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  1. I only just shaved today and by the time you were over with that static at 1:10 my beard had grown up again! I liked the mix of doing something playful on a wee kerb and in the next clip you’re doing a 1.40cm hook up. Super chilled, well controlled and enjoyable to watch!
  2. Think the riding was decent but the edit didn’t do it justice. When I saw a big TGS title I was like “yesss” and kind of expecting a more aggressive feel to the video. You suit that ozonys!
  3. I’ve got the headset cups with bearings in them but I’m missing a race crown and a bearing cup and I can’t seem to find any online. Are there any other brands which are compatible with Chris king 1 1/8 nothreadset? Cheers Nas
  4. Just finished building the atomz as a spare mod bike but since I’ve never posted my other one I took photos of the two.
  5. Cheers mate, autocorrect needs to up its trials chat
  6. Just remember there was an old monty video from like 10 years ago where the frame was modded with a rear shock for extra bounce. Can’t seem to find it online. Does anyone have that in their archives? Nas
  7. Hi mate, grab a file and file/sand off the paint off the rear rim. If you’re struggling for decent pads a bit of tar will definitely help. Next step would be to get yourself some decent pads (I’ve used yellow and blue heatsinks and black adm pads and I’m happy with any of those). As Ross mentioned putting a brake booster on is another thing to consider. Stops the bike from bending and protects the hoses cos they snap quite easily if you were to accidentally step on them. Finally to make the brake feel stiff try to adjust the callipers/pads to be perfectly parallel to the rim. You’ll also notice there is a wee hidden screw towards the end of the lever blade. Screw that in to bring the blade closer to the bars if you have short fingers like me. Would definitely recommend upgrading to metal tpa and a metal piston. I’ve always water bled my brakes and they seem to work ideal. Have a look at Ali Clarksons latest vlog on YouTube for other tips and brake adjustments. I don’t really know much about disc brakes but cleaning the rotor with spirit should help.
  8. My bad. Samovar was that Russian guy on a echo lite And the czar video was Stay On Mod
  9. Not entirely sure if that’s correct but there was an old series of Russian trials videos called samovar (самовар) and the second one was a mad guy on a 20” czar like that. Worth finding it for inspiration..
  10. Guys guys, you’re taking this wrong. I’m not arguing that you don’t have the right to be introverted or shy or not wanting to be centre of attention.. all I’m saying is that there is nothing shameful in falling off the bike and if anybody’s laughing at you it means that they’re morons. I don’t particularly like strangers standing to the side and watching me whilst riding. But you just need to find a way of avoiding making yourself feel self conscious. You either wait for people to walk past or if they engage in a chat and ask you to “do some stunts for them” (I hate that cos it makes me feel like a clown) just sit on the bike and say you’re having a break until they leave. If you’re based in the city there’s always going to be people passing by and you need to learn to deal with them. Leaving your favourite spot won’t solve the problem and it shouldn’t be that way. Peace
  11. Read all the comments above and genuinely I don’t get why everyone is being so self conscious. Especially coming from people who are so good at trials! After all, trials is an extreme sport and is street based most of the time. It’s all about challenging yourself and crashing is part of the whole thing. Having said an “extreme sport” makes me think of other examples like bmx, skate boarding, snowboarding, parkour etc etc.. and in all those videos I’ve seen there are people absolutely smashing themselves a lot worse than we do in trials. And that’s only because none of those sports are easy. If anyone laughs at that it only shows how much of a knob they are. Next time someone’s being cheeky just hand them your bike and say “do you want to try?”
  12. I’ve got a cheap tripod off eBay, a few fish eye lenses and I’m using my phone. A bit annoying if I’m to ride out of reach in case somebody decided to steal it so constantly need to keep an eye.
  13. Got a second hand bike which I’m now servicing and it came with some random mix and match internal headset. I’ll need to get a new one but looking at the frame it seems like it needs an integrated headset instead. Can anyone confirm what kind of a headset I should go for? Thanks, Nas
  14. Was just about to comment the same
  15. Hi all, I’ve logged on the forum from both android and iOS phones and I always seem to be unable to view some of photos and any videos people upload on their posts. I’m not sure if that’s it in general with the mobile version of the site or maybe there’s an option I need to tick on my profile? Sometimes photos will appear as broken links which won’t load and videos will load on a separate tab but won’t play. See screenshots attached below. And something else I’ve found useful using other apps is when you swipe left and right to go back and forth which doesn’t seem working on the forum here. So I always need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and use the wee arrows to go back a page. That’s not so much of a big deal but it would be useful if I could just swipe right. Nas