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  1. Saw this thread being revived somewhat. Some interesting and quality machines being mentioned here! My pick would be: Danny Mac's Mk1 Inspired Fourplay - early production white one with the Tioga rims and black forks, blue Hope hubs. If i remember rightly he was running Easton carbon bars? The Monkey DH ones? Ali C's prototype Arcade as has been mentioned before with the silver rims from Clean 002. On a similar note, Mark Westlake's stealthy brakeless example from the same video. Also from Ali's bike history - the British Racing Green Hex he rode brakeless. This one (not a very good representation of the colour rightly enough!) Also looks like he drilled an old Mavic rim on this? Next up Hans Rey's GT Zaskar trials - I remember seeing this in an old MBUK feature and aside from the sketchy looking bar and stem set up, I always thought this was one sweet looking bike and I'm not sure it ever appeared all that much. Finally a couple from Mr Ashton - some prototypes that didnt make it to production. A real shame as the Licence frame looks like the perfect all round play bike. These are some scans from old MBUK's not long after I got into riding about '06/'07. This one is some kind of prototype Orange (weren't Orange making the Ashton frames around then?) The all black Justice someone mentioned as ridden by Rowan Johns is a pretty good shout too! Notice a theme here? I like my bikes looking pretty simple yet looking effective at their intended purposes. Nothing fussy or overly designed.
  2. Thanks Adam, might give this a go!
  3. I never really went away to be fair. I was done with SRAM/Avid a long time ago...
  4. Hey folks, recently acquired a 2020 Inspired Hex...loving it!! One minor thing has been causing a bit of trouble though and that is brake pad movement in the front brake calliper. After the first few rides I contacted Tarty for some advice and they kindly explained that this can settle in as the brakes bed in. The rear brake as settled in now and isn't quite as bad now to the point it is hardly noticeable. Both front and rear disc rotor bolts are all torqued to 6nm, front possibly a bit higher as I cannot get any more safe torque without potentially rounding off the bolts (i'm so careful about this!). Does anyone have any advice on how to sort this as it is making the bike feel like the headset is loose but clearly the movement is coming from the braking area. Calliper bolts all tight. I remember a trick that could be done with the split pins on Shimano's by wrapping them in a thin layer of tape but this doesn't seem possible with Hope brakes, the retaining pin is tight to the holes in the pads. Any other solutions? Cheers Dan
  5. Right, just adding some more info/context to this since I am a returning forum user. Recently got one of the last 2020 Hex's and straightaway found that the stock set up with tubes and Conti Racekings were super easy to squash through unless inflated to at least 40psi. Although the bike felt very light and responsive I knew I wanted to swap out the tyres with something with a bit more support on the sidewalls. Taking Ali's recommendation of the Crossmark II's I decided to go with that plus switching to tubeless with the Muc-Off kit. I also decided to get some Rimpact inserts but only fit to the rear. After a few calculations I worked out I wouldn't be adding much weight (if any). The proof would be in the pudding through. After fitting the tyres and the insert on the rear - a struggle admittedly but I watched Ali's video on the Cushcore set up and got it that way. First ride - a bit of a disappointment I must say. The bike felt much heavier than stock and gone was the nippy, responsive feel. With the insert the bike felt so dead on the rear wheel, harder to gap etc. Next day that was ripped right out and tyre refitted, topped up with the remaining sealant. I then took a few hops to settle everything and get tyre pressures feeling right. 25-28psi front, 35-38psi rear. Perfect. Bike feels nice and responsive again (slightly heavier than stock but then again the tyres are slightly heavier to start with - although feel tougher and less likely to puncture, more material on the top and sides compared to the Race kings it seems - those Conti's are whippet tyres for sure - must be amazing on an XC bike they are intended for!) I'm finding I don't rim out quite so much, maybe on sharp edges but overall feel is much more solid. So yeah the takeaway from this? Unless you are a bit of a basher then take inserts at the expense of potentially making your bike feeling rather wooden...
  6. Hey all, been a very long time since last posting on the forum but still riding regularly. I'm off on holiday to North Yorkshire next week and was contemplating taking my Hex with me. Staying in the village of Askrigg but figured the closest decent street would be about an hour away in Skipton - or could travel an hour the other way and arrive in Kendal. Anybody in the area up for a hop between the 10th-14th or suggest anywhere to ride? Cheers
  7. Is the question really necessary? At the bare bones trials is manoeuvring your bike over obstacles so by whatever means necessary.
  8. Nice post Ross, keep them coming. I pretty much stopped buying MBUK when it got it's facelift and removed anything to do with trials. I remember a good article where Martyn Ashton and Grant Fielder swapped roles but adapted their own bikes to suit (Martyn going dirt jumping, Grant doing trials). Pretty sure there's an issue which featured an interview with a young Mr Travis...
  9. Not trying to put Inspired on a downer here, I mean I think its great that they are thinking of younger/smaller riders but im not sure the Flow will be a big seller. They have certainly created this for a very niche market, there is nothing else out there like it. Il be wrong, no doubt, but its what im thinking.
  10. I dont really understand what it is you are exactly asking here, since you have gave an example at the bottom of your post. You either know what you're talking about or you dont. If you dont know what effect each change will make you are probably not experienced enough in the sense that you have maybe only ridden one bike. I think you need to try riding some fellow trials riders bikes to get a grasp of how geometry affects the bike's handling. I take it you are looking for a custom frame next?
  11. Hashtagg Raging is what I do when im angry.
  12. Take it you've moved to the city now Ross? Im beginning to make an appearance back a bike again, will be checking the forum a bit more often now just let me know of any rides coming up. Usually working at weekends but I have a couple Saturdays off in December if anythings organised.
  13. I never saw that, il go hunt the post, quite excited about some new stuff being available
  14. Got a Saint M810 on the front for mine recently, its mega! Using a 180mm Hope Trial rotor and not having any issues though I have to say they definitely dont feel as strong as a Shimano or Avid rotor. I also find the Saint pads tend to move about slightly, say id bunnyhop or just do a couple moves, id hear the pad scraping slightly afterwards, recified by tapping the lever slightly a couple times to reset the pistons. Might actually try pressing the lever with no rotor in for as slightly better bite point.
  15. Just spent the last half hour reading through this thread, kept me entertained to say the least! I stopped using the forum because of such heated debates but came back about a year or so later to see nothing has changed. Anyway, loving the looks of the Arcade im now tempted to go back to 24, but im just not riding often enough now to justify any new bike. Still, im interested in some if the new Inspired parts which could make welcome appearances on my Hex. Are the Arcade 'bars definitely on their way too? Also quite curious to know which grade of steel the Arcade actually is.