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  1. Ooooh yes yes yes yes yes
  2. Antoine Buffart is well worth a follow
  3. Possible due to a tendon issue? A lot of climbers use tape to ease pain caused by golfers/tennis elbow, so perhaps the same thing going one here but for his knee? Interestingly it's on his back leg. I remember that back when I was riding a lot (4-5 times a week) I also used to get a pain/twinge in my back leg too, especially when tucking on sidehops.
  4. Any reason for the lack of a dropper? Not a fan, or just not bought one for the new bike yet? Looking good btw
  5. I'm in Taunton but I'm afraid the trials bike hasnt been out of the loft for at least a year. I too pretty much only ride MTB now A few years back Yeovil had a little group going out on the regular if I remember right, no idea if they're still active though. As Mike said, Bristol is probably your best bet now
  6. First big bike in almost 10 years. Goes like a rocket and is so quiet it’s crazy.
  7. Not massively ‘into’ watches as such. Personally I’ve always just had a really nice Nixon face watch This is my current one
  8. Just call me grandad
  9. New car, doggo approved
  10. Washing the car with a 3500psi jetter. Overkill?
  11. You mean MIKE BECK!
  12. Is this the first order you've placed with them? I used to work for an online bike shop and any first time order from a foreign country worth over £100 we would ask them to confirm some details to prevent fraudulent transactions
  13. Sent home yesterday morning and today on full pay
  14. That’ll explain that rash ive had since our last ‘encounter’