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  1. Nice Video Mate Some Good Stuff In There , Improving Fast Ride Soon x
  2. Hey ill be down with a few mate as james knows anyway see you down rocks boys . x
  3. Hey ,. Just found a pile of old clips i thought id just throw into a short video . . Sadly im Back To The Monty As 2 of my rear mounts on my adamant threaded , Looks Like More Natty for Me . anyway hope you like it . thanks jack x
  4. Hey . me and a few mates are riding herne bay tommorow , Be good if a few more riders came , 10at rocks . thank jack .x.
  5. Hi , This Is My Mate Jake Esler , Just Put a Few Clips Together for him :turned: , Only A few Clips , Comments Welcome . Many Thanks Jack .x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M8RkUhxMEg
  6. Dean Dean Dean , Just don't stop getting better everytime We Ride , Maybe Should Think About taking a break im falling behind haha , Nice Vid Matey Oh And cant forget the bike MMMM Haha x
  7. Hello , Me and a few herne bay lads are popping up ramsgate tommorow , It'll be good if we had more people come along Lets say meet at Rocks 10.30. 11. thanks Jack x.
  8. Yeap James , good to see you riding , havent rode with you for ages Jack..
  9. Because you no your rong mate im not arguing Lol x
  10. And xbox get more Online , Such as Partchat so you dont have to talk in gamechat 24/7 , and better market place , Avatars , Sky Tv , so mate , i think youll find more people would have xbox dont you
  11. Not being rude , But thats why More People Have xbox , and the richest man in the world owns Xbox MMMMMMM and more adverts for games are xbox , so overall xbox is the best , Thanks x
  12. Add me if you like you lot , i have it and i love it lots my gamertag is xQ Tactical Add me if you wish , makes more freinds Haha On xbox Live
  13. Well Most of the herne bay Lot , Just trying to sort quite a big ride out on here x
  14. Hi , Me and a few mates are riding herne bay this saterday , Be good if a few more riders would come anyone welcome . Meet at herne bay rocks at 11 , 12 .... thanks jack x.
  15. Joe , Getting Good Mate , Sidehops Are Getting Pretty Big to Ride soon Yeah x