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  1. Enjoyed watching it! Was good to see a clip in kp trials park!keep it up.
  2. Nice video to end the year, good riding as well, found the song a little annoying haha. Other than that spot on bud.
  3. here is a photo of my new bike , I have not ridden a bike in years!
  4. saxo mk1 vts track car for sale. has no engine or loom,

  5. My chris king died , what rear hub to get next? ive no idea help? Need new rim and hub.
  6. ah right I know if the mounting hole are not the same could soon drill them if they can be drilled.
  7. cheers, Just having a read, If i drill them out, can I re rivet new ones or do i have to do like self tap?
  8. On there now, asking but no reply, and wanting to know asap as going to remove
  9. First off, I own a 1.4 Quicksilver, and I have been looking at my front door speakers and rear (standard ones) that come with the car, They are riveted in? I would like to know, has anybody drilled the rivets out and replace with better speakers and riveted them back in? Nottoo sure what I need to look for ect, easy to do? Never done this before, Help, Cheers, Luke
  10. Thought so but its proper tinted glass :/
  11. Just got my quick silver, and not too sure about tints if not legal ect for front? If they are what % do they have to be? Photo:
  12. Ah right easy to do or? Ive had my python heilcoiled to m6 but guy who has done it made it look a mess so abit unsure
  13. UPDATE. Front vee, Rear brake has ties on as think thred has striped? niped bolt but tiny bit gave little bit more then came loose?
  14. Drop me a pm, Il soon sort you out with 24/26inch old school trials frame. i ran it as 24inch with rear disc.
  15. Looks like il be buying thick ones then as I have thin ones and it only last like a ride so have to use tar lol