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  1. that was boarder line sexual.
  2. I came here hoping for another poor attempt at a self-promoted "trailer" but that actually looks decent and I'm looking forward to watching it
  3. God bless Kevin for churning out some awesome videos. The Maestro Team is looking pretty good now.
  4. Blast from the past
  5. These new tri lite things look the tits.
  6. I still love every single video Akrigg has ever put his name to, its awesome to see the girtty hard work that goes in to his bangers. I would have thought we would be hope through and through too? must be a sponsorship conflict?
  7. so he's been taken by this ghost?
  8. Alright guys, Ive recently moved to bath and looking for some trails, (and bicycles friends) Can anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers Dave.
  9. Im so slow on climbs some times that its only my 18 years experience as a trials rider that keep me upright. i might be slow, but god dammit can i track stand.
  10. I always had a crush on this "guyzer bikes" that popped up in MBUK one month. Sorry for the horrible screen shots too..
  11. JJ Gregorwicz Cresent from the biketrials.com days, looking at it now it looks a real pig The updated version just looked incredible too! Neil Reis Brisa B26 always looked amazing, i actually owned one and it turned out to be an absolute sack of shit, still pretty though. And to this day ive never seen one of these in the flesh, the DBR trials bike, always loved it.
  12. I wasn't being lazy, just drunk at the time. in hindsight the music is a bit shouty..
  13. You've made a sale.
  14. Soooo.. Hibernation? anyone at least have the DVD? we can work from there
  15. Plus one for hibernation! Can we throw out a forum wide net for this? @MadManMike Ive only just moved to the area, i was in Bristol today after watching Get 1 eyeing up all the spots!
  16. get 2!
  17. I love that the comp and street scene used to get on together as one, (with some exceptions..) imagine seeing Tim turn up on his steel Pashley at a comp now a days. watching this really has made dislike the sport today. What a bloody shame.
  18. I remember Waking up at around 7 am with a tent hang over to TRA and wayne doing some ridiculous stuff in buthiers, it was cold wet and damp, that gap at 6:07 is still huge.
  19. Its interesting how much of a chore the bikes Look to keep on the front wheel unlike todays UCI numbers. Matts KOT does not look like it wants to go.
  20. Wasn't there a Leeson Resurgence Rumour flying around not so long ago?
  21. Was Danny very much on the scene at the time of the Edd tongue frames? when was Matt staples ripping about on that inspired proto?
  22. Sram AXS (the MTB version) was released today i think and thats $2000 Not as expensive as XTR DI2 at $2800 apparently, Sram also dropped the rockshox Wireless Reverb at $800... f**k that.