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  1. Found the frame in a friends shed. He never built it up. So I bought off him cheap, decided to end my 7 year break from trials and build it up. Last bike I had was an Echo pogo stick, so this is quite different... On paternity leave at the moment, so somewhat limited funds meant budget build. Frame: Norco Manifesto, Reynolds 853 tubing. Fork: Planet X, CroMo steel Wheels: Halo, Supadrive hubs (we'll see if they last...) Cranks: Hussefelts Pedals: CB Stamp 1 Tensioner: I don't know Seat/post: Inspired integrated Stem: BBB 90mm Bars: Spank Spike 777 30 mm Brakes: SRAM Guide RE rear, SRAM Guide RSC front. Both 180 mm disc. Tyres: Table Tops
  2. And... There he is. Martin t: Any chance of riding in Stockholm soon? Might take the car (or train depending on how expensive parking might be...) in some night next week if there's anywhere fairly dry to ride in Sthlm.
  3. I know one of them. I'll point him to this thread.
  4. We are 3 more riders in Uppsala, and there are at least 2 more in Stockholm.
  5. Just try different bikes with different geometry and you will soon get the hang of it. It's mostly about how you want your bike to feel, most modern bikes are somewhat similar so there's no way to say which existing geometry is best. Worst part about geometry is that you can't isolate any single measurement. Say you would like to keep the wheelbase but change the head angle. Then you also change the reach...
  6. What?
  7. A few pics. No words since I'm too lazy. (Yeah I know both sequences turned out shit... ) All pics by me. Riders: Christian Baekke, Robert, Linus Pihlsgård, Tobias Olsson, Viktor.
  8. The fro t quick release, '06. Rest of the bike is 08-09... Addicted to new stuff.
  9. Thanks for the comments.
  10. Went on a ride in Stockholm with my usual riding friends Saturday. The temperature when we left Uppsala was -12C and when we got to Stockholm it had risen to -4C, on the train to Stockholm I got a text saying that the entire city was covered in a cm or two of powder... It was too late to back out so we decided to push on and make the best out of it, oh well pictars I hope you'll enjoy:
  11. It was probably the most fun I've ever had working on my bike... One for you - one for me... one for you - one for me... Ash-Kennard: Vodka rotting seals or anti-freeze rotting seals? Assuming anti-freeze works Vodka should be fine... It's alcohol mixed with water in both cases. Right? (Glycol is different (though more similar to DOT than mineral oil?) but I assume anti-freeze would be windshield wiper fluid stuff in this case?)
  12. Currently running Vodka in mine... "Absolut" 100 proof. Bit strange perhaps, but it works (at least so far).
  13. Thanks guys! Yea, those bikes are nice... Though the MBK has cracks in both seat stays and in one crank... gu trials: Most blur was intended (except for the sidehop onto the bench, that one's just completely out of focus)... Had a hard time getting used to my new camera too...
  14. Went down to Stockholm for some riding last weekend. Probably it was the last real ride for the year, today my maggie froze after less than an hour of riding. Figured you might be interested of what an ordinary ride over here may look like... Nothing fancy, just a couple of us riding. (Yes, they are ice skating in the background. It is THAT cold here now.) No pics of me... d'oh.
  15. A spoke, a rubber band and some duct tape... Took the rubber band off, didn't make a difference. The tape is needed to keep it quiet. Now I run a 74 Kingz though...