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  1. Dont get one i have had 2 and thay have both broken.
  2. yh it rides very nice very differnt to my old stock but i am all ready getting used to it.
  3. Im getting a new front tyer and bash ring soon hope you like it.
  4. would you sell your echo light for 400

  5. It's sold and nah i would have

  6. Meat at sloped walls 12 ish. I will be with some of my mates.
  7. would you sell the czar for 350

  8. hello i am very interested in you 20" echo i might buy it of you need to ask my dad


  9. I have found a set of try all forks on ebay look
  10. The dub step song is caspa - cockney violin.
  11. I have been riding for nearly 2 years now and its a phase 1.1 but i wont to got a mod soon.
  12. sorry about the quality, its of my phone.
  13. hello are you selling that echo bike because if you are i am very interested.

  14. i was wondering if you would sell your dob for 260 as that it has a crack in the frame thanks jacob.

  15. Do you know Tarty will be getting some in.