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  1. I do believe someone mentioned Canyon contacted danny, but he went back to Santa Cruz saying they offered him a deal but Santa Cruz stepper up to give him a better one. Either way there both got great sponsors now, and Fabio pushing the boundaries further suits him with that team.
  2. Everyone has to work hard to get a sponsorship deal or money out of the sport in some way if there good at it. Either demos competitions or now YouTube/social media. He wants the fame and to enjoy cycling. MTB is changing bigger and better and we’re lucky trials is becoming a part of it again and being noticed now even if you have to ride a full suspension bike going big or riding trials on one. Plus the bonus is getting a big company like canyon to even think twice to make him a bike. Same as Santa Cruz with danny’s bike. Danny had to prove he was worthy of a sponsor through Santa Cruz before they even took him on. That’s why he borrowed bikes and did videos then Canyon contacted him for a deal. But he felt comfortable on a Santa Cruz, deal was made. If these guys worked hard for it, then they deserve it. Good luck to him, looking forward to seeing his videos and what Canyon will do for him.
  3. Mongoose suited him well, but a change is always good. Great to see a few clips never shown before till this cut.
  4. If there like the forks I ran years ago then they will be very heavy. Just had a look and there Weight is 1200g which is quite a lot. Is the cost stopping you buying something more effective for trials? There is a big variety of forks on the market for your needs. Just depends how much your willing to pay?
  5. I ran a 28h hope hub on a Mavis rim once. Had to have it straightened out on every ride I went on, so it kinda ended up worthless. Making the spokes tight enough won’t make much difference either. I even had @Ali C straighten it out once on street ride in Bristol.
  6. My 26 spank rims are doing the same, noticed other week when I built up a new hub. Shame it’s happening
  7. I just built up a new Pro 4 hub as spare because I rounded the ratchet in my last one and needed another hub straight away (sent it back to hope and they replaced the body, paws and springs for free) New ones tend to skip a bit at first as the grease inside needs to circulate around I believe, as it might be dry in areas of the hub. So maybe if you pedalled around a bit the skipping might wear off. But who knows, there could possibly be another problem if it’s happening a lot. Make sure everything is tight, including the lock ring holding the sprocket/spacers on.
  8. If you mean the ones with the tan sidewall? Then I wouldn’t recommend as the side walls are very thin and rip easy. Had a pair to try once and didn’t last.
  9. Running that setup won’t be a problem. I have a zee brake on my bike for the rear and it’s been great. Also I’m running a 203mm Shimano Deore XT floating rotor. Maybe if you still want power maybe try trialtech or like myself Red EBC pads. I find a rotor like that one has more material on it compared to any other rotors so it has more bite, a lot of rotors have big holes so they cool down going fast but for trials you don’t need that. It’s why I don’t run hopes or cheap rotors.
  10. What’s the main problem you are having with rotors? I haven’t used anything smaller then 203mm with a 4 piston caliper with Red EBC pads which works as a great setup.
  11. It’s still in testing mod atm, and I believe there’s one being ridden at this time. Can’t give any further details. If you want to know further contact Extension through there Instagram. links below
  12. I remember him being part of the Trialskings crew back in the day along side Danny Holroyd, Adam Burns, Dave Finny and James Hyland. Sadly Chris has passed away during a senior TT race, here’s more information RIP
  13. What part of the Uk you heading to?
  14. Claud Butler, I had one years ago and it had CBR printed on it. Crazy how popular the frames were to build as a trials/jump bike back then.