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  1. Avid Guide R here, still bedding in, but they are crazy powerful compared to my old Deores, the lever is super comfortable, Im really enjoying them at the moment, I wouldn't mind giving a set of TRP G spec ago, they look amazing. https://trpcycling.com/product/g-spec/ Still not actually used Magura on an MTB yet, you don't see so many out and about on the trails, there's always good old hope? they just don't tick a box for me, they look a bit OTT and the levers are uncomfortable
  2. Go here, you will have answer in 24 hours, reddits amazin. https://www.reddit.com/r/whatisthisthing/
  3. What bike are you riding james?
  4. if your socks are too thick then you won't be able to move your toes? ar you clipped in or out?
  5. First day of working from home... I built an office with a view of the garden, and now I'm here.. not much happening it seems.
  6. I'm sensing sarcasm, but I'm going for it anyway https://www.pinkbike.com/news/fabio-wibmer-switches-to-canyon.html
  7. i don't know why, but I love that, even with the weird thic forks. I think its the carbon smoothness that does it for me, I'm out of touch, but the geo looks a little backwards to me? last bike I had was a HEX which looks very different
  8. What took us so long, shouldn't we have been arguing about this weeks ago? So whos off work, whos sick, whos scared, whos not bought toilet paper and is bitter about everyone else getting there first?
  9. Manual machine?
  10. Well this is fun
  11. maybe he's so used to such terrible bikes given that he grew up with those awful months
  12. Why is otpi riding a f**king fixie with a 2006 Monty bar and stem. oh god.
  13. i might be drunk of my tits, but that was fantastic, I'm pretty sure he was using a magura gustav? his bike control is on point. i wonder what he does now as a 49 year old man? blah blah emotional bike talk
  14. cmon man, uncalled for haha
  15. what a sick place to live, looks amazing
  16. was it at least free?
  17. i need more info..
  18. I had a Nukeproof scout 290 (29") and really didnt get on well with the big wheels, i think i spend to much time doing party tricks than actual pedaling, so the smaller wheels are far more fun for me I'm just about to pull the trigger on a new hard tail (27.5) ill update you all when it happens!
  19. you f**king nailed that. your right 4:30 onwards is amazing
  20. just a bunch of bad jocks.
  21. did you find the video of you and JTM? Edit: also none of Jansons videos work anymore, so thanks mate. now I'm sad.
  22. Sat here drinking beer watching Tricks and stunts on youtube, Christ I'm pretty sure I can remember it word for word. I really need to ride with Hans ray to tick him off my list I've also never found an actual decent picture of Hawzees round tube'd giant. any help
  23. dont be daft
  24. There must be a seat somewhere!
  25. man we wore a lot of large blue jeans and hoodies