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  1. Now in Bulgaria we have snow ... and the temperatures are below zero ! Water in magura freeze
  2. Hi guys, i've been riding for nearly 2 years with 6-7 months brake.Before 4 months I decide to change mod and this was my best choice ever !!! Now i feel reborn on this stock. These clips was from my accommodation on bike.
  3. You need brake clamps. Echo TR are perfect.
  4. My zoo !
  5. Any advice
  6. I want to ask which frame have long life . I'm beginner rider [ only can do kick ] and I don't know which frame to pick. For geometry the Echo and GU have +55 bb . And the WB is comparable. If there is already such a topic, I'm very sorry :$ Frames are 20'. Cheers
  7. Sorry. Try-all CNC front hub and Echo Urban Front 20'.
  8. They're new,but just put on the wheel . The spokes aren't tighten. edit : The spokes are 18 cm long.
  9. My all spokes are one size. And i'm not from UK.So I should put them as usual.
  10. Hi I want to build my front disc wheel but i dont know how... I search in forum, but i dont find nothing for disc. Can anyone give a video or some picture? Please Try-all CNC front hub and Echo Urban Front 20'
  11. I don't know the rise degree , but i think it is 5 degrees. It's the short frame.
  12. My heiht is 1.80 metres in foot i think it is 5'9''. Now i ride 24 but when was riding 26 I have this pain too... Laurence--Trials I will try :}
  13. I want to ask , does anyone feels pain in back while he's riding. When I going to ride , don't have this hurt , but after half hour the pain appears. Is anyone feels the same way ?
  14. Actually I just paste this clip here. I'm from Varna . If you came next summer to Varna I can expenditure you here
  15. Ok, because I watched in tarty the brake is with different rotor from yours. Therefore asked.