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  1. What part of the Uk you heading to?
  2. Claud Butler, I had one years ago and it had CBR printed on it. Crazy how popular the frames were to build as a trials/jump bike back then.
  3. Ted James seems to be producing some nice frames. He previously built Dan athertons 24inch Bmx also Curtis bikes are still around
  4. Hi dude, should be around that evening if you fancy a spin in porthcawl. Drop me a private message.
  5. Always wanted a pace trials bike. Found on google images. One of Akrigg’s first ever bikes I believe.
  6. Spanks are disc only ( remember Ali c trying one once with a rim brake ) but I wouldn’t recommend it for long purposes. Try and get a Mavic D521 or Mavic EX721 off eBay. I had no problems with them on my hex and other bikes till my setup changed over the years and I went to dual disc. Ran my mavics with discs then upgraded my rims to spanks. You can run a wider trials rim around 33/35mm I believe if you were struggling to find something. For pads anything really, I ran Heatsink for years and just put a bit of Tar on the rim and worked fine.
  7. I totally forgot to mention Ashton gave me a whole 24inch prototype bike to test for a little while which had the horizontal dropouts. I will have a browse on one of my old hard drives to see if I have a decent picture when I had it. Got some screen shots of it, but it is in the beginning of this video which we blanked out as it was hush hush at that time.
  8. I recently went through the garage to find my first ever Ashton Ed Tongue frame. Rode it till it cracked, then received a second one to ride which didn’t last long because I had a Leeson 24inch in brown colour on the way. That was around the time Matt berridge had a Curtis one made in Racing Green. Leeson made a few frames for certain people and it started to kick off. I went back to 26inch for a little while, then Inspired brought out the first 24inch fourplay too the public to buy in black. That frame is still around in my mates garage in mint condition. That followed on to the brown one then the Racing green. Then the Hex was on the cards..............
  9. 47 now, Fairplay.
  10. Any problems or questions with orders contact me direct on here privately or on instagram please.