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  1. Or don't. They are saying that it's perfectly OK to enjoy the outdoors, just ensure that everyone keeps a reasonable distance from one another. Will millions now out of work or working from home getting some time outside is going to be essential for a lot of people's mental health. I for one will still be out on the hills mountain biking this weekend, as well as taking the dog out to the beach. I benefit from having a front-line job working on emergency reactive works for the water authority, so am still out and about every day. But I really feel sorry for those who are being pressured into feeling they literally cannot leave their homes. Yes, stay away from busy shops. Yes, stay out of pubs/restaurants etc. But "stay the f**k indoors you selfish c**ts" - f**k off
  2. Yeah thats the one. On the upside working with sewage on a daily basis means our immune systems are pretty resilient
  3. I still raced MTB enduro at the weekend with a turnout of over 250 riders, and I'm still heading off to Wales for a riding weekend with 10 guys. The Mrs has a sore throat but no other symptoms. I work for the waterboard out on reactive work so have no option from working from home and regardless of how serious this outbreak gets i'll still have to be out working so long as i'm healthy
  4. I think i should be more concerned about it, but I'm really just not.
  5. Genuinely thought this was going to be terrible. MTB trials is generally cringe at best. Glad they opted for basically a filmed mess-about format, was a fun watch. Nice thing with Danny in vids like these is his personality comes across really well
  6. His technical ability still blows my mind. Remember riding nationals when he was tiny and his balance was on another level even then. As he's got older/bigger/stronger he's not lost any of that, just now combines it with huge moves. Nobody else rides like him
  7. Another Bulb customer here. Been great so far. Bills have reduced massively compared to what BG were charging us. Also super easy to talk to on the phone, and the referral code has saved us even more money as my mum and bro have also switched
  8. Robbie Knox is a new discovery after being suggested his ski resort review of Bulgaria https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiL_jwS4FtJgzuGsGY9ySEw
  9. Shit.
  10. Had to vote Lib Dem as Labour haven't a chance in my area. Anything to not have the Tories in for another term Also not a huge fan of Corbyn himself, and I think Labour are going a bit far with the whole free wifi etc plans. And from a personal standpoint I really don't want to go down to route of re-nationalising the water (and other utilities) companies.
  11. Bell 4forty. Not that i ride trials anymore anyway - but its the best fitting trail type helmet ive ever had
  12. Ooooooh yes! What a machine, love watching Charlie ride. Got a style like nobody else
  13. I always replaced my chain every 3-4 months whether it was broken or not. Trials places such an intense strain on a chain it aint worth risking the potential broken teeth/face/wrists
  14. In hell where they belong....
  15. Re-build and play. Restore it if you want, but it wont be worth any more as a result
  16. Prawn sounds like a pilot when they do their little cabin chat
  17. Ooooh yes yes yes yes yes
  18. Antoine Buffart is well worth a follow
  19. Possible due to a tendon issue? A lot of climbers use tape to ease pain caused by golfers/tennis elbow, so perhaps the same thing going one here but for his knee? Interestingly it's on his back leg. I remember that back when I was riding a lot (4-5 times a week) I also used to get a pain/twinge in my back leg too, especially when tucking on sidehops.
  20. Any reason for the lack of a dropper? Not a fan, or just not bought one for the new bike yet? Looking good btw
  21. I'm in Taunton but I'm afraid the trials bike hasnt been out of the loft for at least a year. I too pretty much only ride MTB now A few years back Yeovil had a little group going out on the regular if I remember right, no idea if they're still active though. As Mike said, Bristol is probably your best bet now
  22. First big bike in almost 10 years. Goes like a rocket and is so quiet it’s crazy.
  23. Not massively ‘into’ watches as such. Personally I’ve always just had a really nice Nixon face watch This is my current one