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  1. ds3 and a swift?
  2. Picked up my new tow vehicle yesterday and had an epic drive home! Drove to Glasgow, Flew to London City, DLR to Woolwich, Lift to Bexleyheath. Picked up the new motor, drove out to Dartford to pick up some parts - down to Gatwick to sell the roof box I was given with the sale, round the M25 clockwise up the M40 to Oxford, picked up a tow bar... Down to Swindon/Wooten Basset to catch up with a friend... Then back up through the Cotswolds to Gloucester, up the M5/M6, up the M6/74 and then up through Loch Lomond and Glencoe. Even though it weighs nearly 3 tonne, it was still capable of having some fun. Two new turbos, EGR's blanked and an Alive Tuning map - 238bhp @ 3600 RPM and 545nm of torque at 2400... Pulls like a train for a big vehicle. All done in complete luxury too, as its an auto, on air - full HSE spec
  3. Made it! Managed to find a machine that took cash, and drove home - boom!
  4. I dont have the joys of a contactless card! Old school ticket it is then - can these be picked up at the station as per a normal railway? It's funny for us Scots huh, Pete! Cheers for the lift that evening Forteh! Hard to think that that was four years ago huh! Cheers guys
  5. Basically guys, I'm flying down from the highlands tomorrow to pick up a car in Woolwich - I need to get the DLR from London City to Woolwich arsenal... How the hell do I pay for tickets? Everyone is saying I need an oyster card? If thats the case, where do I pick one up same day? The whole thing is confusing for a wee country lad
  6. So, lying in bed here and just flicking through TF, realising how long it's been since i've really contributed to the site... How many of us old members still just lurk the forum without posting? Who's still about from the glory days? Adam Griffin, Purdon, Tobias, Sucksmuff, Si, Inur/greetings/alex, bongo... That sort of crowd! Post away folks, this is your time to come back out of the woodwork Whats all happened in your lives? Where are you now? Me? Well, I sold the mini, started riding mototrials again and i'm off to Africa to work in 10 days, happily single again and piling all my money into other cars... Still doing photography and thats about it really!
  7. http://www.halfordsautocentres.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_11602_catalogId_19253_productId_968475_langId_-1 Worth a shot - worst they can do is phone to cancel!
  8. Got to be my tig plant! Couldn't of been without it. Just a cheapy Esab Buddy tig 160 unit. Absolutely ideal for what I need, small enough to be carried about and used on the shoulder strap provided for outdoor work. Lays a good weld, and is powerful enough for most jobs! Combine it with an airline and although slightly messy, can be used as a plasma cutter for upto 12mm steel. Also opens up so many other possibilities - need a specialist tool, just make it! Used it to build my bearing press, simillar to Pauls, just a lot smaller. Only two tonne, but ideal for bearings and bushes on the mini and on bikes! Sits ontop of the bench, and weighs in at about 15kg. Nothing massive! roller for small peices! Could be adapted for bigger material dead easy. Could also remove the wheels and replace with a small bit of angle to get 90deg angles, but haven't yet found the need! Followed a post on jalopy journal - so looks identical to this. Anybody who's used a roller will know how it works! Tighten the big lever for a tighter angle, as you wind the drive wheel back and forth to pass the material through.
  9. Same issue here - I noticed it the other day shooting a very well lit scene at iso200, 1/30 f2.8 - so much noise in raw, with no in camera processing such as d-lighting ect, that it was completely unusable.
  10. Well, the other night I was crawling through an empty street at say, 5mph with a friend in a vehicle behind me. I wasn't paying much attention to my revs and stalled the car. As I needed to get out and talk to him anyway, I just put it in neutral, applied the handbrake and got out. The car continued to roll at a steady, as my handbrake didn't work as well as I was expecting, as soon as I noticed, I continued to walk alongside it and get back in. Since then, as above in the thread, I took the car off the road and did all the necessary work to it, including new brakes. Guess who was pulled to arrange a police interview today? They're pursuing a dangerous driving charge I believe. Will find out at 3pm tomorrow. Not looking forward to this. Only got 6 points to play with as I've not had it 2 years... I need my license as I live in the sticks - work is a 40 mile round trip, and the girlfriends is a 70 mile round trip. Add to that the fact she's going to be moving away for uni, therefore will be a 300 mile trip away. Even for stuff as simple as doing the shopping, I need it. Properly bricking it right now
  11. Retarded plates will be gone as soon as the documents finally come through and I can get my own number on there! These are the last owners plates! 10mm springs because number one, I live in the highlands and number two, they were going for next to nothing on a local page!
  12. The civic now has a 10mm drop on decent springs and shocks, however this is probably about the same height as old springs were 11 year old - not noticed a difference in height myself, just firmer! Also got round to fitting a JDM RARB rather than the ukdm one, a rear tie bar, a front strut brace, new drop links all round, and new drilled/grooved/vented disks all round, got new mintex pads on which will lock all 4 wheels under heavy braking for bends but squeal like a bitch when hot, even with LOTS of copper grease on the backs. Going to swap them out for ferodo ds2500s on the front. Just went for a quick blast through some local twistys. 4 new, but bedded in toyo t1r's on her too. Nice planted ride, with a firm rear end that'll kick out on lift off dead easy. Such a responsive drive now. Totally renewed the sporty feel on a 11 year old car. Dead chuffed! I dont know if I posted this up the other week, but this was it before the drop and work - i'll go get some new photos soon!
  13. I'm game for any of them really - only weekend i'm commited would be the 3rd of August due to a wedding. I've added my vote, but cant really be bothered reading the thread. Game for beer and cars and chatting shit though!
  14. Had an epic drive last night. Wet roads, brand new toyo t1r's all round. 40 miles of twisty A roads in 33 minutes to go see the missus! Nice mixture of understeer and lift off oversteer to make for an amazingly fun drive! Never have I had, or been in a car that can be quite as much fun as the ep3. Yeah, it's not as fast as a lot of things on the road, but for sheer driving fun/thrills it's certainly up there! Very tail happy on the lift off!
  15. So - I accidentally a whole rear tie bar, 4 toyo t1r's, 4 drilled and grooved disks with ferodo pads, poly bushes all round including top gearbox mount, a set of decatted dc headers instead of a 2 part manifold. Vtec yo'