, My wheel was slipping as I tightened it, It's an old t-comp so horizontal dropouts. The brake bled in the end as well, I think the slaves were sticky (It was a water bleed) . Just trying to sort out the sticky piston now but only have 3 in 1 oil and don't really think that will do.
  3. Hi All After a few years away I've decided to rebuild my bike and I'm having some issues. Brakes - I have a stupidly sticky lever piston on my back brake. It seems to have expanded, have taken it down a bit with some fine grain and replaced the 0-ring but its still jamming. I switched levers over so i could take the bike out for a spin and it seems no matter how long I bleed it for i have no movement in the pistons when i put it back together. Drive-train - My chain is rock solid when my free wheel is engaged but as soon as I drop of tension it becomes really loose, I would have thought that it wouldn't get as tight if it was just a tension issue. These maybe glaringly obvious fixes but I seem to have forgotten a lot of things over the years and I'm not really looking to spend loads of money as that's 90% of the reason I stopped. Thanks in advance! Ben
  4. Right this will probably die on its ass, but here goes.. After a monumental bad week at work I stumbled upon this story and it brought a smidgeon of light to my otherwise darkened insides. So read, feel warm and fuzzy and maybe even share somthing of your own
  5. Have started riding again after a few years and its taking stupidly long to get my technique back, spent an hour earlier just trying to backwheel a just above knee height wall.
  6. Much better off just running a chain tensioner imo. So many anoying little things that can bugger up. That said I always did like the look of rear mechs on trials bikes
  7. Had my first ride in 6 years the other night and gearing up to go out again tonight! This makes me muchos happy.
  8. So Walls are running this campaign called Bring it on Britain and want people to submit entries for 'wild and crazy' ideas that they will then pay for. I've entered with the suggestion that Sam Tuffnell jumps over Brighton pier using 2 floating ramps on barges, mental yes, doable, we're not sure. Cheers I know that this is about blading and i'm posting on a trials forum so i'm probs gunna get a lot of hate but think of how sick this could be to watch. Last day of voting is today so have a look and please vote on JOES entry. Peace
  9. It's cool man. I like it
  10. I work in my local bmx and skate shop. Not a bad job, considering i'm at work at the moment and the only real task i have to achieve by the end of the day is to finish stripping the paint off a bmx and primer it. Life is good.
  11. Evening good sir! Anybody care to join me in the depressingness of being in a travelodge drinking bud on my own with a personal pizza?
  12. Well theres somthing to tell the grand kids. I wish i had the chance to be able to do somthing like that at school. Well done anyways mate
  13. Thanks mate I'll pop in to there tommorw and ask them.
  14. Hey I got my lip pierced in the center yesterday and i want to get the sides done aswell. Would i have to wait for the center to heal before i got them done?
  15. Obama on bbc 1. I'm sorted