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  1. They're the ones that should retail at £25 (note the white ones are only £7.99! green and red available at £9.99) and seem very similar to the Nukeproof's I'm running on the T130. They run on sealed bearings as well as DU bushings and seem spot on. I picked up a set of green ones as well to replace the Nukeproofs when they die. Proper bargain I reckon.
  2. Slight update- DMR Moto Digger on the front (thanks @Ross McArthur), Superstar pedals from Planet X (£9.99!), red bar ends and red chainring bolts plus a 99p fender. I must stop now...
  3. I can't believe they're even covering cost price! It popped up at £240 on Tuesday and I talked myself out of it and then on Wednesday I got an email from eBay saying they'd dropped the price by £30 and my new bike brain kicked in (again...)! I have a problem, I really do.
  4. Picked up a brand New Onza Mini Master for Ash from Moore Large on eBay the other day- only £209.97 at the moment (Tarty currently have it on sale for £399.99!). Arrived within about 36 hours of ordering and is perfect. Had a bit of a fiddle with the brakes as the lever reach adjuster screws were way too small, there's no need for the lever return spring and the front brakes benefit from dropping the tension spring position a notch but otherwise ready to rock.
  5. A claim's a claim in their eyes, regardless of fault. The system's mental.
  6. Does that include your increased premiums for the next 5 years?...
  7. Sorry this is primarily a push bike trials forum.Trials Central is probably a better bet.
  8. That's not a glowing testimony...
  9. Awesome work Adam!!
  10. Take a picture of the caliper and lever and we'll be able to tell you.
  11. British cycling are only interested in competition riding and watching a trials competition for the most part is a bit like watching paint dry for the most part I imagine. Yes individual moves are impressive and in a photo lots of stuff will look cool but trials comps are boring and more recently just bloody confusing.
  12. What the actual f**k was that?
  13. Danny can be such a dick.
  14. Bloody hell, that's motoring!!
  15. This is quickly turning into a 'catch Mark out' thread. In. When taking a photo (of which you've taken a LOT of very awesome ones) surely you effectively visualise what the image you're after looks like, position yourself accordingly and ask 'the talent' to hit it like this or whatever to obtain the desired result. I just can't comprehend how you/your sister can be so creative without being able to visualise it first!
  16. Does not compute. That's cerraaaayyyzzzz.
  17. Tapered legs not steerer, no?
  18. Sucks to be you!
  19. I find it really difficult to be excited about unicycle trials but that edit was really nicely done and very professional looking- good job!
  20. The plane takes off. @Tom Booth might be your man for this one. I know @Ali C does his own tax shizzle but don't think he's registered as a sole trader.
  21. Fair enough!
  22. 26" baby! It's a DJ/slopestyle bike rather than a 'proper' trail bike.
  23. So I accidentally a Polygon Trid ZZ... put a cheeky offer on it on eBay and the guy accepted. I had a Calibre Astronut DJ hardtail that was good fun but fancied the slightly forgiveness that a FS slopestyle bike gives. This is almost a Trek Ticket S for about a third of the price. I've basically made this from bits of the Astronut and chopped and changed a few bits (plus added the new Zee rear brake to replace some cheap Shimano thing) and it's pretty dialled now. Forks are pretty budget but do the job.
  24. I've always assumed that's mainly because he's Austrian...