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  1. big thanks to joe poyzer and ryan at rocknroll bikes for sorting every thing out for me cheers guys here she is the final prototype for the new onza genisis this frame rides amazing!! so pleased with it should have a new video by the end of the week hope you guys like it went for a joker theme green and purple
  2. In bristol till Monday is eny one riding tomoro or on the weekend? Cheers James davies
  3. In bristol till Monday is eny one riding tomoro or on the weekend? Cheers James davies
  4. Grinding the rim will not have any effect on your spoke tension, or make a difference when truing it. So they should have no trouble truing it for you. Bearings on the t-pro hubs are known for going. Its not if it goes, its when. the cones in the hub just die. I would suggest getting a new hub, even if its a basic t-master hub, it will last a lot longer.
  5. good remix of clips. hugh as usual.
  6. gay boy hurry up and get validated! Whats going on?

  7. nice video man. ice looks like it suits you well. my riding bud has an ice, and they are so nice to ride, good choice there dude. Just keep it up !
  8. Most of the new onza frames will suit comps really well mate. And there also not too exspensive.
  9. try some try all snail cams there really big and they might work cheers james davies
  10. amazing rider

    get on ur knees and beg :)

  11. haha cheers man! ye your getting better already! matts lush as well! His full name is matt pengelly haha
  12. Sometimes its alright to have the slightest bit sticking out, but nothing major. if its out too far thne give it a go with mole grips, just dont try too hard or else you will damage the bb even more. without seeing it im not exactly sure how bad it is but give it a go, let me know what happens. cheers
  13. Ye thats the mount you want.
  14. i was looking at trials vids on youtube and found this dunno if its a repost but i really enjoyed it enjoy cheers james davies