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  1. A good mid school techy street vid with a good tune
  2. these look somewhat similar
  3. vario styx
  4. bearings out of a headset / caged bearings or figit spinner bearings are small dunt the outer race with a hamme should crack open flick out bearings just a thought
  5. ak-mtb#3 had abtrials section cant find on you tube unfortunately mike bentham ie miketrials trialskings new world disorder 2 fat tyre fury were some of my inspirations / motivators
  6. not sure bud not fully sure how to mesure it up either
  7. well after 10 years out of trials and the bike hanging on the garage wall its time to start riding agin some new parts and a freshen up here she is
  8. hi thought i show a make frome the end of last year ended up my dads christmas present cut a knife blank out of a lump of plough steel a cupple years ago then decide one nighe id finish it so after a cupple of evenings in the shed i ended up with this turned out better than i thought it would now my dad is gnoing to see if he can make a sheith for it
  9. always liked these i remember seeing the polished version in halfords inverness in about 2003
  10. bite the bullet get a chris king new or seccond hand all agro gone lol happy days
  11. toxic rowan johns for me
  12. how much pad material i on those pads at the back there huge the chain tensioning screws are strange
  13. happy birthday kiddo have a good one
  14. im out work have me in fu**ers
  15. got th 16th 17th and 18th off work so im up for it
  16. im game for it
  17. hey guys got this frame a cupple of weeks ago and finaly got out for a ride today. it feels so much more comfy to ride than my czar. tell me what you think peace kyle
  18. thanks for all the posotive comments guys
  19. yea man i luv to whack an inspired seat on it but the seat tube is about as thick as your thumb whitch sucks. got any ideas for an adaptor ?
  20. crusty roll tescos garlic and onion dip,roast beef ,cheritso and regge regge sause
  21. you no its christ mas when the muppets christmas carol is on XD
  22. well penguin is all sold out as far as i no and wd need to work out postage and it would be easyer to send to just 1 person or just order from our website ?
  23. yea man im a trainee brewer with them
  24. how would buying a cheep whisky or vodka and mixing it with your favorate beer be the same . at brewdog after we have first fermented the the wart with yeast to make the alcohol we then age the beer for tactical nuclear penguin in whisky casks for 15 months to give it more flavour then it was frozen twice to minus 20 and the ice removed to leave a more pure alcohle this was done twice if you could do all this in your own home fair play to everyone else who has bought our beer i hope you enjoy it kyle
  25. haha kwality that was fun XD