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  1. Unit looks awesome Robin, so when are we building the training board?!
  2. So then chaps. Referendum is in just over 2 weeks. Interested to see what the general TF consensus is
  3. Hopefully they run Middleburn better than Middleburn did. It was a f**king shambles
  4. Even I'm dragging my sorry ass out on the bike this weekend! You about on Sunday?
  5. You'll easily spend a day just at Bone Hill. If you were going to do 2 tors in one day, I'd go for Hound Tor (1/3rd of the day), followed by Bone Hill for the remaining 2/3rds.
  6. Bone Hill has be far the most riding, is easily found and you can park right next to it Other east Dartmoor venues worth a visit would be: Hound Tor Saddle Tor If you end up further west down nearer Plymouth, then head up to Pork Hill and simply park up where ever and pick a tor! These will all entail a longer walk-in, but are all worth a visit Around Burrator Resovoir you've got Sheepstor, Combeshead Tor and Down Tor. All good for a laugh, but again a decent length of walk-in
  7. Aww yisss
  8. There is still major spamming on the DJ memorial page. Is anything in the pipeline to sort this - I'd imaging its pretty rough for those who go on their to voice their feelings when needed and it's just been left to clog up. This was mentioned a while back too. Is there no way of adding one of those boxes where you have to copy the letters/numbers to prove its a real person posting?
  9. Looks like there's been a batch of crap getting through recently
  10. Yarp, been told i'll be looking at around that same cost to get mine fixed up. Gutted. Supposed to be saving for a f**king mortgage...
  11. Motorway. Lost power. Turbo shafted. £££ repairs. I hate cars
  12. Went to Anglesey earlier in the year for a week. Ended up spending most of the week around Llanberis area trying to sneak off for a climb. Was planning a city break to Warsaw with Adele later in the year but my car has just gone bang so that may be scuppered. Going to be booking a villa in Mallorca next year for a climbing trip
  13. Brake is 1.6mm, and gear is generally 1.2mm (except Sram and Rohloff which is 1.1mm) Not all heads are the same though. Campag and some Sram cables differ to 'standard' Shimano cables. Any idea which type you need dimensions for?
  14. I sent off my IN vote by post yesterday.
  15. Same thing happened to my Octavia. It's a common fault apparently. The grease they install in the little motor from new gradually gets gunky and hardens and eventually the little plastic wheels strip. If you catch it early though, you can just squirt a load of GT85 in there and it'll work again. This does require getting the boot open first though - Luckily my boot can be opened manually from the inside
  16. In boring sensible car news, this made me very happy yesterday
  17. I rode a trials bike yesterday. It was actually pretty fun.
  18. This did nothing but remind me how much I hate headcam footage.
  19. Hello lovely folk Me and Rich Pearson need to be in Harrogate on Sunday at 8am. Rather than leave here at 3am , would anyone be able to offer us some floor/sofa/spare-room space for Saturday night? Pizza can be provided Cheers, Josh
  20. Hi Everyone We've been training hard for the last couple of months and this Saturday myself and my girlfriend Adele are entering the 10k Rock Solid event in Exeter, in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust. http://rocksolid.life/obstacles/ Adele’s younger sister was diagnosed with cancer early last year and the TCT have been amazing in supporting her throughout her treatment and are continuing to do so now she is in remission. If anyone would like give a little towards our fundraising that would be amazing. Our page can be found here: https://www.justgiving.com/Adele-Williams6 Cheers!!
  21. Done it on a few occasions. Normally just stamp on their head. Came across a sheep that had been mauled by a dog and then had it's eyes pecked out by crows too. Poor thing was not in a good way. Had to club that one with a rock, then drive round to the farm to let them know
  22. The other chap seriously worth following is Joacim. He's spent all winter lifting and his power is f**king ridiculous
  23. Check out Andrei's instagram. He regularly posts little clips of his gym training - all of which is pretty specific This being a perfect example -
  24. You know the rules Dan. Pics of both or you're bullshitting and this is your date