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  1. @jack meek levels of cash
  2. How people live in the South East really is beyond me
  3. Bloody hell. On it! We didn't pack a single thing until around 1 week before moving day. Had a clear out about 2 weeks before and did a few runs to the dump though to get rid of a load of crap not worth moving.
  4. That looks incredible for £40k, top work dude. Fair play for doing as much of it yourself too, that's definitely way beyond my skills. We've got a couple of building firms coming out over the next few days to quote for a kitchen/diner extension at the back of ours
  5. We've also got a summerhouse at the bottom of the garden with power & phone cable. Just ordered a dart board & mini fridge
  6. Really?! Property market down here (Taunton) is mental at the moment
  7. Oh yeah! Today couldn't have gone better. It's all gone super smoothly and we were in by 2pm
  8. MIPS wont be a massive advantage in trials as its there to help mitigate the rotation forces when your helmet hits the ground when traveling at speed. Trails crashes are almost always from a static position so I wouldn't really see the need to pay the extra Personally I always preferred riding trials in skate/BMX style helmets such as the Protec. If you prefer MTB style, then I've been using a Bell 4Forty and absolutely love it
  9. See also the houses where each room has it's own colour scheme and they commit 100%. 'Feature' wall paper which matches the curtains, lampshades and cushions. Kitchens where the tiling, kettle/toaster and walls all match Hideous
  10. Wow, that really is quite something
  11. Christ Rowan that sounds horrendous!
  12. Just had the call. We've exchanged. Moving Weds 10th f**k yeah
  13. That's by far the most annoying thing, cause we are selling and moving we have to be out on a specific day as in theory the new owners stuff could arrive at any time. In a perfect world, i'd recruit a few mates and hire a luton van for the day. But its f**king lockdown and mid-week, so sort of going to have to use a removals company which is SUCH an eyewatering waste of cash when I think about it
  14. f**k me. The last 2 hours have literally taken years off my life. End of the chain needs to complete tomorrow at the latest cause the dozy pricks have booked a removals firm for Monday and if we don't exchange today then they'll lose their deposit. Our solicitors were still harassing our buyers and their solicitors because there was still confusion over whether they had the funds or not. -Also, to add more shite into this - our buyers live on the Isles of Scilly and due to bad weather the post hasn't been leaving for the last 2-3 days so they've today had to grant their solicitors (on the mainland) permission to sign on their behalf Because we didn't have an exchange date, we still didn't have buildings insurance set up until literally 1 hour ago when I had to retrieve a quote and get it all set up for right now and then e-mail off the documents to my solicitors incase we do manage to exchange today Now we are waiting to hear back in the next couple hours or so if we have exchanged so that we can get a removals firm booked in for Weds 10th and very short notice. Quotes have all been up around £900 to move less than 1 mile. Weds 10th also puts our move smack-bang in the middle of my standby week at work, so I'm frantically trying to find someone to cover/swap so I can get the time off FFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK
  15. Our completion date has been pushed back because of a miss-communication between our buyers and their solicitors with regards to them not having their funds together in time. f**ks me off cause we had 2 offers and we chose them specifically because they were cash buyers so no chain behind us to worry about. In early December they were also asking if we'd be prepared to move out into temporary accommodation as they wanted to be in before Xmas. So if you were potentially ready to drop the hammer in mid-December, wtf has changed between then and early January?! Pricks