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  1. On Monday, February 20, 2017 at 11:00 AM, monkeymoped said:

    Got an hs-33 for the front Cheers 

    I meant my frame has hs33 mounts for rear brake its not a disc frame. Also mine has a brake booster built into the frame for strength 

  2. Probably taking this a bit far now haha but I filled up a couple of really noticeable dents :) the one beside the bash guard should be fine as it's covered by a bash guard! The other one may crack and fall out if it's knocked!



    White paint should be here tomorrow or Friday! Nearly ready for paint so maybe get it sprayed tomorrow! :)

  3. Does anyone have Or know where I could get one of the silver Czar logo that looks like a crown for the face of the steerer tube??

    Got my Czar frame back that I haven't seen in years and the badge is missing!

    Thanks, Kurtis

  4. There's also a pallet up there you can't see because the edge of the roof there is a lip to stop water going off the end so I had to have the pallet on to make it easier. The building is over 14ft but it's shit footage ahha

  5. Thought I'd share this few clips I have of this drop I did the other night but it got dark way to quick and the video quality is shocking! Might give it another shot in the light but I don't know haha!

    Don't really think it counts but I did drop off the building...

    Tell me what you think! Thanks! :)

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  6. Lucy Higgins on facebook might be able to help you with the stickers

    as for the crown you won't find one anywhere i'm afraid.

    Alright that's great I'll give him a message!

    Awww that sucks! :/

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  7. Alright guys :)

    I was just wondering if anyone knows where I could possibly get Czar 2007 Frame stickers and also the silver crown that went on the steerer tube?

    Or if anyone knows someone that could maybe do it from a photo of the sticker then here is a photo.


  8. Just learnt how to hook properly the other day and thought id share this :) i used to do this to the bashguard but i managed to get it straight to the back wheel :P

    Here it Is