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  1. Dafuq has happened to this place.
  2. Thank you for the suggestions. Talking to someone who could make them for me in aluminium, within the price range I had in mind. If that falls apart I will get them 3D printed!
  3. I stopped riding cos Southampton is dead for trials. Still have my mod, need to bump my for sale thread actually. Dont know if you speak to Revolver much but he's out in South Korea. Been there for a while.
  4. Probably just alu or steel will be fine. I thought about getting it 3D printed but it needs to withstand heat of about 100 degree C. I know some 3D printing material melts higher than that but it probably won't last multiple uses under that heat.
  5. Been a while. How is every one? The last time I asked this it was greg1040 (hasn't been on for a while his profile shows) that helped me out. I haven't spoken to him for a while but I believe he changed jobs or something. Anyway. I have some small things I need made, I don't know anyone around here or a local business that does this kind of thing so perhaps someone here can help again! I've attached some photos below of what I need made. The design is not final but you get an idea of what it looks like. Overall dimension is about 40mm x 40mm x 30mm, and I'll need 4 made. Thanks in advance!
  6. Nothing much on my end. Been doing other projects and haven't finished the above guitar still (non matching pickups is still annoying me). Only just started playing again yesterday after a few months break.
  7. That recording of the noise sounds like something is vibrating, perhaps something loose inside you case. You checked that?
  8. Thanks but their 4 core CY cables CSA is too big. I found some at farnell, orderd it earlier, hopefully their measurements and tech spec sheets are correct. Thanks for the help guys.
  9. Both cables have too many cores. Yes I can just not connect them but that's half a cable wasted essentially.
  10. Anyone know where I can find the type of wire like in the photo below? It's common in guitar pickups. It's 4 core, one bare wire and shielded. Outer diameter is about 3mm. I need reels of this stuff, like 100 meters. Doesn't have to be 3 mm OD, 4 mm OD preferably but must be shielded. I manage to find something similar in maplins but it's 22 awg and OD is over 4.5mm which is too fat. Anyone?
  11. If you switch to perspex, this place can do custom laser cutting on plastics for like £20 and you can probably get multiples of the same panel in the size they can cut up to (384 x 384mm). You can upload .eps files and the website will automatically give you a quote. I've only gotten a quote from them though, never an actual piece cos I'm too lazy to finish my projects lol. Maybe you can be the guinea pig so I can see how well their laser cutting is.
  12. I got me a Ducky Shine 5 mechanical keyboard while I was out in Hong Kong. This is the coolest f**king thing I've bought in a while!
  13. Is the SSD your main drive? If not could unplug it and try transfer to another drive to see if there's the noise.
  14. Bump. Anyone getting a raspberry pi 3? Updated specs and built in wifi might actually be worth me getting one and turning it into a mini media playing machine of some kind to stream stuff. I have the first pi B but that thing was a slow potato.