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  1. Good work! Fingers crossed it sorts your problem
  2. There's so little material contact:
  3. F1

    The Redbull looks like it's still in camouflage paint to stop people seeing exactly what it's like. Will be interesting to see how they go with the Honda lump. Equally how McLaren do with the Renault.
  4. But only one pawl (two teeth) effectively engaging at any one time? I know they say the flex in the system means that's not quite the case but...
  5. I think you'll struggle without a vice I'm afraid! Not unless you get adventurous with a dremel/angle grinder and sacrifice the sprocket (which is dead anyway) to get it off. You'd be risking damaging the hub though so probably asking nicely in Halfords if you can borrow their vice I'd say!!
  6. And the rest! I count 5 missing/very worn teeth! From about 1:30
  7. What components are you using on the Zoot? Is it front or rear freewheel and is the freewheel a screw on one? You can usually take freewheels apart and clean them out, clean up an rework the pawls with a file etc. before lubing with a light oil but (and it's a big but) first you have to get it off which can be a royal pain in the arse!
  8. If the chain's becoming slack after it happens then it would be pointing to the wheel moving... However if it's just that the cranks are moving without driving you forward that would suggest the freewheel slipping (though this shouldn't really change the chain tension noticeably). This happens when the pawls either don't fully engage in the freewheel or slip allowing the cranks to rotate until the freewheel engages. That's usually accompanied by a bang as you describe...
  9. I was actually a bit disappointed by that. Impressive locations but the riding was fairly tame considering what he does on a daily basis and the sorts of things we're used to seeing Danny (and Kris) do. Edit: How obscene is it that I'm a bit 'meh' about someone dropping out of a helicopter onto the helipad of the Burj Al Arab on a BMX... Crazy times.
  10. So I bit thew bullet yesterday and have ordered a very slightly used (flown once apparently) Mavic Air for £650 (the 'Fly More Combo bundle that retails at about £950). Hopefully will do what I'm after and should be fun to mess around with filming the kids etc. (I'm a dad, not just filming random children )
  11. Watched it with no sound on and thought you might've accidentally taken a video instead of a picture! Was expecting some yankee air suspension bouncing car or something!
  12. Good stuff, keep at it and enjoy it! I'm sure you'll find it a million times easier on the Monty than your DH rig!!
  13. I'd say there's definitely an element of feet hurting if you're new to trials (or haven't ridden for ages) as you do use some different muscles than would otherwise use to hook the back wheel up etc. when unweighting the bike.
  14. I'm starting to sway towards a Mavic Air for the slightly smaller folded size and probably more importantly the better battery life... A bit more expensive but not stupidly so.
  15. For Your Information: Ali why is your youtube channel called Butterboo90?!!