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  1. This is a forum for bicycle trials my man. You'll be best off asking around on the Trials Central forum https://www.trialscentral.com/
  2. Britannia Lanes - Southwest firm who cover nationwide removals. Always heard good things about them
  3. @Ross McArthur you still have anything to do with Marino?
  4. Considering they're £15.99 for a complete pair brand new I think its safe to assume that they'll fit fine, but will be utter dogshit at locking a wheel
  5. These BB7's were the tits. Then newer ones were prone to snapping at the mounts.
  6. Also in the somewhat lucky camp here too. I'm an essential drainage worker for the public water company so have still been working full-time hours with almost no change to how we work. My other half is a finance manager for the county council, dealing with adult social care finance, so what with all the hospitals shifting elderly patients onto care homes, her work load has gone through the roof. She's working from home, but still full time and on full wage Really feel for those who've lost jobs & businesses through all this
  7. Yep, got a few mates still in the bike shop/industry and they've all been absolutely flat out
  8. Always used the Z610HX. Back when I was riding regularly (3-4 times a week) I would change my chain every 3-4 months. Even when my riding dropped off a bit to weekends only I would still change it every 6-months
  9. Got Guides on my Commencal Meta AM enduro rig, and have always thought they were massively under-powered for the bike, but haven't had the funds to spank on some new stoppers. However, I've just had the bike back from a full strip down service and re-bleed of the brakes and my mechanic (Amped Cycleworx on Insta) recommended swapping out the pads for a set of Galfer Pro's. Couple of the racers who Sam supports at EWS level have been running them for a while and rave about them. I've been on the green 'pro' pads now for a few rides and can confirm they've transformed my brakes. Saving me a small fortune in a full new setup
  10. Or don't. They are saying that it's perfectly OK to enjoy the outdoors, just ensure that everyone keeps a reasonable distance from one another. Will millions now out of work or working from home getting some time outside is going to be essential for a lot of people's mental health. I for one will still be out on the hills mountain biking this weekend, as well as taking the dog out to the beach. I benefit from having a front-line job working on emergency reactive works for the water authority, so am still out and about every day. But I really feel sorry for those who are being pressured into feeling they literally cannot leave their homes. Yes, stay away from busy shops. Yes, stay out of pubs/restaurants etc. But "stay the f**k indoors you selfish c**ts" - f**k off
  11. Yeah thats the one. On the upside working with sewage on a daily basis means our immune systems are pretty resilient
  12. I still raced MTB enduro at the weekend with a turnout of over 250 riders, and I'm still heading off to Wales for a riding weekend with 10 guys. The Mrs has a sore throat but no other symptoms. I work for the waterboard out on reactive work so have no option from working from home and regardless of how serious this outbreak gets i'll still have to be out working so long as i'm healthy
  13. I think i should be more concerned about it, but I'm really just not.