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  1. Yeah thats why i wasn't sure to buy from him . so can you not get them anywhere else? Kurtis
  2. Anyone?
  3. hey guys, I was just wondering how hard or soft you should ride your tyres. some people tell me too ride your tyres soft because you will get more bounce. thanks, Kurtis
  4. hey guys, I was planing on buying a Echo cnc bashringI wasn't sure if it would fit on onza t-pro cranks so if you know would you please get bak to me. kurtis
  5. yea it is but i dont know a lot .
  6. I have a tencile freewheel
  7. anybody?
  8. Fingerless. I don't like full finger because i think you would slide off the liver lol Kurtis
  9. hi guys, im Kurtis im 12 years old i live in beauly a village not to far out of Inverness i ride a czar 07 mod thanks
  10. Thanks guys its helped Kurtis
  11. Hi. Here are a few pictures of my czar. Hope you like it. Comments are welcome. my czar 1 my czar 2 my czar 3
  12. When I first started i used all my fingers on my back brake but someone told me to only use one and now i can gap perfect. kurtis
  13. they are good arnt they. Im waiting to buy the front wheel cause i ran out of money so i couldn't buy it.
  14. my t-comp frame a few sscraches under the frame and the chain stay is a bit recked so ill be kind and sell it for £30
  15. http://www.bebo.com/PhotoAlbumBig.jsp?Page...toId=7575048203 my bike kurtis
  16. i can get tons of it because i can get it my dad's work. you can just peal it off the ground hard or soft add me on MSN if you want some t-comp@hotmail.co.uk kurtis
  17. you could take off your bash plate and cut off the mounds, drill your forks like mad my mate drilled fourty four holes in just his forks, cut out the top of you frame where the forks go through, and drill the brake levers. kurtis
  18. I have a red zoo brake booster if you are wanting it for £25. It has a few scratches on the edges but that is all kurtis brookhouse
  19. they are both nice. i prefer the echo lite is he selling the frame
  20. Hi guys, I am new to the forum, I currently ride a onza t-comp been riding since christmas and really enjoyed the timei have been riding. I am 10 years old and i have read the rules about the forum. I hope to get valadated soon. Thanks Kurtis brookhouse..
  21. cool i hate my onza t-comp i dont no why but i just hate it. I am trying to find someone that will swap frames kurtis
  22. the only reasen i started trials biking is that my mates had started it and they were 12/13 and i thought it was pretty cool so i begged for a trials bike and then i got one for my birthday but i didn't get the hang of it until i got my t-comp and the day i learnt to gap i droped four foot one kurtis brookhouse
  23. Hi guys, I have a t-comp frame and i would like to swap it for a koxx hydroxx really like the frames but cant afford it so mum said i have to swap my frame to get it so can somone swap a good condition hydroxx or xtp 2 frame for my onza t-comp frame it got scaps on the chainstay and a dent underneath the frame. thanks kurtis
  24. Nice bke mate. Did you get that off ebay one's on ebay look similar to that the high spec t-pro's. Looks good my mate got t-pro like that but koxx forks and front and rear maggys. Kurtis Brookhouse..
  25. what bike do you have?