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  1. Im having trouble following how this video is shite. the topic was titled 147 cm, not stylish tap. it was merely to show how he could make it and i think it would be hard to argue that he couldnt make a tap that big. it is clear to see that the pallets were shaking and his bike couldnt completely fit on the pallets. It was beastly how big the tap was and i think thats what was supposed to be looked at, not the style. Nice tap!
  2. wow absolutely amazing as always!!! btw what bike is danny riding, it doenst look like his one from past videos, but i could be wrong.
  3. WOW holy amazing riding. I must be dumb to never have heard of this rider. Great post!
  4. Edit: Awesome Vid. some huge moves going down there and i really enjoyed the movie. Keep them coming!~
  5. no i see the price but i dont see a button to "add to cart" for US customers?
  6. maybe im missing it but where to you order it for the US?
  7. yaeh hes actually from canada. they had a dvd a while back called island style which i think you can download for free now
  8. when you export it, export it as "advanced windows media" and then save it as something like " online video 1500 mps, i cant remember the name
  9. crazy awesome vid. what is the first song btw!?
  10. will it be possible to get this in the US?
  11. 1 GB is a bit much, prob closer to 400 mb, but yeah it would be a lot more if it came straight from the camera. but once you load it onto an editing program, and re-export it cuts it down tons, and still keeps quality.
  12. bump, come on guys, with the amount of people that come on here everyday he should have a good chance of winning!
  13. is it me or does every single "London Ride" video seem to have the most amazing shit ever. WOW!
  14. nothing?