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  1. its played in reverse haha
  2. looks like your back brake wasn't working for some time there haha good riding keep it up!
  3. Yeaaah, it makes me want to ride :/ but bad weather here just now haha
  4. Beeeeeeast!
  5. Haha 11ft 2 the drop and cheers guys
  6. Right, i bought a new front wheel but it didnt come built. Its a trialtech sport hub onto a echo rim 20" My dad can build wheels and he built my back one but the front wheel just will not straightem, the non-disc side is that radial build ( the spokes dont cross any others ) but when he tried to straighten it the non-disc side has like a big belly on it. The hub is not in the middle when the spokes are tight, its pulled away over to the right. ( non-disc side with the radial build ) the spokes i think are the right length. It looks like the spokes on the disc side is like flat and the other side has like a bend. ive looked everywhere but there is nothing that says how to build or tighten a wheel built with a radial side. ive copied the spoke build off another wheel which has the same build, radial on one side and 2 cross on the other, somebody pleaaase help!! its a 32 hole rim and hub just saying!! Kurtiis
  7. If you get a photo of your sign and print it, you can put them into a sticker shop and they can make them into stickers and any colour you want
  8. Nice Riding
  9. Just got riding again and thought i would make myself a little video tell me what you think
  10. haha Cheers
  11. sound give us 10 mins
  12. i can watch it ? :/
  13. what onza frame is that??
  14. ive decided to stop trials biking.... again soo i dont know if i will start up again but here it is Enjoy
  15. photos here here is my custon painted bionic B2 that i just got sprayed last week. It turned out pretty decent i think
  16. zhi ones, got them yeaaaaars ago
  17. yeaah but you dont get them there anymore?
  18. where did you buy the frame? i had one before and would love another one
  19. ahha it smudges and goes like that
  20. Cheers
  21. this is my newest proper video, something new instead of the same clips used over and over Enjoy
  22. im 14 and ive been riding for like 2 and a half years because i stopped before summer last year then started up again this year
  23. This is just a video i made because i was bored. It has a lot of older clips in it but aw well leave comments and Enjoy
  24. Movie Maker
  25. This is my first video after stopping trials for nearly a year and ive just come back to last month. Watch and enjoy,