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  1. I used cinema 4d for the intro and the song is ellie goulding lights but its a remix
  2. VIDEO <<This is my new video comments would be nice Kurtis(Y)
  3. My video << This is my video from summer. Comments are welcome. Kurtis
  4. For a sidehop try this. You. > / | < Wall. Try go at the wall more straight | | it might help a bit Kurtis
  5. I ride grind and tar with TNNs and my brake works amazing. Kurtis
  6. Very good video mate, Keep it up Kurtis
  7. Hi guys, I was putting my back wheel on last night. i went to ajust my brakes and i tightend them to tight and the frame threaded so i was just wondering what i could get done to fix it? Kurtis
  8. No it doesn't go right through the frame its fine, i hope Kurtis
  9. Ive got it fixed now my dad drilled through the first part of my frame and put longer bolts in. He also cut of a bit of my clamps because he said that the hole was to big for my pistons. Oh well its fixed now but thanks for the help Kurtis
  10. No its fine its just that i wasn't sure. Kurtis
  11. You know when you say reversed, do you mean when the mounts are on the back of the forks? Kurtis(Y)
  12. I would go for the trial tech ones because my mate has the v!z ones and i don't really like them. I like the trial tech ones though Kurtis
  13. Thanks guys im putting it into a workshop tomorrow to get it done, but thanks anyway Kurtis
  14. Well this is my new video on my onza ice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fDOCzxr5YY <<< link Comments would be nice. Kuris
  15. Haha, you tell them
  16. just turned 13
  17. I swapped it for the ice. It was a bit to heavy and the back wheel isnt going to last much longer. Kurtis
  18. I was just wondering what do they actually do? Kurtis
  19. hey guys, my friend has the onza bird 09 with the standard wheel and standard forks. He was thinking of buying a wheel with a hub that has nuts instead of bolts that comes with a t-comp 07 but he wasn't sure if it would fit his forks or not so he asked me to put it up on here so he could find out thanks guys, kurtis
  20. Hey guys, im having trouble sidehoping because i couldn't get out over the christmas because of the snow but i made a sidehop in my shed and i am not getting my front wheel high enough and i was wondering if anyone could give me some tips. thanks Kurtis
  21. Hey, I was just wondering where can i buy Zoo! bars and how much are they Cheers kurtis(Y)
  22. My video << Here is a short video of me on my czar. comments are totaly welcome Thanks Kurtis
  23. Thanks for the comments guys, Keep them coming
  24. I have Been riding for nearly 2 years
  25. Hey, I am looking for a Neon Bow frame and i was just wondering if you still get them on websites, if so can you please tell me where. Many thanks, Kurtis