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  1. Oof. Trials bike?
  2. Cross post from trials-chat in case it's of any interest to those in here. Basically frame is 27.2mm and the options for dropper posts are few and far between while being silly expensive so I put one together with a cheap 25.4 seatpost, plastic USE shim as a bush and automotive gas strut giving a full 150mm of travel. Currently adjusted by manually operating the QR but considering looking into a remote system if I can be arsed. Right, here we go. First up pics in the lowered and raised positions: The components: The gas strut had to be turned down by a fraction to clear the ID of the seatpost and I just used a couple of bits of delrin to act as a spacer to the top of the seatpost and a stop which sits on top of the main pivot tube inside the seat tube. It's set up so that at max extension the post sits at the perfect height so it always goes to the right place and I can then lower the post to anywhere up to 150mm when I feel like it. A little bit fiddly to operate the QR on the move to start with but now pretty slick at it and since a lot of dropper posts operate via a lever under the nose of the saddle I didn't think it was too bad. Close up of the ball ended screw that goes through the seat clamp and seat tube: The travel: The only mod needed to the frame: Hopefully a video...
  3. Yeah physically it'll work with a disc but the geometry might a bit odd. From an old thread: Chainstays - 400mm Top Tube - 571mm Seat tube - 310mm Head tube - 120mm Head Angle - 74 Seat Angle - 73 BB drop - +.5mm Wheel Base - 1020ish (haven't put a fork on it) So yeah, long chain stays and low BB will be interesting (you might want to run short cranks if nothing else) but crack on and enjoy.
  4. What did Alex and Josh do to the respective hubs?
  5. I can see brakeless being a perfect place for an I9 Hydra if it will cope with the forces... Lovely colour
  6. Hey y'all (and by y'all I mean the three or four active members), anyone got any experience of little drones for photos and videos? I've been thinking of getting hold of one of the little DJI Mavic clones but it seems like when you get down to it they're all cheap tat in one way or another. They've either got crap cameras, dodgy interfaces, don't work to begin with, lose connection etc. etc. So now, having seen some very impressive videos of and footage from, I'm tempted to bite the bullet and get something like the DJI Spark setup (with extra batteries, controller etc.). Big Jeff Lenosky (apparently) actually paid for one himself to use for filming stuff on his MTB and since we're off to Canada this Summer I thought that it might be cool to have something to get some interesting views and pictures from. Any thoughts?
  7. Chainspotting era Martyn Ashton red Beast of the East with Racelines, CODA cranks and the tri-colour Flite saddle is very droolworthy. The Boxx is definitely up there. Vario Tibo XL (always wished there was a mod version of that with the moto seat). And on the posting your own old bike side of things I still liked my Repsol orange rimmed 221PR
  8. He's now seriously into his XC and road riding instead I think. Still using his beast mode to good effect but with a somewhat different goal!
  9. Or plectrum.
  10. It's weird but I like it!
  11. Currently getting a 'Not Secure', 'Your connection is not private' on Chrome on two separate machines (at home and work so totally different ISPs, connections etc.) for every page I visit on T-F.
  12. It had one job...
  13. Sounds about right: NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID
  14. That Onza was such a lump! Brings back good memories though. I think that London ride near the beginning was when I first hooked up with Tartybikes and also being totally mesmerised by Matt Staples riding!
  15. Truedat!!
  16. Pics or it didn't happen.
  17. I'm not sure what type of freewheel comes on the Zoot... if it has a visible lockring make sure it's tight and if you can take the crank off, take the lockring off (do that over a tray so you can catch all the bearings) and have a look at the pawls and springs etc. You might find some damaged pawls that you can file back to a healthy state. Next step would be to replace the freewheel but that involves being able to take the existing one off the cranks which can be a bigger challenge than getting the sprocket off!!
  18. Good work! Fingers crossed it sorts your problem
  19. There's so little material contact:
  20. F1

    The Redbull looks like it's still in camouflage paint to stop people seeing exactly what it's like. Will be interesting to see how they go with the Honda lump. Equally how McLaren do with the Renault.
  21. But only one pawl (two teeth) effectively engaging at any one time? I know they say the flex in the system means that's not quite the case but...
  22. I think you'll struggle without a vice I'm afraid! Not unless you get adventurous with a dremel/angle grinder and sacrifice the sprocket (which is dead anyway) to get it off. You'd be risking damaging the hub though so probably asking nicely in Halfords if you can borrow their vice I'd say!!
  23. And the rest! I count 5 missing/very worn teeth! From about 1:30
  24. What components are you using on the Zoot? Is it front or rear freewheel and is the freewheel a screw on one? You can usually take freewheels apart and clean them out, clean up an rework the pawls with a file etc. before lubing with a light oil but (and it's a big but) first you have to get it off which can be a royal pain in the arse!
  25. If the chain's becoming slack after it happens then it would be pointing to the wheel moving... However if it's just that the cranks are moving without driving you forward that would suggest the freewheel slipping (though this shouldn't really change the chain tension noticeably). This happens when the pawls either don't fully engage in the freewheel or slip allowing the cranks to rotate until the freewheel engages. That's usually accompanied by a bang as you describe...