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  1. You sure it's actually a 3mm and not some random imperial one that's found it into the set?
  2. I've been running mine since I got the framekit back in 2013 with no issues. Wouldn't think twice about getting another set if I needed.
  3. Gut feeling is it wouldn't work and there's no benefit unfortunately. The beauty of 3D printing is the ability to make complex shapes that would be difficult/expensive to make any other way. A brake pad is basically a cuboid of PU. Even if you printed in PU the resulting pad would most likely just delaminate quickly (i.e. shear along the build layers) and fall to pieces.
  4. Awesome news, congratulations Luke (and Ed, Giggidy)!
  5. Dude's not the sharpest tool in the box is he?!!
  6. I don't know how you can live with yourself having the front tyre on backwards. My OCD isn't that bad but... Looks sweet though. I'd be tempted to run a slimmer seat but otherwise good show!
  7. Build thread required!
  8. Not entirely relevant but coming from a mod trials background I've never run over 30 psi on my 24s (Fourplay, Skye, Arcade). I know I'm in the minority but I really don't like hard tyres!
  9. @Dannyyou just need a welder and practise!
  10. The beast made it about 4.5 hours of the 5 total before cutting out. It was seriously dusty and I think the carb just got choked up with shit. Eventually got it back running after the event had finished but it definitely needs a bit of TLC...
  11. Lovely little vid Dan! Need need need to come out riding more! I've now got Finn a little Inspired Flow 20" so no excuses!
  12. I feel like maybe that was the easy bit. Still waiting for the replacement engine to be delivered following TNT being useless twats.
  13. Here we go. Still needs a little TLC but after sorting out the brakes, changing the tyres (never come across these Michelin Mambo tyres but they look spot on for 20" trials), changing the chain (he'd been running a quicklink without the C-clip...), straightening the hanger, putting on some different grips (may go to thin foam grips for little hands), greasing the headset etc. I think we're good to go.
  14. Picked it up yesterday and it's better than expected. The wobbly crank causing the chain to fall off (I was expecting knackered square taper so new bb and cranks) was loose crank bolts on an Isis bb! New grips, tyres and cables and we're laughing! In other news sportsball fever is over! Thank jebus for that!
  15. I reckon the hole facing us is the valve hole. My guess is the others reduce down for the spokes. Seriously odd goings on though!
  16. Yeah, that's the conclusion I'm coming to. The oil seemed fairly good (no obvious bits in it) but as you say it has no value even if I fixed it so I think I'll strip the current engine of reusable bits (by me) then sell the covers etc. on eBay before weighing in the rest of the lump. Think I'll open it up anyway to see what it's like in there (and recover the piston to add to my small collection) just for the sake of it.
  17. Nope, afraid not. In exploded ER6 news I struggled to get the plug out of cylinder 1... Pretty sure it shouldn't look like that... And then when I pulled the exhaust header off this little collection fell out of the can end! Assuming it's dropped a valve into the cylinder causing CABOOM! Question now is whether it's worth investigating any further or just write it off and stick the replacement lump in. Any experience out there of what I'm likely to be looking at? Thinking minimum of head, cylinders, at least one piston and conrod... Could one piston being grenaded and seizing cause the bottom end and crank etc. to get f**ked?
  18. Yeah bought my copy and was streaming the first 32 seconds on repeat on Youtube until I read that it doesn't actually work as Youtube are wise to people artificially bumping up their views.
  19. Loving the Trump Baby balloon story and the fact that Sadiq Kahn has approved its 'flight' over London. Good work Britain!
  20. Just seen William Dunlop's died following a crash at the Skerries 100. Very sad news .
  21. I could watch him all day long...
  22. Spot on, cheers dude
  23. Does it not need to be high temperature paint?
  24. Cheers for that. I've just bought a second hand engine with 13k on it for £300 delivered on eBay. It's a bit tatty from salt corrosion so I'll either swap over my tidier bits/covers or just sort it out and paint it. Should still be able to sell some of the parts of the mullered engine to make some funds back. Ah well!
  25. D'oh. After 51,000 miles my ER6n has just eaten itself joining the M27. Reasonably hard acceleration away from J5 roundabout and it made some nasty noises with a complete loss of power. Immediately pulled the clutch and got it to the hard shoulder but it's terminal from the sounds of it Not sure how much damage it's likely to have done (now seems to be seized) or how one deseizes and engine in order to get into it to find out!