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  1. tecneque and persistence is the key a lot of people fail the 1st time or just bail out then say its to high it does not make sense you have to belive ...
  2. its in Essex just off the a12 / a13 I'm only 14 so I'm not brilliant at directions
  3. Hi , I live in pitsea and wondered if anyone lived near me and fancied a ride , I do not know anyone local to me ! Thank you , Jack .
  4. On my mod I have had the same pair of creepy crawlers since last Christmas because I got them for a present the tread is great still and I ride 3 times a week minimum
  5. I got my adamant up and running today and would recomend one to anyone its short and strong so you would probibly go from BMX to a adamant very east (mod / 20")
  6. I use my iPod and can not download the spell check but i enjoy the forum plus im a bit thick
  7. Mabey a year is an exaduration but really I just want to know what to do to become a member
  8. hi, Ive been on the forum for about a year now and still have not been validated its really annoying as i would like to buy a lot of things of the forum and cant . how long did it take you guy's?
  9. at the monent i have it in bits just for cleaning i probibly wont get it back together til saturday do you want pics od all the bits seperate or wate til saturday for a picture of the whole bike or both ?
  10. take them off dry them out put hairspray on the inside of the grip and the tinyest piece of tar on the bars
  11. what's your e-mail address I'll send pictures to you probibly Saturday . Are you okay to pick up from Essex ?
  12. I hate t vee and t birds , I have a onza t pro with maggie hydro rim brakes on for sale if you interested say £150.?
  13. I'm retarded , I learned to sidehop to my left ( I'm left foot forward ) so learned to do it the "correct" way but I can not do small sidehops the correct way now I do small sidehops to my left and over about 2-3foot I go to my left .... If any of that made sense ?
  14. Tartybikes are brilliant next day delivery every time helpfull on the phone and orders are correct