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  1. Ali c seems to jump his hex pretty well
  2. Thanks
  3. Does anyone know what type of mech hanger a 2004 echo pure uses?
  4. I rate the echo yellow pads with the cnc backings
  5. I would imagine its worth around the £400 Mark brakeless
  6. In the same boat myself after 3 years got a steal on that! looks clean enough
  7. I tried flatbars on my last bike and actually got on really well with them. Try a set and see what you think. They aren't too expensive because nobody uses them.
  8. Has anyone tried the Monty shoes tarty sells?
  9. Where is the best place to get a pair of terrex solos from?
  10. Yes and thanks
  11. Thanks I did this earlier, is it the right way?
  12. Hi, does cutting away some of the body actually make it stronger or prevent it snapping/cracking? Cheers
  13. It depends on your frame, size and riding style.
  14. Anyone know the geo of a 2007 zoo python?

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. trialsquirt


      Is measuring the wheelbase the only way to know if it is a long or a short?

    3. CC12345678910


      measure the reach mabye?

    4. isitafox


      Can't remember if the stays were different lengths???

  15. Yes exactly... just keep trying until it feels natural