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  1. Is the Gu Le still for sale mate??

    What freewheel were you using on it when you were riding??




    1. tdubz


      Yes mate

      echo sl 108 freewheel used to be on it

      snapped it to pieces though so now no good



  2. Boost your kinetics or kinasthetics (thats learning by doing somthing rather than hearing about it or reading about it.
  3. WhAt is that bit of kit called mark?
  4. does it have tophat washers on the axle system? Sounds like they could be erong way round?
  5. Danny holroyd adam burns dave finney chris swallow
  6. All the donny lads Are still very much in the game sam! Bit on the wet + windy side at the moment though
  7. Frame: onza woodstock Forks: unknown v brake ones Cranks: raceface turbines with ard guard Pedals: nukeproof Front wheel: echo tr rim on echo tr hub Rear wheel: hope pro2 on echo tr rim Tyres: maxxis holy rolers Front brake: shimano v brake with vid sd7 lever Rear brake: maggy 2004 Stem: trialtech Handlebars: da bomb tactics Grips: wtb freedom Seat: fit bmx Headset: fsa
  8. To be honest alex deserves all the credit he did the hard work!
  9. Not sure if i am going to get into bother or this topic should be somewhere else (maybe new products) but i apologize in advance. A while back i posted a topic about the possibility of running a gusset headlock in a sloping top cap system. I have never had much luck with star nuts and have always preferred to use this headlock system on previous builds. But i am now the owner of a sloping stem and the tocaps currently on the market do not allow me to run my previously preferred setup. The main issue has been that the gusset system uses a size 6 bolt with quite a significant head on the bolt. All sloping top caps i had come into contact with were too small to run the bolt. The option of drilling out the topcap to fit the bolt was a long shot because the sloping top cap material is so sparse. So i got in touch with alex dark through the forum. He has previously made me some echo spacers for my hub due to them not being readily available and the lad seems up for a challenge. Below is a pic of the axle spacers he previously made for me After a number of messages back and forth i and a basic drawing done on ms publisher (see image below) he said he would have a crack on something. Saturday it arrived!!!! I have to say i am more than chuffed with what he has done. It works a treat and doesnt look homegrown bodge either. I know this may sound like a "yeah so what" post but i just wanted to share with everyone what a great job he has done. I know star nuts are the tried and test method generally for headsets but i cant help but think there is a gap in the market especially with inspired doing something very similar but for a flat top cap. Its made my weekend anyway Thanks Tom
  10. Cheers ross ill have a look
  11. I am running 2014 echo urban forks. Is the bottom split race necessary? Ive read on the tarty description that you dont need one
  12. Does anybody have a diagram or pics of the ordering of an echo sl headset Got mine a while back and ive mixed up spacers with some other headsets ( you stupid boy) and the setup i have got does not seem to be right Many thanks Tom
  13. Front facing crud guards!!
  14. I seem to remember a post a few weeks ago which mentioned one of these It is basically a wedge type inset which allows sloping/flat top star nuts to be ran does anybody have a link to a shop which sells them many thanks tom
  15. Anybody got a link to a thread with some good gym/home workout routines for training now the weather is about to turn I have a bench, bar and dumbells Thanks Tom