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  1. Glad it cleared up at least, and just seen Trump's impeached again which is better than last week.
  2. The shingles or America?
  3. I reckon a lockdown is a good thing overall but fgodfnbjdfnbdfjbdfbzdffhvygcifiygvjbhijyfttg.
  4. Watched it a few times now like I did with the first one, awesome video.
  5. Looking at the Trials UK facebook page... Funny situation with moderating rules moving it closer to what Trials Forum was (sorting posts into questions, media, group rides, for sale etc.). Facebook groups seem to always go south just because people already have facebook, they're so accessible you just get every idiot posting things rather than googling, or just self promoting because it's easy to. I hid the page from my newsfeed a while ago because I was getting a bit tired of five second clips... Have forums come back into fashion yet or are facebook pages still the go to thing? Forums seem to have the benchmark of people needing to set up an account which might already keep some simpletons at bay.
  6. Just scrolling through Instagram and I wouldn't be happy with any of the tailships I saw, all botched landings and clunky. I mean obviously I can't do them either, I'd just like those who did to hold them to the same standard I see BMX vlogs holding them to.
  7. Wish trials had the same sense of decency in that landing tailwhips with feet on saddles doesn't count.
  8. I think the difference is the flu has never put as much strain on the NHS as covid has done, getting the vulnerable and elderly vaccinated gets the ball rolling to help avoid that happening again. I get the concern for long term effects the vaccine could have, but I'm also worried about the covid long term effects too. I know of a few cases personally where people are having lung bother months after recovering, the usual 'I used to be able to run a few miles no bother but not any more' stories. Hopefully, I'm young and healthy enough to get over covid like the majority of people do but the idea of going back to life without worrying about transmitting it to people I see all the time is enough to persuade me to take the vaccine if it comes my way.
  9. I'd take the 29er over the BMX for trials to be honest, you can practise things like trackstands, pivots, two wheel hops and rolling up things easily enough. I'd recommend taking a look at and Ryan Leech's Mastering the Art of Trials videos on youtube to get going, and then if you're still a fan look into getting something more trialsy.
  10. The constant sense of not knowing what we can do, what type of businesses are open, whether I should be going to work, whether I can see friends, whether we're in a lockdown is pretty exhausting for me. That first major lockdown was tough but at least I knew where I was in the world, today's announcement has been an upset because the past week has been headlines of not going back on the Christmas rules so I thought there was some degree of stability for the next two weeks or whatever but now that's out the window. I'm wearing my mask constantly, haven't been able to travel to see people, Zoom calling, avoiding shops, lost out of hundreds of tiny things I would have done this year and just going on my phone to see it's changed again is a bit of a gut punch. I know that's the same for most people and that way more people have gone through a lot worse, but gosh darn it's been a tough year. I almost think I'd prefer a more authoritarian approach to it all now... Or at least if it was someone other than Boris Johnson bumbling his way through press conferences.
  11. If I have to pick one it would be The Distance by Cake from what I think was Danny Mac's first video? Back when videos could go viral from being called Mountain Bike Trickster and automatically generated thumbnails. I can't not list the honourable mentions that I still listen to regularly when I ride... The TGS rock music thing never really did it for me, I'm pretty darn mellow. Jon Byrne - Cigarette Song (Rowan John's CS video, and now I've finally realised CS most likely stands for Cigarette Song...) Slackstring - Sunday Jen (Ben Travis - Sunday) The Album Leaf - Always For You (Mike Bentham - Monday) Hermitude ft. Steve Clisby (Lewis Greenhalgh video I can't find anymore) Little Dragon - Twice (Joel Bennett - Twice) The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist (East Coast Trials 2 - Dave Dennis 2003)
  12. Aye, my general rule was if someone introduces their riding by saying how long they've been riding the number's not accurate. Same goes for a lot of things though, I had a friend who always made such a fuss about how he didn't revise for any exams but the story from his mum was that be was working six hours a night for months and stressed all the time... Just seems like a waste of energy lying about that kind of stuff.
  13. They wear white trousers for Pete's sake, I don't think they ever planned on it being athletic
  14. A lot of nuts stuff, especially the slackline lines. Should have skimped on that 1:30 long intro, thought we were in the Instagram age of immediate action.
  15. I feel like I've seen the Biden thing quite a lot with volunteer and charity groups, there are quite often older men who's motive seems to be wanting to create some sort of legacy since death is approaching and they're rushing to give something back. I did just compare America to a charity group, no regrets. Maybe I'm so competitive it renders me as not competitive because my thought process is if I'm not winning a gold medal at the Olympics for the 100m then I can skip it. What I like about trials is even a beginner can do something cool, but athletic events don't really have that factor to them. Or maybe I'm just bitter because Harry beat me at the 100m during year 11 sportsday.
  16. I don't get athletics, the whole commitment of training to shave off half a second or add a few cms just seems crazy. I get enjoying running and jumping and climbing but the competitive aspect just seems boring. Especially shotput, who knows why someone would get involved in that in the 21st century.
  17. Basic question, just curious what people would recommend for 24" street? I had two Saint callipers snap on me so got fed up and have been using a BB7 for a while. Now I'm yearning for something with more hold and a better lever feel. Budget wise the Magura range appeals, don't really want to be shelling out much more than £100 or so. So what's good?
  18. Had a cyclist ome around a corner with some ridiculously bright light and haven't been able to shake the liht stain since. Evening plan was go for a walk and read for a while so he's actually managed to screw up my evening plans.
  19. Feeling pretty stuck in terms of living situation at the moment. I'm still renting a room in London but have been back with my family for most of the lockdown, the problem now being said family. My dad and sister have really offended me in pretty deep ways recently so I'm tempted to go back to London now, the problem there is none of my friends are in London for the foreseeable future and the office is looking to be shut for the next few months at least, so there's no benefit there besides getting away from my family. I really just want to to talk to my ex-girlfirend at the moment but she's cut off all contact, so it's really like the life I was enjoying before lockdown just isn't there anymore. Work situation really sucks right now, although I know that's a petty thing to complain about when other people are way worse than me in that regard. Stilll, ploughing through a days work without the usual end of day stress relief stuff is lame. Also, notifications are no fun. Having a hard time adapting to the virtual living mentality, before I could seperate time by working in an office, but now it's feeling like life is a stream of emails and notifications. I've been getting better at using flightmode and things like that more often, have to say I resent it. I miss the days of being excited when I had a notification on my phone.
  20. Oh and that's not me avoiding race stuff, just didn't want to inject something else in the midst of that. Thought I'd clear that up before I have a job interview in 5 years and I'm asked 'so what did you mean by "avoiding race stuff"?'
  21. Sounds rough, but congratulations. Hope things are looking better now and you've had a chance to see them both. Quoted this in the happy thread to avoid the race stuff
  22. Nuts. Not many videos leave me yearning for a mod but that one certainly did.
  23. I consider intermediate to be when a rider has most of the techniques down, so taps, moves to front, a few spins and maybe hooks, are all fairly consistant at a comfortable height. I think the difference between intermediate and expert is then adding height that's over bar height and also just the degree of comfort on a bike. When I've watched pro level competition riders my take away has always been how comfortable they are backhopping on a narrow object, how comfortable they are going for an 8ft gap and jumps up to higher obstacles. That's my thought process for 'purer' trials, when it comes to the street stuff I think the pro guys are those that can come up with a million little varitiaons of all kind of moves of a simple set up, and, again, how natural it looks when doing it.
  24. My situation is that I have a phone that works fine, a Samsung Galaxy A5, except for when I'm in my work building and the road it's on. By 'not working' I mean that it won't unlock, I get no response and then have to do a hard shut down to restart it and it will last twenty minutes or so before repeating the process. I've tried keeping the phone in flight mode to see if that makes a difference and it didn't, the software's up to date and no one in the building has the same problem... I've had it fully charged but it doesn't seem to be power related and I am now at a loss. TF's seems like the perfect place to ask - any ideas?
  25. Get ready for a minor level angry post. My mum has never been a cook, my meals growing up were 9/10 microwaveable. Now that I've been back this hasn't changed but she insists on making me one anyway despite me saying I will make my own later, I for off the dinner at 5:30 train a while ago anyway. Still, I come in the kitchen and there's a plate for me and I just have to ask why because obviously I can put the plastic container in the microwave for five minutes because obviously she knows I'll have to reheat it because I'm just not hungry at 5:30. I have voiced this numerous times and still each day I am obligated to reheat a microwaved meal that was made three hours earlier because it's either that or throwing it in the bin. Last night I said the same thing, 'no dinner for me this week, please, mother'. I have a pizza that I am very fond of and all day while I was working I was thinking at least I have the pizza to have later on. This lockdown thing has been a struggle for me, I have an ankle injury so even letting off any steam has been difficult and stressful. My girlfriend of four years called things off last month which I am very bitter about but oh well because I have a bloody pizza I'm going to make later. So, goodness gracious me, I hae to say my heart sank when I say a plate of microwaved spaghetti on the counter for me, I guess the I'll try again with the pizza tomorrow. And I want to see a history text book in twenty years where this is the kind of thing that's quoted when they talk about the public enduring corona virus guidelines.