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Status Updates posted by J.KYDD

  1. Anyone looking for a stock frame?

  2. Halloween Tunnel ride was siiiick

  3. blue skittles - f**k yeah

  4. Hey man, on the next name change batch can you set mine as



  5. Got it pretty much how i want it now, Cheers dude

  6. Im touched. Im in your profile picture. big loveeeeeex

  7. Dude, check out the west bay ride thread.

    AAAAh yeah!!

  8. Dude, get your ass up this way for the west bay ride.

    and bring your lot up with you

  9. haha, yeh thats me!

    was an interseting 5minutes

  10. hey rich man its josh, finally got myself sorted out and on here!

    so pissed i missed the bristol ride, craig said it was awesome :(