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  1. Shimano zee’s front and rear with EBC red pads and shimano icetech rotors 203mm. Not had any problems with them for the last 2 years almost now. Couple of crashes and marks on them, other then that there good brakes for around £80 each new. Would like to try the new Shimano deore XT M8020’s which come in 4piston as well. They Cost a little bit more, but I’m guessing the weight difference and with a lever adjustment added. Zee’s just have an Allen key to adjust them.
  2. three different places
  3. It’s actually meant to be mounted to your dropout hanger. So your kinda missing the bolt which mounts it on there.
  5. All capliers snap, only reason is because of the brake adapter being so weak. If you run a big fat one as I showed in my previous post you won’t have a problem. The fin weak ones like shimano and hope adaptors don’t take the force. A lot more people these days have transferred to disc brakes which has made the numbers of brakes breaking or snapping. Only some people are lucky to not have the problem yet but I can admit I’ve had my fair share and noticed what’s strong and what lasts. But at the end of the day it’s your choice.
  6. Shimano 4 pot zee’s, saints or the new XT M8020 are brilliant. Fit a pair of Red EBC pads front and rear and you won’t want to run anything else. Also with matching ICE TECH or slx/zee rotors. Magura’s are good at first but so many people have snapped and cracked levers there not worth the cost, other people will differ as they haven’t had the problem yet. Shimano brakes are good for price, even the low spec deore’s, slx and XT 2 pots are good as long as you fit a good set of pads. Also the only problem why people think calipers break so easy is because you need a fat brake adapter to mount it to, not a weak fin Shimano one. Try Hayes or avid if you search for one.
  7. Interesting day Bespoked in Bristol today. I managed to see a lot of different types of hand built frames and bicycle company’s including this insane 24inch Bmx street trials bike from @baudou_bikes
  8. London
  9. If you start drilling holes in areas where I think you want to drill the frame/fork it will weaken and crack. The reason trials frames don’t have internal rooting or drainage holes is to stop cracks acquiring so it stays stiff for a length of time.