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  1. All of them
  2. Yep, I had the 1st gen Pro2 which had the issue with the hub shell cracking open. Hope replaced it under warranty with the newer Pro 2 and around 6-months later I stripped the threads of the ratchet ring. This is going back a good 10 years mind...
  3. It's a VERY popular machine and almost every coffee Youtube channel has done a tutorial/tips video on it, but I've found there is also a great deal of bullshit banded around. By far the most useful and straightforward is by this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0g8umpINGQ&t=463s He's done a load of vids and they're all real good. There is SO much information out there about espresso it's a proper minefield to a new starter. I'd 100% recommend a good set of scales and the distributor/tamp tool. Also, order some beans direct from a local/decent independent roasters and they'll give you some good advice for what dose/grind setting is best for what they're providing you
  4. Bought one of these: It's amazing. Now spending far too much time learning how to properly use it and pretending I'm a barista
  5. Ahh balls man, how come?
  6. I can only assume whoever wrote that has never actually visited WSM themselves. What an insufferable shithole
  7. Frankly outrageous
  8. Lets not forget there is more to the UK than London, and 'up north' And more importantly, this key phrase - South West is Best
  9. @jack meek levels of cash
  10. How people live in the South East really is beyond me
  11. Bloody hell. On it! We didn't pack a single thing until around 1 week before moving day. Had a clear out about 2 weeks before and did a few runs to the dump though to get rid of a load of crap not worth moving.
  12. That looks incredible for £40k, top work dude. Fair play for doing as much of it yourself too, that's definitely way beyond my skills. We've got a couple of building firms coming out over the next few days to quote for a kitchen/diner extension at the back of ours
  13. We've also got a summerhouse at the bottom of the garden with power & phone cable. Just ordered a dart board & mini fridge
  14. Really?! Property market down here (Taunton) is mental at the moment
  15. Oh yeah! Today couldn't have gone better. It's all gone super smoothly and we were in by 2pm