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  1. Password is "forwards"
  3. Thank you Ross! The frame is Phatworks one
  4. Because of various injuries this is the first and last my video of 2016, I hope you still enjoy it. Happy New Year! #tgsisnotdead
  5. I didnt expect to see this here.. Thank you! I already had a bad year by broken stuff and several injuries, So I couldnt ride and film what I wanted I have some raw footage to release.. idk whether to make another small clip, or wait until next year to complete the full video. No, I dont ride for anyone
  6. I enjoyed that, so smooth lines
  7. Yes yes yes.. it's so nice to watch him
  8. What foolishness.. so tired of this crap by guillermo! What is the point of uploading a video and then after few hours delete it? fùcking everytime! Is it some kinda joke? Nonsense.
  9. It's still hard to describe everything just seen .. really outstanding! Top work as always
  10. Usually on steering tube
  11. It was about 1.55m ≈ 61" Never sidohopped to pedal, it seems so weird lol