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  1. Brake is now for sale. (Plunger problem sorted). Currently £169 on tartybikes but out of stock. Needs new bleed screws with washers and a good bleed. Sensible offers.
  2. Update* tried to bleed with proper mineral oil to no luck, May get trials addict to sort. Or I'll sell and buy a different brake.
  3. I am running a rear racingline rim brake and it's come time to give it a fresh bleed (with water), I bleed it fine (like I've done before) but the "plunger" inside the lever body won't return... What could be the problem ?
  4. Where's this, looks good
  5. Nice
  6. Loved the " what the f### was that" comment . Great vid.
  7. Cool vid. Good riding weather. I miss the sunshine and heat.
  8. Good riding, awesome spot
  9. What a monster
  10. Cool vid, awesome song, who's idea was that ?.
  11. Thanks
  12. How can I change my name on here.... Is there a way
  13. Where are these
  14. Heading to barn Saturday around midday with some mates. Anyone else. ?.
  15. Mad skills