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  1. Pedal treads are designed to be kept tight by the normal rotation of peddling forwards. But with trials, there is so much slow speed hopping/shocking and quick back peddling so the pedals don't naturally stay tight so well. Same with bottom bracket cups. Before/after every 2-3 rides nip the pedals tight again to avoid ruining the threads in your cranks
  2. Oh man he's at it again
  3. Ignored my phone all day then got some lads round on Saturday evening for pizza/beers to replay the live feed. What a race. That had everything you want from a WC downhill. Tricky conditions, new bikes/teams, riders coming back from injury so not knowing who's in form, last man down winner Loved it.
  4. Houses down our way have been going for 20-30K over asking price recently. It's bonkers
  5. Fingers crossed for you. At least once the contracts are exchanged you're pretty much all locked in
  6. Jumping aboard the 'British Gas Shithousery-Wagon' They're pricks. When we first moved into our first place 4 years ago we were with them for a while and were getting charged over double what we now pay with Bulb. Useless customer service too and a nightmare over the phone. Bulb have been great
  7. We've been busy at it since moving in February too. All our upstairs rooms have now been redecorated and shown some love. Most of the work in our bedroom, involving getting a radiator moved so we could change out where the bed was, and having an electrician adding some new sockets and lighting. Also wood panelled the wall the bed now sits against. Most importantly though we've now got our plans for the extension all drawn up and sent out to builders to quote on
  8. Wrong thread
  9. All of them
  10. Yep, I had the 1st gen Pro2 which had the issue with the hub shell cracking open. Hope replaced it under warranty with the newer Pro 2 and around 6-months later I stripped the threads of the ratchet ring. This is going back a good 10 years mind...
  11. It's a VERY popular machine and almost every coffee Youtube channel has done a tutorial/tips video on it, but I've found there is also a great deal of bullshit banded around. By far the most useful and straightforward is by this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0g8umpINGQ&t=463s He's done a load of vids and they're all real good. There is SO much information out there about espresso it's a proper minefield to a new starter. I'd 100% recommend a good set of scales and the distributor/tamp tool. Also, order some beans direct from a local/decent independent roasters and they'll give you some good advice for what dose/grind setting is best for what they're providing you
  12. Bought one of these: It's amazing. Now spending far too much time learning how to properly use it and pretending I'm a barista
  13. Ahh balls man, how come?
  14. I can only assume whoever wrote that has never actually visited WSM themselves. What an insufferable shithole
  15. Frankly outrageous