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  1. Could have injured your A2 pulley. Common climbing injury where you overload the force on your fingers
  2. S'all good. We jest, but Adele's no way near that kinda crazy. Just average woman crazies. She's a keeper
  3. Good thing she ain't on the pill then ay?!
  4. Placed a deposit on this little dude a couple of days ago. Patterjack x Lakeland, who'll soon be going by the name of Fergus Picking him up for good in just under 2 weeks
  5. oops, wrong thread
  6. But surely the tension on the string would prevent the bike from going forward. Only if the string was slack could the bike move forward, but by pulling on the string, the bike is essentially leashed so could only either: stay in one place, if the tension put on the string equaled that of the forward pedalling force or, the bike would be dragged backward if the force pulling on the string exceeded the pedalling force. The rear wheel would indeed turn forward, the bike would not
  7. Log burner fitted today. f**k yeah
  8. On hot toast. Every morning. Or, for a real treat. Toast a couple crumpets, then spread over with Marmite. Then top with cheese and pop under the grill so all the cheese melts down into the holes.
  9. This isn't the first time I've re-posted this. But everytime I watch this @jamesb video I'm smiling
  10. Pics or it didn't happen R'bird
  11. That's awesome dude
  12. For now, I'm on the jetting operations team. So if someone does a massive log and it won't get down the drains I'll rock up with my gert pokie/jetty stick and sort it. Not the most glamorous job, but to be honest I'm just so damn stoked to be out from behind a desk and doing something active. It's also nice in that it can lead onto much more in the future
  13. I'm on the Sewage side of things
  14. Wahoo. New job and potential 'career' prospects. +1 grownup point I'm on a roll
  15. And just like that - I've been offered a new job! Solid secure position with Wessex Water. Totally new, full training provided and a healthy 6k increase on my current wage. f**k yeah
  16. Bought a house! +1 grownup point
  17. The issue here is learning costs. I'm 26 and am days away from picking the keys up to my first house (together with the other half). I'm not in a position where I can afford to pay to re-train, and the days of living cheap at home and doing an apprenticeship have long passed. The other problem is that my other half works for the local council in their finance team and earns absolutely f**k all. Like seriously f**k all. I already pay more on the bills etc to make it fair, but it's like she feels cause I earn an extra couple hundred a month I should be able to pull money out of thin air at any given moment. I've mentioned her having to find a new job and she didn't even entertain it. It's a total b*****d. I'm so totally done with where I'm working, but finding a viable and sustainable way out is proving difficult
  18. Fed up of earning f**k all, but struggling to see a way forward with things. I need a change of career direction, but with a background based in retail I feel so limited Feel like I'm going to be trapped for ever in f**king sales
  19. All personalised plates are shit
  20. Whatever it is, it's not from a trials brand
  21. Watched 'The Big Short' last night. Great film, but also bloody terrifying. Especially as I'm in the middle of buying a house ATM! Also watched 'The Nice Guys' a few days ago. Loved it, very clever, very funny face-value comedy
  22. f**king ace day on Saturday. Two of my Dartmoor projects put to bed - I've been trying Dancing Queen for almost a year!
  23. First tattoo for me. Had it done by Roma Severov in Warsaw while on a weekend away to Poland a couple of weeks ago. Been liking his designs and work for a while, so booked in with him a few months ago. Love it