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  1. Oops, so I accidentally a Calibre Astronut... Abused the Duke of Edinburgh discount to get 15% off and paid £2.95 for postage. Ordered just after 8pm last night and it was here about midday and I was at the local pump track and jumps about half 1! Quite impressive service to be fair. Will get some picks up soon but for the money it seems very good.
  2. Good stuff! Really enjoyed that
  3. I had started writing one but pulled myslef back from the brink...
  4. They really are godawful things aren't they?
  5. You should give a guy called Clive Evans from Scale Engineering in Swanage a ring. It's not specifically something he's done before but he's had a lot of experience working on some serious bits of kit for big steel rolling mills where everything has to be incredibly accurately positioned and the forces involved are considerable... Can't guarantee he'll have the answer but I bet he'd have some useful thoughts.
  6. Yeah I was wondering if it was a heart rate monitor but then trials isn't exactly the most cardio heavy sport in the world (though I guess that might change when you get to Jack's level!).
  7. What is the thing he wears on his knee/leg?
  8. I've never used a Fox or Reverb but have heard awful stories about the Rockshox and would never consider spending £300 on such a minor component, especially when the £90 BrandX does exactly the same job... The XL is my second Ascend (first one was just a mark 1 standard one with 125mm travel) but both have been absolutely spot on with no problems at all. I 3D printed a little bracket so the lever bolts on to the Matchmaker thing on my lever to clean up the cockpit but I honestly can't fault the Ascends.
  9. I was quite proud of that at the time! I have now moved on to a BrandX Ascend XL though and it's most definitely superior!!
  10. F1

    I thought Lewis might've gone against the orders (kinda) and let Bottas back on the last lap but to be honest it's probably in Bottas' interests to keep Mercedes sweet and play the part while Lewis is doing his thing. It's a shame but that's kinda what he's paid to do at the moment...
  11. But they'll be able to see the accident on the insurance database jobbie when they carry out the CUE check. It should then come back as a non-fault accident or 'driver hit from behind' at least so you can argue it then... Agree that any claim, whether fault or not, will impact your premium but you'd like to think that a non-fault is less of an 'added risk' than an at-fault one...
  12. Absolutely incredible riding. Most of that simply shouldn't be possible.
  13. the joys of having a 4 year old and a 6 year old . I even know who R Willy is (though to be fair that's because of Nitro Circus)!
  14. Have a look on Youtube. Basically you need to get a feel for spinning the thing using your arms (the flick you give the deck with your foot only helps things along, most of the work is done by your wrists/arms) with your feet still on the floor before attempting to do it on the move.