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  1. Once this is built and we’re out of lockdown, think you should get in touch with Akrigg and meet up with him and film a video and see what he remembers about the bike. Plus he might enjoy being reunited with a replica of what he used to ride.
  2. I was at a British Comp round once and noticed Akrigg had done it on one of his Onza bikes, I asked him how he locked his out and he had done the same and just took the spring out and just set his gears up like normal. Simple and affective, plus it followed on with a lot of riders.
  3. New video of myself and Aaron Browne New and old clips from the last 3 years Edited by Aaron browne. Enjoy
  4. Why don’t you message Ashton direct on Instagram. He may have one hanging around spare, Wouldn’t hurt to ask. Send a photo of the bike at the same time.
  5. It could possibly be the pads, best ones I’ve used are either EBC reds which are really powerful once bedded in or Trialtech. Just make sure you get the right shape to match what you have.
  6. So Trials rider/ Filmer maker Nick Goddard had some free time to get GET2 uploaded to YouTube. Instagram page also available to browse -
  7. Rode with him a few months back in Bristol. Seems he’s getting back on the horse, weather hasn’t been particularly great down south so possibly once the weather DOES pickup most of us and Ben should be around. Not sure if he’s on social media still.
  8. This might be off the topic a little. But I find it crazy that Vee brakes have done another full circle and come back in to the limelight, even though there is the odd person still running them on the front. Only person I know that never went away from them running F+R was Dan Jones from Bournemouth area. But just seeing someone last year riding the worlds with them is a bigger picture. Sorry can’t remember his name ( I’m all street )
  9. Should definitely be around. Including a few others.
  10. I do remember seeing Chris at one of the last bike shows running a blue Zaskar with mongoose stickers before half way through the wkd mongoose sent him a mongoose black jump frame to build up. Pretty sure there a picture looming around I might try and find.